Unhappy family members give a press conference. Unhappy family members give a press conference.

Arbitrary arrest, abuse charged in Atzitzintla

87 were detained Friday in connection with murder, pipeline theft and other charges

In the aftermath of last Friday’s massive arrest of 87 people in the town of Atzitzintla, Puebla, the families of those who were detained have accused the state government of arbitrary arrest and abuse.


The arrests were made after the kidnapping and execution of three members of a state anti-kidnapping force. Those in custody have been linked to pipeline theft and collaborating with organized crime.

Atzitzintla Mayor José Isaías Velázquez Reyes was among those detained. This week, his wife refuted the accusation that the mayor has links with criminal groups.

María del Rosario Velázquez Estrada told a press conference that the legal status of her husband remains undetermined, so she has filed a complaint before the state human rights commission.

She charged that her husband was held incommunicado at the Tepexi penitentiary for 72 hours after his arrest. She was unable to see him until Monday.

Municipal councillors have accused state police of bursting in on a meeting and arresting 16 council members, 10 of whom have since been set free.

The 87 people arrested face charges of fuel theft, homicide, stockpiling and carrying weapons, criminal association, spying on officials from the Public Security secretariat and the state Attorney General’s office and attacking officials from the state investigation agency.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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  • gypsyken

    I posted to the article on inmate abuse a comment on proposals to “reform” Mexico’s system of “justice,” referring to an article in The New York Times that deserves to be read.