Miranda de Wallace, left, and Morera: two marches. Miranda de Wallace, left, and Morera: two marches.

Anti-Trump marches to be held on Sunday

Vibra México march set for at least 16 cities in Mexico as well as three other countries

One march to protest the policies of Donald Trump wasn’t enough, so there will be two in Mexico City tomorrow.


What appears to be the larger of the two — at least 16 other cities have joined in and related events are planned in Germany, Spain and the United States — is being organized under the banner of Vibra México, an umbrella group of civil organizations, educational institutions and business groups that has called on Mexicans to wear white Sunday and march in rejection of the United States president’s actions and policies.

“[Trump’s] discriminatory and protectionist actions against Mexico will seriously affect our economy, threatening the rights and safety of Mexicans here and there,” said the organizers in announcing the march.

The second march has some political overtones in that it is intended to demonstrate support for President Enrique Peña Nieto and his response to the United States government.

“We want it to be a march to support the Mexican people and of the negotiations by its government; our president must go in strong, feeling the full support of all Mexicans,” said Isabel Miranda de Wallace, president of the anti-kidnapping organization Alto al Secuestro.

She said now is the time for Mexicans to unite; the time for demanding accountability and results from the government will come later.

But Miranda’s counterpart at the Vibra México march sees two marches as being foolish. “. . . that Isabel has organized another march for the same day at the same time, well it seems a little absurd to me,” said María Elena Morena, who is also president of the non-governmental organization Causa en Común, or Common Cause.


Both marches will start in Mexico City at noon, converging two hours later at the Ángel de la Independencia.

More than 70 institutions, universities, citizens’ and business organizations and academic groups have expressed their support for the Vibra México movement.

Among them is the chancellor of the National Autonomous University of México (UNAM). “This march is not against the American people, that should be made clear. They are a people we respect and admire . . . .” said Enrique Graue Wiechers, calling for closer ties with organizations in the U.S. that have expressed opposition to Trump’s “xenophobic policies.”

The Vibra México march in Mexico City will leave from the Auditorio Nacional theater; the other march will begin at the Hemiciclo a Juárez cenotaph.

Source: El Universal (sp), Animal Político (sp)

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  • golfwar

    Good News folks! You’re going to have a lot more people to join your marches real soon. The deportation forces are just getting started here.

    • The Realist

      “The deportation forces are just getting started here.”


      It’s about time we started enforcing our immigration laws, and massively deport the immigrants that are here in the United States.

  • 101st

    On numerous occasions while living in Mexico, I have seen Central Americans loaded into the back of a government
    vehicle, to be driven to some destination, for processing these people back across Mexico’s southern border. Does this mean that Mexico is a “xenophobic country”? Hmmm, silly me, I thought it was simply ‘Mexico enforcing it’s laws’

    • miabeach

      Yes. Mexico like all Latino countries have very little diversity. They all look like each other, 90% catholic and speak one language. There’s such a lack of diversity Latino nations have fought wars over the outcome of a soccer match. The Latino illegal immigrants who are confronted by a differnat nationality whilembe deported automatically declares they are being deported because we are racist. Only Latinos smear Americans racist, deport a German and off he goes. Deport a Russian and he goes home quietly but heavens forbid we deport a Latino.

      • Whiteguy

        And they are not more than 5 foot tall too…

  • Donald Godier

    Maybe your time would be better spent building an infrastructure and business community that could support the people here and eliminating the cartels and the graft and corruption that created “Slim”

  • Dan Tucker

    What a waste of time and resources. Trump is what the US citizens voted for. They will reap what he sows, and many others will suffer. Why not do something positive for Mexico or any other country where you reside instead of feeding the ego of Trump. He doesn´t care what others think, nor will he be bullied. He´s a bully himself and we need to do all we can to protect ourselves from him, but time and money spent on marches and speeches can be better spent. I am a US citizen and have lived in Mexico for 9 years and am a card-carrying permanent resident; next step citizenship. We need to ignore the hot air of the US president. Cheers, y´all!

    • gypsyken

      If you are not a supporter of Il Duce Trump, why do you claim falsely that U.S. citizens voted for him? Most voters did NOT vote for Trump. He was elected by a minority of voters because of an archaic provision in the U.S. Constitution put there for the benefit of slave owners. He is an illegitimate president.

      • j_b_spence

        And what planet are you watching from? Uranus? We have an Electoral College and have for years – it works well. Are you a Demo? With its super delegates?

        • gypsyken

          What is your evidence that the Electoral College “works well”? It unquestionably violates the fundamental democratic principle of “one person, one vote” by making the votes of voters in small states count much more than the votes of voters in large states do. Do you consider that to be fair and just? Voters in large states certainly do not consider it to be. Or do you mean that it “works well” because it has permitted a man who received almost three million fewer votes than his opponent did to nevertheless claim the office of president? Do you consider that to be democratic? Can you identify any democracy that has an electoral process that incorporates anything like the Electoral College? Do you, in fact, support democracy? And no, I am not a large-D Democrat, I am a small-d democrat–perhaps it may surprise you to know that there are such persons–and the Super Delegates system of the Democratic Party is, like the Electoral College, abominable, and for the same reason: neither is democratic..

