AMLO: to file human rights complaints. AMLO: to file human rights complaints.

AMLO to challenge US over human rights

Leftist firebrand to challenge immigration policies before UN, rights commission

The outspoken leader of the leftist party called Morena will visit the United Nations and the Inter-American Human Rights Commission to demand intervention by the international community against the United States’ immigration policies.


Andrés Manuel López Obrador, commonly referred to as AMLO, compared the policies of U.S. President Donald Trump with those of Nazi Germany’s Adolf Hitler on Monday when he addressed a crowd of 600 Mexicans living in Chicago.

Trump, he said, has launched a demagogic and neo-fascist policy against Mexico similar to Hitler’s policies against Jews.

The former Mexico City mayor, who has unsuccessfully run twice for president, said he will file a complaint March 14 in New York over the violation of the civil liberties of Mexicans before the United Nations High Commissioner on Human Rights.

The following day he intends to travel to Washington, D.C., to file another complaint with the Inter-American Human Rights Commission.

López Obrador said the purpose of Trump’s campaign against immigrants is more political than economic, being designed to keep himself in power. But in the month since he took office “the neo-fascist policy of blaming foreigners for Americans’ misfortunes has been a resounding failure.”

The veteran Mexican politician plans to run for president again in 2018. A poll conducted last month found his party was the favorite among voters with 27% saying they would vote for Morena. The National Action Party was in second place with 24%.

López Obrador’s own popularity doubled from 5% to 10% in the poll, while that of President Enrique Peña Nieto plummeted to 12%.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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  • K. Chris C.

    But where was he, and where is he now, on the US tyrany’s pludering, bombing, maiming, and murdering in the Middle East. What of the US tyranny’s destruction and genocide in Columbia, Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama, Grenada, etc.?!

    Just more thieving pol and crat posturing.

    An American citizen, not US subject.

  • miabeach

    No one hates poor Mexicans more than wealthy Mexicans. Wealthy Mexicans are so upset that poor Mexicans will be sent to their home country that they mistakenly believe that ours nations laws are invalid. I hope when poor Mexicans return home from the United States they demand that wealthy Mexicans treat them as good as the United States treated them. It will be just and merciful that wealth Mexicans ensure poor Mexicans get good educations and the poor school children receive two free meals a day while learning history and math. I hope wealthy Mexicans ensure returning poor Mexicans get good healthcare and dental care as they did in the USA. I hope wealthy Mexicans ensure poor Mexicans can get free sex change operations like they are able to in the USA. I hope wealthy Mexicans give large monthly housing allowances to poor Mexican families who will soon be deported from the USA. Free transit passes too.

    • mariache

      Well said. How a foreign politician dares to impose his views on another country’s policies? If the U.S. weren’t allowing Mexicans to leave the U.S. that would be a different story. In reality, Mexican politicians don’t want their own citizens going back to prevent a revolt due to the poor economy, social conditions, crime and corruption that awaits them there.

      • SickofLiberalbs9999

        When the road to America is closed by Trump, Mexicans will be forced to look inside Mexico for jobs and economic opportunity. When they find none, Mexican politicians will have to answer for their decades of failure. No wonder they’re freaking out. Trump just might be the end of them.

        • mariache

          Actually, Mexican politicians in cahoots with the wealthy elites and the drug cartels won’t do anything for the average Mexican either in Mexico or returning from the U.S. isn’t that how you keep the populace under control? Hungry and uneducated is the formula by many countries around the world. As I see it, Mexicans and Central Americans will skip the U.S. for Canada directly as the Trudeau government has lifted visa requirements on Mexicans; what a beauty. Good luck Canada.

  • AMLO, the smelly gift that keeps on giving. Lord help us if this semi-literate dingaling somehow manages to get himself elected president.

    Can you imagine the uproar if some Gringo politician came to Mexico and dissed Mexico on the public square to a horde of other Gringos?

    • richardgrabman

      Um, they did today, and they have for years. Remember Tony Garza “preaching” to the Senate?

