Corona's commercial: America is more than the USA. Corona's commercial: America is more than the USA.

America already great, says Corona campaign

Don't use the name America to create division, says beer maker's ad, 'that's not what we are'

Donald Trump’s campaign slogan has been taken up by Mexican brewer Corona for the latest in its series of commercials in a campaign called Desfronterízate, or “Break down your borders.”

But the ad challenges the message behind “Let’s make America great again,” the phrase employed by the United States president during his election campaign.

America, says the commercial, is more than a country called the United States of America, and it has “always been great.”

For Mexicans, at least, America refers to the entire continent of North and South America, “a land of a billion people,” as the ad states, made up of 35 individual states.

“. . . we are all Americans. That’s why America has always been great.”

The ad shows scenes from all over the Americas, from views of cities and natural attractions to shots that celebrate the culture, from food and dance to history and indigenous heritage.

It also contains a message. “Stop using our name to create division. That’s not what we are.”

Corona launched the Desfronterízate campaign last May to “celebrate those Mexicans who have broken down borders and sought to get ahead” and inspire others to do the same.

Another Mexican beer based a campaign last fall on Donald Trump’s border wall. The Tecate ad begins with aerial footage of the Mexico-U.S. border and a voiceover declaring that “the time has come for a wall, a tremendous wall. The best wall.

“The Tecate beer wall. A wall that brings us together.”

Then a group of Mexicans and Americans meet at the wall and drink beer together.

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