From left, Playmates Elaine, Brethenoux and Celik pose after their release From left, Playmates Elaine, Brethenoux and Celik pose after their release.

Agents detain bunnies suspected of working

But Playboy insists they were attending a party to socialize with other guests

Immigration agents were looking for migrants of a different sort on Friday in Mérida, where they arrested several “bunnies” presumed to be working without authorization.


The six women — a man was also arrested — were attending a private party billed as a Playboy Music Fest and they were not working, insisted Playboy México on Saturday.

The magazine issued a statement lamenting the detention of Playmates Elif Celik, Lauryn Elaine and Marie Brethenoux, from Turkey, the United States and France, respectively, and said they were there to enjoy a music festival and socialize with other invited guests who had come from around the world.

“ . . . it should be made clear that they were not working,” Playboy’s statement read. The magazine claimed the action by authorities represented “abuse of power” resulting from a misunderstanding.

But the newspaper Vanguardia reported today that a person by the name of Marie Brethenoux had announced via her Instagram account that she would be in Cancún this week, and “available for projects.”

Another invitation to her followers was published by Elif Celik: “Come and meet me, mis amores.”

Friday’s arrests were made during a surprise raid on the party, held at Hacienda Chichi Suárez, by immigration authorities and Federal Police, who held the suspects for more than 24 hours. They were released yesterday morning and given 20 days to leave the country. All were in possession of tourist visas.

There were more than 100 Playboy bunnies in attendance at the festival.

Source: Vanguardia (sp), Debate (sp)

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  • cooncats

    This action coming from a country that has deliberately sent millions north to work in violation of their neighbor’s laws and then waxes indignant and nasty when said neighbor says they’ve had enough of it. Hypocrisy squared.

    • M. Dexterity

      Who exactly “sends” people north? You constantly prove your complete ignorance and prejudices.

  • cooncats

    This country does with its corruption and allowing a couple hundred families to own everything and rip off everyone else. Your dexterity may be manual but it sure isn’t mental. Are you living under a rock?

  • Greg Callen

    Corrupt officials in Mexico but I also doubt the validity of the playmate’s story seeing as how in their contracts they are already paid to show up at sanctioned events or at the very least compensated for airfare from what I have heard.