One of Torreón's new cable cars. One of the new cable cars.

Another delay seen for Torreón’s cable cars

Project is 90% complete, says municipal public works chief

Completion of the cable car system that will connect the historic center of Torreón, Coahuila, with the tourist attraction atop the Cerro de las Noas hill has been delayed for the third time this year.

Construction of the 160-million-peso (almost US $9 million) tourist cable car system began in the industrial city in February last year and was to conclude in March.

The date was then postponed to June and then again for September. This week, facing the impossibility of finishing the job before Saturday, the municipal public works chief said that a new completion date will be announced during the first half of October.

Gerardo Berlanga Gotés stated that the reasons for the most recent delay were financial and administrative.

He explained that a discrepancy in the original construction costs caused by shifts in the peso-euro exchange rate and an error in paperwork by the contractor in charge, the Italian firm Leitner Ropeways, had forced the delay.

Berlanga said he expected the issues to be resolved soon.

The project is 90% complete, he said, and the station atop the hill is the only part that is not finished.

Once operational, tourists will be able to board the cable car from the main station located in downtown Torreón. A 1.4-kilometer, five-minute ride in an eight-passenger cable car will carry visitors 150 meters above the city to the north, atop the Cerro de las Noas hill.

The system will begin operating with nine gondolas, but will later become fully operational with double that number and a maximum carrying capacity of 750 passengers at a time going each way.

The Cerro de las Noas is also the site of the Cristo de las Noas, the largest statue of Jesus Christ in North America.

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