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Argentinian wine, scotch whisky sales on the increase

While Mexico continues to dominate the world beer market — it has been the world’s largest exporter for the past four years — the movement of alcoholic beverages in the other direction is on the increase.


In particular, Mexico’s appetite for wines from Argentina is growing fast. Wine marketer Magadalena Pesce of Wines of Argentina told Notimex in an interview that exports to Mexico are up 18% so far this year.

It is now the sixth biggest consumer of Argentinian wines.

It appears to be part of a larger and increasing demand for wines in general. The manager of the annual Gourmet Show, to be held in Mexico City in September, forecasts that the value of the Mexican wine market will grow 83% over the next five years.

Ana Rosa Corral says that market will be worth US $3.2 billion by 2018. Demand for beer, mescal and tequila will also grow, says Corral, but it won’t be as strong.

So what follows a good meal accompanied by a fine wine?

A blended whisky, or even better, a single malt. Whisky consumption is also on the upswing. Mexicans aren’t just buying more whisky, but better whisky too, according to the Economy Secretariat.

And the director general of distiller William Grant & Sons Mexico says whisky is the third most popular liquor after tequila and rum.

“Traditionally whisky had been drunk by older people, but now it’s reaching all ages. Young people in university are drinking whisky, and men and women of 60 or 70 years,” said Santiago Porrero.

His firm expects sales in Mexico to grow 30% this year as the economy recuperates and disposable income rises.

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