Rural school in Guanajuato. Rural school in Guanajuato.

Agency’s schools are poorly built: architects

Construction of rural schools in Guanajuato suffers for lack of supervision

Architects in Guanajuato charge that some of the schools built by a federal agency are poorly constructed and in unsatisfactory condition.

The president of the College of Architects of León said yesterday most of the schools, built largely by the National Institute of Physical Infrastructure for Education (Inifed), are located in rural areas where there wasn’t proper supervision.

Luis Carpizo Ituarte said Inifed lacks the specialized personnel to inspect the construction process.

He also explained that the schools all follow the same plans, designed by Inifed, but problems arise when the agency attempts to modify the designs to fit the terrain.

“. . . You don’t even need an expert; the construction defects are there for all to see,” said Carpizo.

Meanwhile, Inifed said earlier this week that 936 of the state’s 9,574 public schools are urgently in need of work. Nearly 2.4 billion pesos (over US $134 million) will be required to carry out renovations and maintenance, it said.

The most expensive upgrade this year will be that of a preparatory school in León requiring 31 million pesos. Next year, 45 million pesos will be invested in renovating a preparatory school in San José de Iturbide and building three more elsewhere.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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