Corona's commercial: America is more than the USA. Corona's commercial: America is more than the USA.

America already great, says Corona campaign

Don't use the name America to create division, says beer maker's ad, 'that's not what we are'

Donald Trump’s campaign slogan has been taken up by Mexican brewer Corona for the latest in its series of commercials in a campaign called Desfronterízate, or “Break down your borders.”


But the ad challenges the message behind “Let’s make America great again,” the phrase employed by the United States president during his election campaign.

America, says the commercial, is more than a country called the United States of America, and it has “always been great.”

For Mexicans, at least, America refers to the entire continent of North and South America, “a land of a billion people,” as the ad states, made up of 35 individual states.

“. . . we are all Americans. That’s why America has always been great.”

The ad shows scenes from all over the Americas, from views of cities and natural attractions to shots that celebrate the culture, from food and dance to history and indigenous heritage.

It also contains a message. “Stop using our name to create division. That’s not what we are.”

Corona launched the Desfronterízate campaign last May to “celebrate those Mexicans who have broken down borders and sought to get ahead” and inspire others to do the same.

Another Mexican beer based a campaign last fall on Donald Trump’s border wall. The Tecate ad begins with aerial footage of the Mexico-U.S. border and a voiceover declaring that “the time has come for a wall, a tremendous wall. The best wall.

“The Tecate beer wall. A wall that brings us together.”

Then a group of Mexicans and Americans meet at the wall and drink beer together.

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  • Jumex

    These Mexican companies are bashing the American border for not being open. What about the Southern Mexican Border… ?

    Mexico is blocking and arresting Guatemalans, Hondurans, Nicaraguans and many other “Americans” daily hourly, by the minute.

    Why not open YOUR border Mexico ?

    • Wander Nunes Frota

      If Mexican authorities are doing this and there still are thousands crossing the Mexican-US border, does it mean Mexico should be blamed for it? Why didn’t you just keep being 13 colonies, huh?

    • Alas, Jumex, fact is that Mexico’s southern border is a sieve. We need a good border wall between us and Guatemala. All nations need to protect their borders.

    • Mela Pelaez

      Mexico should keep its south border open.because Centroamericans do not remain in mexico they just walk through Mexico in order to reach USA. They are americans crossing an american country and finally arriving to an american country so we are making america great always. that is what President Trump wants.

  • Donnie W. Jennings

    “That’s not what we are” No Corona is nothing more than filthy hypocrites trying to use reverse racism to sell their despicable brew!

    • Wander Nunes Frota

      Oh, yeah? How about US beer, don’t they do the same? If they do it, it’s not that they are filthy hypocrites as well?

      • Donnie W. Jennings

        I am not aware that they have, but if they do, they are filthy hypocrits just like Corona.

        • Wander Nunes Frota

          Rest assured: they have and they do, amigo! There’s no way out of THEIR way, ’cause they simply know what they’re doing? Now, some bastards have built fences where there should’ve been none in the 1st place, and they don’t wanna see any ‘complaints’, is that it? Just like that? That way it’s really effing hard to even think about living in peace with your neighbors…

          • Donnie W. Jennings

            Yes, I fully support the fence. I live in Mexico most of the time and I am fully aware of what Mexico will do to illegal aliens!

  • miabeach

    I never really enjoyed Mexican beer, I just don’t think it’s very good. What I do enjoy are their commercials that show happy gringos drinking Mexican beer on a Mexican beach. However, the commercial never informs the ignorant gringos that Mexico dumps all her raw sewage into the nearest body of water. Millions and millions of gallons of untreated raw sewage goes plop, fight into any body of water that’s conveinat. Yuck.

    • Wander Nunes Frota

      Oh, come on! You’re not pollution-free yourselves either, are you? Where do you dump all your atomic residues? Do you keep them at home? HA HA HA!

      • miabeach


  • Pesobill

    Gawd I hate the piss smelling skank Corona beer. Only clueless Gringos seem to like it .
    I like Pacifico and Dos Equis Verde muchooo .. But prefer to buy quality American beer , ie: Kilt Lifter from Tempe Arizona among others … And getting tired of the Mexicans complaining about the border and the wall and our immigration .. If the USA enforced the immigration like Mexico the illegals would be kicked out fast and not living and working here..

    • miabeach

      It’s not that Mexicans are bad, they’re not and I love their sprit and work ethic. It’s the blatant disregard for our laws, culture and social safety net that truobles me. Any Mexican could come here legally if he was properly sponsored but the companies that hire them refuse to take that responsibility thus leaving honest taxpayers on the hook. For 30 years Americans have been screaming about this and we’re totally ignored.

    • TioDon


  • K. Chris C.

    Actually, it is the US tyranny that is great; Great at bombing wedding parties and schools, killing women and children, and subjugating peoples for “Greater Israel.”

    America is only complicit in their crimes, but soon too the drones and Hellfire missiles will be turned on them.

    An American citizen, not US subject.

  • AM

    Some people on here don’t like Mexican beer because its “despicable” and something about raw sewage – whatever! But Mexico is one the world’s biggest exporters of beer and most of that comes to the US. Mexican beer is so popular that even Miller and Anheuser-Busch have come out with citrus and salty-flavored beer….So, I guess people in the US like Mexican beer because its that nasty and because they like to drink raw sewage??? I still don’t know how some people on here can make that connection, but its not for me to try to make sense of the village idiot.

    Somebody else is complaining that Mexico doesn’t do enough to open its southern border – this person need not worry. President Dump is giving Mexico plenty of reasons to leave that southern border completely open. Most of those Haitian, Cuban, and Central American migrants will eventually end up in the US. Hey! Maybe they can take up the jobs left behind by Mexicans. Science shows that US citizens don’t like to do that work anyways, and you guys have to eat. I already give my money to Central American and Haitian migrants on their way to the US border.

    Btw, I bet my life that president Dump thinks that America is an “American” word Lmao.

  • While literally true, Mexicans, like everybody else in the world, think of the United States on hearing “America.”

  • Dallas Autery Y Rocio Heredia

    The US Constitution written in 1789 names the US the United States of America. There was no country named Mexico then, it was still New Spain. The first Mexican Constitution was written in 1824. Mexico is called Estados Unidos de Mexico. (United States of Mexico). Therefore US citizens are Americans and Mexican citizens are Mexicans. Those are legal terms. Its all very simple.