Presidential poll results have AMLO still in the lead. Presidential poll results have AMLO still in the lead. 24 horas

AMLO extends lead in latest opinion poll

Coalition's Anaya and PRI's Meade battling for second place

Leftist presidential candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador has extended his lead over his nearest rival to 14 points, according to a new opinion survey conducted by the polling company Parametria.


But another poll conducted the same week, while giving López Obrador the lead, puts him just six points ahead of the Institutional Revolutionary Party candidate.

The leader of the National Regeneration Movement, or Morena party, garnered 35% support among the 800 voters who were surveyed last week.

Ricardo Anaya of the right-left coalition “For Mexico in Front” took second place with 21%.

Support for López Obrador, or AMLO as he is widely known, is up one point from the 34% backing he attracted in a poll by the same company a month earlier. In contrast, the percentage of people who said they would vote for Anaya decreased by two points.

The net effect is a widening of the gap between the two presidential hopefuls by three points from 11% to 14%.

The candidate for the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI), José Antonio Meade, remains in third place.


The former finance secretary lost support for the second month in a row, sliding to 16% from 18% in the previous poll.

Meade and Anaya have engaged in a war of words in recent weeks, with each candidate claiming that the other is guilty of corruption. López Obrador, who has refused to be drawn into the feud, seems to have benefited from the dispute.

Anaya has been caught up in a federal investigation into possible money laundering involving the purchase and sale of land he owned in Querétaro. Meade has accused his rival of illicit enrichment but Anaya denies any wrongdoing.

In response, Anaya pointed to irregularities detected by the Federal Auditor’s Office in the accounts of the Secretariat of Social Development (Sedesol).

The candidate’s campaign team charges that some of the embezzlement of millions of dollars’ worth of public funds occurred while Meade headed up Sedesol from August 2015 to September 2016. The latter also denies the allegations.

The attempted smearing was intensifying when the poll was taken and, according to Parametria founder Francisco Abundis, weighed on the minds of voters.

“The fight for second place is damaging them both. For citizens, these disputes are very tiring,” he told the news agency Reuters.

Former first lady Margarita Zavala fared best of the three independent candidates in the Parametria poll, surging to 10% support while the maverick, currently on-leave governor of Nuevo León, Jaime “El Bronco” Rodríguez, had 5%.

But according to another larger opinion poll, the race for the presidency is much tighter than the Parametria poll suggests and the positions of Meade and Anaya are reversed.

In a survey commissioned by the newspaper 24 Horas and conducted by the company Pauta Encuesta during the same week as the Parametria poll, López Obrador also came out on top with 34% of the vote.

However, that figure only gave him a six-point lead over Meade who had 28% support among the 4,850 respondents. Anaya garnered 25% support.

Interestingly, 45% of voters surveyed said that Meade was the “best-prepared” candidate for the job followed by Anaya with 42%.

Just 3% of respondents said that López Obrador was the best-prepared candidate although paradoxically 30% said that they would like him to win.

The 24 horas poll is reflective of a recent statement from political risk analysts at Eurasia Group who said that the race will likely become more competitive between the two front runners.

Jockeying for that number-two position between Anaya and Meade, that would perhaps put either within striking distance of López Obrador, is well and truly under way.

The official campaign period starts on March 30, the first debate will be held in Mexico City on April 22 and voters will go to the polls on July 1.

Source: Reuters (en), 24 Horas (sp)

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  • DreadFool

    dunn deal, pejezombie will be El Presidente!

  • Mike S

    AMLO will probably win because he is most capable of standing up to Trump. Mx / US relations are likely to get even worse. It won’t be good for either country but will hurt the US more than Mexico. My guess is that AMLO will direct Mx economy away from US and more towards Europe, South America, Canada. and Asia. US is turning into a full blown isolationist plutocracy while Mx moves more “European” socialistic. US is a mighty military power that with Trump the world respects less and less. Maybe the new world order will be US/Russia/Turkey/Israel/Saudi Arabia/ Egypt/ Philippines versus everybody else. We’ll see how that works out.

