Migrants' tunnel near Otay Mesa crossing. Migrants' tunnel near San Diego.

Agents find migrants near border tunnel

The Chinese and Mexican citizens were located near the Otay Mesa crossing

Undocumented Chinese and Mexican migrants discovered by United States authorities near San Diego, California, early Saturday crossed the border from Mexico through a tunnel near the Otay Mesa border crossing.

The 30 men and women were found a few minutes after 1:00am by border patrol agents, U.S. authorities said in a prepared statement.

Twenty-three of the migrants, 21 men and two women, were Chinese citizens, while the other four men and three women were Mexican. All are being held in U.S. custody.

After inspecting the area where the group was found, agents discovered a hole in the ground with a ladder inside, revealing the method the migrants had used to enter the country.

Such tunnels on the border are nothing new, said the statement, but they are usually used by criminal organizations to smuggle drugs.

“As this case shows, tunnels are also being used to facilitate human trafficking.”

The border patrol believe the tunnel could be an extension of an incomplete one found earlier and seized by Mexican authorities.

Source: Reforma (sp)

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