      • Louis Barbosa

        People are ranting about things that they know nothing about and posing as if they did! Sanders tried to tell you about the 1 percent owning 90 percent of the wealth in the US and you are now projecting this on us! Also illegals are not able to access public funds such as Medicaid nor housing allowance! You also say that the rich hate the poor, but how much love for the poor is rich Trump showing as he strips you of ACA and cuts back on entitlement program, while busting Econ.

  • Güerito

    AMLO knows better than this . He knows Mexico is the problem, not the US. But he has to do this to get elected.

  • I recall when AMLO was, like Trump, against NAFTA and ashamed of Mexico’s so-called immigration to the USA.

    • He is still against NAFTA and he is right. The benefits of NAFTA have mostly gone to the US; NAFTA has seriously damaged agriculture and small farmers in Mexico and is a contributing factor in the undocumented immigration to the US. The Maquiladoras had a much better and less complicated deal with Mexico before NAFTA.

      • “The benefits of NAFTA have mostly gone to the US”? 🙂 When the MxGovernment had promised to democratize? Change its legal system from codified and denuncial rule to legal precedent and acusatorial justice? To instead slyly insinuate its forms and procedures for rule to the US? AMLO is screaming for “human rights”? What “human rights” when perpetuating the lie of “immigration”? To disguise the very export of human labor for the profit of Mexico’s so-called government? Indeed to its very sustainsbility? For its, indeed, “colonization” of the US —whether even the colonizers like it or not? What “Human Rights” when humans haven’t even the “Right Not to Be Migrated”? Much less migrated upon? If the MxGovernment’s office holders were just clowns, so be it. But they are not just clowns. Their greed and sheer evil is surpassed only by their self-serving and incorrigible disingenuousness.

      • SickofLiberalbs9999

        Benefits of NAFTA have gone mostly to the US?
        If NAFTA is cancelled completely, the Mexican peso will drop to 30 pesos to the dollar almost instantly.
        A Peso devaluation would also have to be considered in this scenario.
        Tell us how this is good news for Mexico?

    • richardgrabman

      Uh, when was that? His programs have always called for RENEGOTIATING Nafta and for moving production plants further south, to both relieve poverty in that region, and to allow for easier access to domestic markets. As it is, AMLO’s basic proposals … lessening dependence on exports to one country, and growing the domestic market is becoming that of even the more conservative business leaders.

      • When he first ran for the Presidency. Following the Mayan NAFTA victims uprising in Chiapas.

  • I voted for AMLO in the last presidential election and will be voting for him again in the next election.

    • SickofLiberalbs9999

      If AMLO wins, and he follows through on his anti-American, anti-Trump promises, Mexico will quickly become Venezuela. How does Mexico survive after 80% of its export market is closed? It doesn’t.
      Emotional outbursts do not lead to good political decisions or sound policies.
      Use your brain to analyze politics, not your emotions or your temper.
      AMLO would be a disaster for the Mexican economy, and for you.
      Do you really think the Mexican economy can survive without America?

  • From South of the Border

    First, If I were Homeland Security I’d arrest AMLO for trying to incite a riot then I’d have him deported and told he can’t come to the U.S. anymore.. As far as human rights are concerned the laws of the U.S. supercede any dumb decisions made my the United Idiots organization in N.Y. and unless Lopez dumb ass has suddenly become an American citizen e would have no standing in an American court of law.. He is just making noise so he can run again hopefully for the last time for president of Mexico.. He is a very bad joke..

  • SickofLiberalbs9999

    The crowd size was proof of the widespread national support for AMLO’s plan.
    Or maybe not.
    Official estimates of the crowd size:
    600,000 – uh, no.
    60,000 – no.
    6,000 – nope.
    600 – a GENEROUS estimate – (probably closer to 60).
    So, in a nation of 122 million people – 600 people can make front page banner headlines – as long as they hate Trump.
    And their leader claims to speak for all Mexicans, of course.
    So there’s nothing worth protesting about in Mexico, other than foreign politics?
    Mexico has no problems, challenges, nothing to be improved, nothing else more important to protest than Trump?
    Congratulations, Mexico, on solving all of your huge national challenges, problems, corruption, and lawlessness.
    Go to the streets and protest the problems of OTHER countries now, you’ve earned it.