Casa Tiny, one of 62,000 Mexican accommodations on Airbnb. Casa Tiny, one of 62,000 Mexican accommodations on Airbnb.

Airbnb eyes branch as popularity grows

Bookings up 195% last year, number of properties 114%

The popularity of Airbnb, an online marketplace for short-term accommodation, has been slow to explode in Mexico such as other similar services — Uber, for example.


But growth has now reached the point where the San Francisco-based company is considering setting up a local affiliate, writes business columnist Bárbara Anderson today in the newspaper Milenio.

The popular booking service now has 62,000 accommodation options in Mexico, everything from houses and apartments to mansions, ranches and lofts, an increase of 114% over 2015.

An even higher increase has been seen in the number of visitors accommodated. That figure was 974,000 last year, up 195% over 2015.

That’s still a fraction of Airbnb’s international bookings, which found accommodations for some 160 million people in 65 cities last year. Its Mexico bookings are also tiny when viewed against this country’s visitor numbers: just 1% used the portal to book their stay.

The most popular Mexican destinations on the website are Mexico City, where it lists 5,800 properties, the Riviera Maya, Cancún and Puerto Vallarta.

The typical Airbnb tourist is 35 years old and the average length of stay is four days. Of those who came to Mexico last year, 45% were from another Latin American country, 40% from the United States and 12% from Europe.


Anderson wrote that Mexican hosts are estimated to have rented their properties for 25 nights of the year by using the service, earning some 4,000 pesos a month.

Mexican travelers themselves use the site: 1.135 million booked accommodation on it last year.

In total Airbnb has about 150 million users, according to Wikipedia.

Meanwhile, one very unique Mexican property listed on the portal garnered some international attention earlier this month.

The Argentinean digital news service Infobae reported that the listing for 26-square-meter Casa Tiny, the smallest property on Airbnb, received almost 2 million visits last month.

Located in the Oaxaca beach destination Puerto Escondido, Casa Tiny rents for up to US $120 per night.

Built with simplicity in mind, it offers one bedroom, a bathroom and kitchen on two floors, “a minimalist space with low impact.”

As of today there was little availability until the third week in August.

Source: Milenio (sp), Infobae (sp)

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  • frankania

    Come to Cordoba, Ver. and stay with us at Las Magnolias!

    • WestCoastHwy

      Does it include life insurance and a bullet proof vest?

      • Tom Hammerton

        You do not seem to have any happy thoughts… or any other kind either.

        • WestCoastHwy

          Oh, this is a counseling secession? Let me think, what is my happy thoughts……yes…..a corona from my balcony with a couple of call girls (two for one special) with the local cartel boss supplying the security!

      • Doug Batchelder

        Hey westcoasthwy, you need to get out of your little world, there is a big world out there and you are missing it.

        • WestCoastHwy

          Little world? Big world? what am I missing here? Are you talking about the Disney Land ride, “it’s a small world after all?”

  • WestCoastHwy

    What about the US State Department warnings?

  • richardgrabman

    I’d expect more regulation of AirBNB to come up in the next few years. Here in Mexico City, the terrible shortage of affordable housing after the 1985 earthquake, coupled with the trend towards younger singles living outside the family, put tremendous pressure on landlords in the more “touristic” areas to sell out, or raise rents to outrageous prices, forcing out long-term middle-class families and creating problems iwth city services (water, sewage, parking etc) caused by throwing up mulit-unit buildings in what had been single unit housing areas. That speculators have been buying up apartments for very short term rentals … seemingly avoiding any payment of hotel taxes, or regulation as a hotel, is not going over well with many of us.

    • Are you a Mexican citizen, Señor Grabman?

      • richardgrabman

        Yes, but what is the relevance to recognizing something might be an issue for state or municipal officials?

        • Just wondered if you deserved to say it’s “not going over well with many of us.”

          And the answer is yes! Saludos, paisano.

  • Anyone who rents Casa Tiny for $120 U.S. a night is six onion rings short of a Happy Meal.

  • Too expensive for me!

    • But I love Airbnb and I can still find some great deals on rooms here in Mexico 🙂

  • spirJean Finney

    Wll, that Casa Tiny is ridiculous, and I think that Puerto Escondido has lost its character long ago. But I use airbnb all over the world because I have to. However, it does not always protect its clients we.. There is not even a hotline or email address. They are ruthless business people, worth 30 billion – dollars – and were among the first with the concept/ They are organized for the presentation and expanding every day, currently into overpriced guides to places and events.