Borge, in handcuffs, is escorted by police in Panama. Borge, in handcuffs, is escorted by police in Panama.

Another billion pesos linked to Borge’s take

Payment for water concession simply disappeared

Another crime could be added to the charge sheet of former governor Roberto Borge Angulo after authorities in Quintana Roo uncovered a payment of more than 1 billion pesos that is suspected to have ended up in his pocket.


It is alleged that Borge embezzled 1.05 billion pesos (US $54.7 million) paid by water supply company Aguakan for its concession to distribute potable water in the municipalities of Benito Juárez (Cancún), Isla Mujeres and Solidaridad (Playa del Carmen) until 2052.

The newspaper Reforma reports that the company made the deposit in 2014 to an account of the State Water and Sewer Commission. The funds were then transferred to the Secretariat of Finance and Planning but after that it is unclear where the money went.

“From there, it disappeared,” said Finance Secretary Juan Vergara Fernández.

The final destination of the money is being investigated by the Quintana Roo Secretariat of Public Management as part of its probe into Borge’s finance secretary, Juan Pablo Guillermo Molina, who is also accused of diverting funds, in his case more than 400 million pesos.

Borge was arrested on Sunday night in Panama City on corruption charges as he was waiting to board a flight to Paris.

The federal Attorney General’s office (PGR) says that it will do all it can to ensure that he remains in custody while extradition proceedings take place.


However, Panama, like Mexico, does not automatically enforce preventative custody in money-laundering cases so there is a possibility that Borge will be released on bail.

Israel Lira Salas, the head of SEIDO — the agency responsible for investigating organized crime — told Reforma that because Borge has sufficient resources to be considered a flight risk they would make “a formal request that he be kept in detention.”

While ultimately it will be a decision for Panamanian authorities, the hope is that an exception will be made in the ex-governor’s case to ensure that he doesn’t flee and eventually faces trial in Mexico.

The PGR has already requested the continued provisional detention of Borge and is expected to formally lodge a request for repatriation within 6o days.

Source: Reforma (sp) 

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  • jdwfinger

    corruption on a daily basis. And yet the people take it up the ass and never fight back. Seems they are getting what they deserve.

    • cooncats

      Worse, they keep voting for the PRI.

      • JTM2017

        Yeah, because voting for another party would change these problems.

        • cooncats

          Maybe not, particularly if PAN. But a vote for PRI is a vote for corruption, ballot fraud, bloated government stealing the tax dollar and total impunity, guaranteed. The PRI are the Mexican equivalent of the Democrats, thieves, liars and plutocrats. The PAN unfortunately are the Mexican equivalent of the Republicans, ineffective reformers with too many of their own political hacks.

          • Crewlaw

            Just hilarious that you can use the term “total impunity” and then link it to the Democrats, at a time like this, with what we are currently witnessing from the Republican “royal family”. Such partisan blindness is a head-shaking sight to see.

          • cooncats

            Just hilarious you can’t see the resemblance between the two groups of professional feed off the public and ballot box stuff parties. Are you employed at the Clinton Foundation by any chance? Better polish up the old resume. No more pay for play there. LOL

          • Crewlaw

            I know it’s much more pleasant for your ilk to just keep hollerin’ “but but CLINTON!” now that yet another Republican catastrophe has been installed in the oval office, but the fact remains that Republicans have “investigated” and shrieked about the Clinton’s “crimes” for decades and never come up with any thing more naughty than his adultery. Funny how those oh-so vital “investigations” just quietly fade away once there is no longer a political motive left.
            Meanwhile “total impunity” is very much alive and busy in the white house trying to figure out how to leverage the Presidency in to cash for the Trumps.

          • cooncats

            Hey genius, the Trumps don’t need to steal from us. But the Clintons did and they did.

            I wouldn’t count my chickens yet on the Clinton crime family if I were you. LOL

            See ya later.

          • Crewlaw

            Riiiiight, the Trumps are ‘billionaires’ so they don’t need to “steal from us” eh? Ever heard of Trump University? How about all the documented cases of Trump not paying contractors or only paying a fraction of what was owed? More straight-arrow honest “billionaire” behavior? I’ve never had to file for bankruptcy as a “brilliant business strategy” even once. You?
            As I said, keep yawping about Clinton all you want. No crimes, no current “investigations”, totally irrelevant diversionary non-issue so that you don’t have to think about what a shameful criminal mess Donnie Twitter and his “administration” are.

          • pedrochapala

            and you had better polish up on mexican politics as your knowledge is somewhat lacking and that’s putting it mildly-SNORK!

    • Crewlaw

      The average Mexican citizen no more “deserves” the corrupt system they live under than U.S. citizens “deserve” the madness and ineptitude of Donald Trump that they now must endure, even though three million more of those citizens voted for the other candidate. There are broken corrupt systems all over the world, but most people are too busy trying to put food on the table to do much about it other than vote and cross their fingers.

  • Marco Bueninck

    Let me see if I understand this. Aguakan paid $1.05 billion for the concession in 2014 into an account of the State Water en Sewer commission. These funds were transferred to Secretaria of Finance and Planning and then the money disappeared? It evaporated into thin air? The bank can not see where it went. Really?????

  • Crewlaw

    All these Mexican politicians need down here is some legislation and
    maybe a court ruling or two that allows for lobbyists in the
    system, so they could get their loot all nice and legal and above board,
    like their northern neighbors. This having to embezzle is just SO last

    • cooncats

      Yep, now that we can agree on. The politicians here steal direct, up there they peddle influence and collect that way. You see it all the time here in lovely PRI run Jalisco. A road is “built” and falls apart in one year. “Repavement” using asphalt that the money for mixing properly was stolen lasts about 6 months.

      • pedrochapala

        open yer eyes sometime dumbell, PAN did the same and so what it’s make work and doesn’t follow yer fekking welfare state from where thy cometh and should probably returneth.

        • cooncats

          Open your eyes dumbbell. With only a couple exceptions all the big time theft being reported here is PRI. Hell, you don’t even have to look beyond Chapala to find the PRI looting government. They love stupids like you who apologize for their theft and incompetence so you can get your picture taken with them. In the mean time, the trash piles up and the theft goes on. P.T Barnum loved people like you, Pedro sucker. LOL