    • cooncats

      Congratulations on another TDS totally missing the mark post. This is what happens when your brain is on leftism and you suffer from OCD focus on one individual and miss the fact the game has changed.

      You just can’t seem to grasp Mexico is not holding the cards here. They have a trade surplus with the US that could largely be wiped out in a few months. Mexico gets many billions of dollars from the U.S in the form of remittances, trade surplus, tourism, drug purchases and direct aid. The U.S. is why Mexico runs a trade surplus or only small net loss every month. Without the US Mexico is so far in the red they wouldn’t last a year.

      Believe me if Mexico keeps fucking with the US and insisting on some imaginary right to shove illegals across the border, their own and from central America, the retaliation will come and it won’t be pretty. Americans have had it with this shit and THAT is what put Trump in office.

      Americans have made it plain they’ve had enough illegal immigration from Mexico and Central America and, no, Mexicans are not entitled to waltz into the U.S. sans papers while they insist, and rightly so, than those entering Mexico have papers, income, clean criminal records and the like. Nor are they entitled to shuttle their own immigration problem with Central Americans to the U.S. border and dump them across as is the case now.

      What you don’t understand is those auto parts provided at near sweatshop levels of pay can and would be bought somewhere else and those factories moved pretty damned quick if AMLO or anyone else really wants to start a pissing match with Trump. We don’t have some half black globalist dope smoking girly man in the White House now, we have an ass kicking cut throat business guy and he is there to put his country, not Mexico, first. He talks like an SOB and he operates that way too. Every hard word he’s laid on this country has been earned by it.

      Mexico needs to STFU about Trump and the U.S. and do its job on its side of the border to cut off the flow of illegals, criminals, guns and drugs. As it stands now the cartels run the border states lock stock and barrel. Mexico is as close to being a failed state now as Columbia was. It is now considered the most corrupt state in Latin America, crime rates are going right out the roof, the roads and other infrastructure are falling apart, the environment gets dirtier by the week and there is wholesale theft of tax money by the political and bureaucrat class. That’s the reality of Mexico and they got there pretty much on their own.

      AMLO and Mexico need to grow up and face the fact they are the problem, not Trump. They are the ones failing at all aspects of providing security and the rule of law, spending tax money honestly instead of stealing much of it and in general cleaning their own house.

      And that’s what it will take to make the wall go away.

      • Mike S

        Totally delusional. Number of undocumented residents from Mx has been declining for 9 years. Three million came in illegally by land and reside mostly in 2 states Cal and Texas where their hard work ethic is appreciated. They do not take jobs Americans want and their violent crime rate is far below national average. They make life easier for most US citizens. They are NOT terrorists. 99.9% are not involved in drugs. Other than Ca and Texas, they amount to less than one third of one percent of our population, They did not cause the GREAT BUSH RECESSION or the shipping of factories to China. If Trump revokes NAFTA instead of fine tuning it, 6 million high-paid American jobs could be at stake. They are entitled to do what they want with there hard-earned wages. We could slow down illegal immigration if we wanted to enforce labor hiring laws but we don’t. This is typical scape goating by Trump for his bigoted following.

        • cooncats

          There’s the first problem. CNN That takes care of the rest of your nonsense too.

          The Top 5 Source Countries of Illegal Immigrants in the United States
          Source Country Illegal Immigrants Living in the U.S.
          1 Mexico 6,640,000
          2 El Salvador 620,000
          3 Guatemala 520,000
          4 Honduras 330,000
          1 more row
          The Top 5 Source Countries of Illegal Immigrants in the United States

          And this takes care of the rest of your bullshit.. Try to maladdress one topic at a time. You liberals like to combine the crime rates of legals, generally the same or lower, with illegals. Just another form of your lying.

