AMLO and his medication. AMLO and his medication.

Amlodipino is for whatever ails EPN

Morena party leader AMLO injects some humor into the election campaign

The presidential candidate who some fear but many support adopted a bedside manner this week to offer some medical advice to President Enrique Peña Nieto: take some Amlodipino to combat high blood pressure.

Morena party leader Andrés Manuel López Obrador, who holds on to first place in the latest presidential election poll, posted a video clip on Facebook to inform the president about the medication, whose name just happens to contain López Obrador’s nickname, AMLO.

And it didn’t take much of a twist to turn the name into “AMLO a Los Pinos,” Los Pinos being the official home of the president and the house in which López Obrador probably wishes to reside after the July 1 election.

In the video he suggests that stress during the election process and polling results that are not favorable to Peña Nieto’s Institutional Revolutionary Party might be creating some anxiety that could be relieved with the medication (whose name in English is Amlodipine).

“You should calm down, you shouldn’t be upset, you shouldn’t worry, you shouldn’t pay attention to what the polls say. If you get high pressure, this medicine is good.”

After offering an assurance that a change in government would represent a transformation that would be good for everyone and end corruption he said: “. . . if you’re worried, nervous, have hypertension, here it is, AMLOalospinos,” the candidate concluded with a chuckle.

Today, the newspaper Milenio reported that López Obrador’s medication is good not only for hypertension but for gaining social media followers.

The Morena leader picked up 14,000 new Facebook likes in just one day. However, the National Action Party’s (PAN) Ricardo Anaya, a coalition candidate for president, earned 11,000 new likes in the same period — without Amlodipino.

Trailing them both was PRI candidate José Antonio Meade, who would in all likelihood spurn AMLO’s treatment, with 8,000 new Facebook likes.

Another, possibly more reliable method of determining the candidates’ popularity puts López Obrador in first place, where he has been for the past year or more. The latest poll by Consulta Mitofsky, commissioned by the newspaper El Economista, gave him 23.6% support.

Anaya was the choice of 20.4% of those polled and Meade was in third place with 18.2%.

Source: Milenio (sp), El Economista (sp)


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