          • Whiteguy

            You are a fool as soon as you mention the word “democracy”

            The U.S. is a Republic. The EC is used to balance power between small states and large states. Otherwise the USA would actually be the Cali/NY group.

            As to your question about who else uses an Electoral College system here you go from the wiki page: Germany, Italy, India, Burundi, Estonia,[7] Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Myanmar, Pakistan, Trinidad and Tobago[8] and Vanuatu. Both the French Senate and the Seanad Éireann (Senate) in Ireland are chosen by electoral colleges. Within China, both Macau[9] and Hong Kong each have an Election Committee which functions as an electoral college for selecting the Chief Executive and formerly (in the case of Hong Kong) for selecting some of the seats of the Legislative Council

          • miabeach

            He won’t be back now. He’s off sucking his thumb.

          • gypsyken

            No, I, along with millions of other U.S. citizens, am busy considering how to resist fascism and remove Il Duce Trump from office.

          • gypsyken

            For your information, the presidents of Germany, Italy, and India, the only countries in your list from Wikipedia who are in any way comparable to the U.S., are heads of state whose functions are mostly ceremonial. They are not heads of government as the president of the U.S. is. Perhaps it is news to you that Andrea Merkel, for example, the head of the government of Germany, is not the country’s president; she is its Prime Minister and the head of its government.

          • gypsyken

            I see that I made a mistake: I actually know that Merkel’s first name is Angela. I don’t know why I typed Andrea.

          • Whiteguy

            Oh I see. Someone answers the exact question you posted and you do not accept the answer as correct.

          • miabeach

            Trump won the POPULAR vote in 31 free and independent states, Clinton won the POPULAR vote in 19. That’s a Trump landslide?

      • miabeach

        The Electoral College is the only thing that keeps us from becoming a failed socialist Latin American state. There’s nothing to stop the United States from becoming the next Venezuela except the electoral college.

      • Dan Tucker

        Your comment is off subject; I was commenting about the marches. However, to respond, Trump is president. I did not vote for him, nor like him, and think he has done a lot of damage and will continue. The electoral college should be abolished. HOWEVER, it is the law of the land until that happens. Trump did not win by vote count and it has happened before. Oh well . . . .

  • saynomordor

    The commenters below do not represent the majority of united states citizens–like trump, they’re vile short fingered trolls whose days are numbered…

  • winnieww

    Hey Mexicans, what is wrong with your country that you don’t want to live there? By the way, the days of sending $25B from the US to Mexico are numbered.

    • miabeach

      I think we are going to make them exchange their dollars for food stamps. No more cash exported, only food stamps that can be spent at US border towns or duty free shops everywhere. It was my idea and I emailed Trump about it. I’m waiting for my free Trump hat.

      • Whiteguy

        Better to put the money in the wall and end it at that. Otherwise there will be too many doors in the wall to get to the duty free stores.

  • miabeach

    Trump saved the political career of El Presidente.

    • Güerito

      Only if some sheep go to the “Mexico Unity” march, rather the “Mexico Vibra” march.

  • K. Chris C.

    Protesting the puppet up North, and not the puppets here robbing and oppressing them at every turn, and forcing them to look north to the US tyranny as a remedy. Interesting to say the least.

    An American citizen, not Us subject.

  • zookeeper216

    Do I really care what goes on in Mexico City? No. Do I care what these people think? No.

  • Geoffrey Rogg

    As usual political rejects distort the truth to boost their otherwise irrelevance. Mexicans or anyone who enters the USA ilegally may be subject to legal process and deportation as would similarly occur in Mexico.

  • Güerito

    The above article is a little misleading. The Vibra Mexico march has a half dozen complaints or demands.

    1. Defend Mexico against the threat from Trump.

    2. Strongly assert Mexico’s interest in all future negotiations with the US goverment (this a rip on EPN, who most see as being weak in dealing with Trump).

    3. Require the Mexican government inform the Mexican people clearly of all negotiations taking place with the US. (this, again, is a reference to EPN’s bumbling and prevarications in the meetings and talks with Trump up to this point.)

    4. Require the Mexican government to immediately and concretely attack poverty, inequality, corruption, impunity and violations of human rights in Mexico.

    5. Demand the respect for human rights in Mexico, regardless of nationality, migratory status, race or religion.

    6. Establish peace, co-operation and unity as the basis for understanding and respect between nations.

    So you can see that two demands are calling for serious internal changes in Mexico, and two are criticizing the weak leadership being provided by EPN and the PRI party.