          • Mike S

            There are approximately 3 million undocumented Mexicans residing in the US who came in by land i.e. “fence jumpers”. These are the poor ones looking for work most Americans won’t do. and that Trump has worked his cult into a fury about. Their numbers have been declining the last 9 years. The rest are “overstays” who came in legally usually by air. Most will eventually return. They generally are not poor. Most of the low wage earners reside in Ca and Texas where they are generally accepted and respected for their hard work. Studies have shown that the counties with the fewest Mexicans are the ones the most angry about illegal Mexicans i.e the most ignorant and gullible to Trump’s bigotry. They are not terrorists or drug dealers. .I’m all for secure borders but I don’t stay up at worrying about undocumented Mexicans looking for low wage jobs. Their violent crime rates are low and they will be deported for serious crimes. They don’t vote or use welfare. They are a net plus for out economy. Maybe you should be worrying about our totally dysfunctional heath care system or our obscene wealth disparity or the god awful mass shootings.

          • djr4nger

            I’ll sacrifice 3 million undocumented Mexicans living here illegally in order to catch one MS-13 ‘dreamer’ from El Salvador any day. You keep trying to justify that it’s somehow OK to sneak in to a country illegally and stay there – and it’s not OK. Hell, Mexico doesn’t even allow it. Gringos are only welcome in MX if they bring plenty of dinero with them, stay out of trouble and at least try to speak the language. The real solution is helping these illegal immigrants go back to the countries they left and work on the issues there that made them want to leave in the first place. If their governments suck, then if you value your freedom, have a bloody revolution and change it. There’s no reason why the US must bear the burden of human fallout from every tin horn dictator and corrupt president south of our border – or anywhere else.

          • Mike S

            This is a long sentence:

            I’m all for secure borders and I don’t approve of illegal immigration. But when labor hiring laws are deliberately ignored and poor people come north enticed by jobs and put roots down and have US born kids and are law abiding for decades and contribute mightily to our economy and then and Trump scape goats them unfairly and creates a gestapo to break up families and send them south taking no responsibility…. .who are the real culprits here?

          • djr4nger

            Well, we do agree that secure borders are important and illegal immigration is not good. The people that come here illegally must know they are taking a huge risk – that they may be discovered and deported at some point. Political winds change. Policies change. These illegal immigrants are putting themselves in a very vulnerable position and it’s a very irresponsible thing to. And it’s not our country’s problem to accommodate illegal immigrants. And it’s not fair to the ones who go through the process to get here legally.

        • Brad Mowers

          Yes, delusional along with Trump`s “policies”. The man has not a real thought in his head. He watches Fox News, and “voila”, a new policy is born, is twittered and away we go! Then he watches the polls to see if the supporters like it and, voila, another few twitters, misspelled, enter the landscape. He has absolutely no comprehension of the issues surrounding his twitters. He is concerned, utterly and completely, with getting elected in 2020. Power and adulation, that`s it. And McDonald burgers and those 2 scoops of ice cream. That`s our leader of the free world now. Makes you want to puke, all day long.

      • Commander Barkfeather

        Well, I certainly hope you feel better having gotten that out of your system! Obviously, you and I could never agree about how we feel about Obama and Trump–but let’s stick to facts. “Ass kicking cut throat business guy?” I don’t think so.

        By his own account, in 1976, when Trump was starting his career, he was worth about $200 million, much of it from his father. Today he says he’s worth some $8 billion. If he’d just put the original $200 million into an index fund and reinvested the dividends, he’d be worth $12 billion today. No lawsuits, no reality TV shows, just sit back and collect money.

        I recommend diplomacy, not ass kicking.

      • Parque_Hundido

        It’s so entertaining g to read the ranting of a delusional Trumpanzee.

