A bread-maker whose oven was destroyed in Friday's quake. A bread-maker whose oven was destroyed Friday.

Aftershocks continue after Friday’s quake

The biggest measured 6.0 but no further damage has been reported

Aftershocks continue to be felt after Friday’s earthquake in Oaxaca, the biggest measuring 6.0 at 12:56am CT today.

Its epicenter at 32 kilometers southeast of Pinotepa Nacional was close to that of the 7.2-magnitude quake Friday afternoon. Neither damage nor casualties have been reported, but authorities suspended classes in schools throughout the state today as a precautionary measure.

Friday’s earthquake, on the other hand, left a lot of damage but most of it minor. The national director of the federal Civil Protection agency said this morning that more than 700 homes sustained some kind of damage.

Five hundred of those are in Oaxaca, Ricardo de la Cruz said, rather less than the state’s initial estimate that 1,000 houses had been affected.

Most of the damage occurred in Santiago Jamiltepec, where the quake’s epicenter was located, Pinotepa Nacional, Pinotepa de Don Luis, Santa María Zacatepec and Tututepec.

Two people suffered fractures in Pinotepa Nacional.

In the town of Mechoacán, in Jamiltepec, residents are on a diet, joked one, adding “we won’t be eating any bread.”

The reason for that is that all the ovens in the town, whose principal economic activity is baking, were destroyed in the earthquake, the newspaper NVI Noticias reported.

As many as 200 homes were damaged in the neighboring state of Guerrero, primarily in the municipality of Ometepec, according to preliminary reports.

De la Cruz said a declaration of emergency was issued yesterday for 33 municipalities in the state of Oaxaca.

As of 7:00am today the National Seismological Service had recorded 2,140 aftershocks.

Source: Milenio (sp), NVI Noticias (sp)

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