    And this march, Vibra Mexico, was organized first. The second one calling for “national unity,” which really means support for EPN and PRI, latched onto the same time and date to confuse the Mexican public.


    • Thomas Dylan

      7. Solve mass murders in Mexico & prosecute all involved no matter how high up it goes

      • Güerito

        That’s in #’s 4 and 5 above.

    • miabeach

      Thank you for the clairity. What you state sounds reasonable, respectful and needed. Now I want to join.

  • j_b_spence

    You have to hand it to TRUMP, he’s only been in office 3 weeks but he’s got hundreds of fat woman out walking …

    • Whiteguy

      Best post all day.

  • gypsyken

    People all over the world who oppose fascism are marching to demonstrate their opposition to Il Duce Trump. I applaud them. I have participated in such marches and will continue to do so. They should continue until Il Duce and his crew of white supremacist fascists are expelled from the White House.

    • Whiteguy

      Hope you have good boots because he is there for at least 4 years.

      Hopefully by then the wall will be finished.

      • bryan mannoia

        F the wall, trump for 8 years.

      • gypsyken

        Not necessarily for anything like 4 years. There are various ways of removing a president that have been used in the past, twice within my life span. In a recent poll, almost half of respondents, 46%, said that Trump should be impeached, while only an equal number said that he should not be. And impeachment is not, of course, the only means of removing him.

        • Whiteguy

          And in other polls 55% say they like his actions so far.

          You must be really old….”Two U.S. Presidents have been impeached by the House of Representatives—Andrew Johnson in 1868 and Bill Clinton in 1998″

          Nixon was not impeached he resigned to avoid it (and therefor was removed) but Clinton was not removed a president.

          So how do you write ” There are various ways of removing a president that have been used in the past, twice within my life span”?

          You just got caught in a fib.

          • gypsyken

            You understandably do not cite any poll reporting that 55% of respondents “like his [Il Duce Trump’s] actions so far,” because no reputable national poll has reported anything like that. In a Public Polling poll reported last week, 55% of respondents disapproved of Il Duce’s performance, while 46% said that he should be impeached (www.publicpolicypolling.com). Perhaps you are referring to some “alternative fact” propagated by Conway or Spicer. I would have thought that a person of your claimed erudition would know that I was referring to the removal of JFK and Nixon.

    • bryan mannoia

      march all you want, snowflake. Mexicans, however, are protesting Trump because he is stopping the new plants from being built there at the sacrifice of the American people. you’re just protesting because you can’t handle losing an election. way different, both wrong.

      • gypsyken

        No, I am protesting because Trump is a fascist who has installed white nationalist fascists and plutocrats to rule the U.S. He is, moreover, mentally impaired with Narcissistic Personality Disorder that makes him incompetent to be president.

  • Henry Wilson

    ah, the ubiquitous mexican damn gringo protest marches which always make the xenophobic mexicans feel better about their national inferiority complexes but only serve to make the matters of which they are protesting much worse for selves and their nation. Nobody better at “cutting off their nose…”

  • Whiteguy

    Who cares what the Mexican’ts are protesting about?

  • bryan mannoia

    President Trump has mexico in a tizzy because we are going to stop all of our production from going there. that says all I need to hear, great job President Trump!! no more American jobs for mexico.

  • bryan mannoia

    i’m sure you meant deport the illegal aliens that are here. I agree, time to go home now.

  • bryan mannoia

    you mean the voters of California and n.y.c., because the vast number of voters, according to the electoral college, voted Trump. our days are numbered, 8 more years.

  • charlette

    We didn’t have anti-Nieto marches here when he was elected, it is non of our business. And our President is non of theirs. They need to worry about the crap that happens there/ Maybe if they took care of there own country, we wouldn’t have so many of their citizens here illegally.

  • miabeach

    When batting piñatas just ain’t enough of a rush.

  • Grey is a Lie

    I’m wondering at what exactly these Mexicans are thinking. Instead of focusing on building their country, they are complaining for not being given a free pass to another country.

    I am not an American, I am a Kenyan. In my own country we have problems that can only be resolved by Kenyans – maybe with support of close allies. We are to blame for most of the problems facing us. You will not find Kenyans on the street demanding a free pass to America.

  • I Flatus

    Any word on the 43 university students that disappered as they protested against the Mexican government?…Anyone?…Anyone?

  • AM

    The most powerful country on Earth brings war to Iraq and Libya, and now it can’t finish what it started. The US initiated NAFTA and now it wants to throw a hissy fit – You’re a joke and the world is realizing it.

    And people complaining when they say that Mexico is hypocritical for deporting Central American immigrants. Mexico is not obliged to work with US officials on counter terrorism efforts, Mexico is not obliged to work with the US on drug enforcement, Mexico is not obliged to close its refugee program with Syria, Mexico is not obliged to stop Central American migrants at their southern border. If Central American migrants want to seek asylum in the US, let them do so! 🙂

    …These are just some of the cards that Mexican has to play.