        In this particularly demented post, we learn that this shockingly ignorant Trumpanzee believes:

        – that remittances are a gift from the US government to Mexico
        – that there is a wall on the US – Mexico border
        – that Mexico “needs to grow up”
        – that Mexico needs to “STFU”
        – that Trump “holds all the cards” in a potential renegotiation of NAFTA, despite the weight of US investment

        Despite claiming that Mexico is entirely controlled by cartels and is a failed state, this fool lives in Jalisco.

        What the American left needs is for racist fools like you to speak louder. What AMLO needs is for you to say these things to a Mexican udience.

        Like Trump, you are a self-extinguishing dumpster fire fueled by belligerence and stupidity.

    • Güerito

      I mentioned almost two years ago that AMLO and Trump have a lot in common. Not only their temperament and their bases of support, but also on policy.

    • Ge0ffrey

      Away from the US but not toward Europe, but toward Cuba and Venezuela.

    • Brad Mowers

      Right on, Mike, agree perfectly. As in Europe, especially Germany, the anti-Trump vote is king here. Mexico is going the right way with getting off its dependence on the US and turning to more trade with Europe and South America. It also has a correct mind towards climate change and sustainability. The US is sinking into the stink of white supremacy, mysogyny, anti-LGBT prejudice, anti-climate change, Republican wet dreams of giving all the money to the 1%, lowering the 99% into poverty, destroying the environment, etc., etc. Going backwards while the rest of the world is going forward. What a sickness is enveloping our poor neighbor to the north. Trump is paving the way for the ascendance of France/Germany, China, and, unfortunately, Russia. He is sending the US on a greasy chute down to the third world and irrelevance.

  • cooncats

    As usual Mike your TDS causes you to jump to the wrong conclusions. If you lived here you’d know there are three big issues and Trump is mainly the obsession of people like yourself and corrupt politicians trying to divert the public attention from their own failures and thefts. The issues are corruption, crime and the gasolinara.

    • Commander Barkfeather

      I would probably add education and infrastructure to your list. Difficult to fight crime when the toilets don’t work. Little as I know about Mexican politics, I’m hoping AMLO will make serious inroads against corruption and solving the cartel problem will be halfway alleviated. I see the future of Mexico in the service industry (tourism) as opposed to a repository for fossil fuels and cheap industrial labor. Only cooperation between the two countries will address the conflicts on the mutual border. As for TDS, admittedly I suffer from a fatal case of it, but I take solace in the fact that Trump is becoming more and more a non-sequitur.

      • cooncats

        Agree and good points. However the three I listed are the ones that appear to be the most visible. It surprises me somewhat for example that everyone seems to notice Jalisco has terrible roads even by Mexican standards, to the point there are sometimes local demonstrations against the toll roads, but it isn’t being talked about much in the press.

        • Parque_Hundido

          You can’t read the press.

    • Parque_Hundido

      This from someone who can’t understand Spanish. Spare us your pretense to knowing something.

  • WestCoastHwy

    A “Mexican Political Poll”, how many bullet holes your opponent has; my crystal ball says, “either AMLO will be backed by the Narcos or have a bullet in the head before July 2018.

    • jesus christ

      Sounds like a Country Western movie, and what happens if there is a Mexican stand off and everyone shoots each other in the head?

  • Güerito

    Parametría, a widely respected and cited Mexican polling firm, has Meade in third with 16%.

    But MND goes with the graphic showing an unknown polling firm having Meade in second with 28% of the vote.

  • Ge0ffrey

    Just say no to Obrador.

    • Patsy Lowe


      • Ge0ffrey

        He’s a Marxist.

    • Ruben Mendoza

      Our vote will be for AMLO

  • Parque_Hundido

    EPN: an omen of things to come for Donnie Dumb Dumb.

  • frankania

    I moved to Mexico in 1988, when the PA govt. closed down my building an underground concrete dome project that was to be my home, because the architect who signed my building plans was NOT a PA resident! Here in Mexico I have built or rehabbed about 30 houses, mostly WITHOUT permits. Here I am FREE! I pay $2 for a private doctor visit, and $70 year property tax on a huge estate. It is great here!