Bradley: argument with sex worker. Bradley: argument with sex worker.

Arrest made in murder of US tourist in Ixtapa

Surfer's death followed an altercation in a bar

Police have arrested a man in relation to the homicide of Douglas Bradley, a United States citizen who was shot and killed in Ixtapa, Guerrero, on December 28.


State Attorney General Xavier Olea told a press conference yesterday the suspect was apprehended Zihuatanejo and fit the description of the killer given by a witness to the murder.

Bradley, a 49-year-old Tijuana resident who worked as an administrative services director at the city of Imperial Beach in California, was murdered following an argument with a sex worker he had met in a bar, Olea said.

After contracting the services of a woman called África or Keila, the pair left the 40-20 bar but, according to Olea, an altercation followed after Bradley accused the woman of stealing money from him.

Bradley returned to the bar where he reported the robbery and demanded his money back.

Several altercations with bar staff and customers ensued, after which Bradley left again. However, an armed man caught up with the surf-loving tourist and subsequently shot him with a .45-caliber handgun from a distance of between three and four meters.

The alleged murderer has been identified as Isidro N., a man also known by the alias “El Chiro.”

Family members of the deceased recovered Bradley’s body Thursday from a Zihuatanejo funeral parlor that was functioning as a government morgue.

State security spokesman Roberto Álvarez last week told reporters that Bradley had possibly taken drugs prior to his death, an allegation that sparked a rebuke from Imperial Beach Mayor Serge Dedina.

But Olea clarified that autopsy results only confirmed that Bradley had consumed alcohol before he was murdered.

Source: Reforma (sp), IRZA (sp)

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  • cooncats

    Initial impressions about this correct. Engage in this sort of risky behavior in Mexico, or for that matter most everywhere else, and you may not walk away from it.

    • Dave Warren

      Yeah …I imagine NYC or Chicago late at night …drunk …same story. All the same condolences to the family.

      • BB

        Don’t forget about Brooklyn, Bronx, North Miami, Louisville, etc.

        • Dave Warren

          Yup…Montreal , Toronto, Vancouver…

  • WestCoastHwy

    “Engage in this sort of risky behavior in Mexico”, hey Coon, let me explain to you that first and foremost, this is not risky behavior, normally mama-san would beat her bar girl then kick her to the curb. The risk is being in Guerrero, Mexico. Guerrero is full of Criminals that are not only in a civil war but economically feeling the legalization of Cannabis in the good old USA.

    Mexico being years behind and a third world country, I would suggest vacationing in Cuba!

    • Martin Mullet

      I’m glad dickheads like you are boycotting Mexico!

      • Bob Godde

        I agree….Richard Cranium!!

      • WestCoastHwy

        boycotting Mexico? you must have the wrong person!

      • WestCoastHwy

        Boycotting Mexico, me? I may be a dickhead but I’m living it up with my Mexican hooker girl friend Juanita in the most dangerous city in Mexico!

  • Kathleen Taormina

    nothing good can come about anywhere at 4:00 a.m.

    • Pete L.

      . . . . . . or 2:00 a.m. for that matter!

    • Don Juane

      Unless you’ve been let out of an overnight bus and can’t find a cab to take you to your hotel and you didn’t know enough about the city you are visiting to realize this. A good general rule is don’t make generalizations in life. There is no pure formula to safety or salvation.

  • Diane Hulen

    The story is much as I expected, 4 AM being the clue. But I wonder about the so-called perp. Mexican police seem to be determined to arrest someone immediately whenever a tourist is harmed. If this victim had been Mexican, we probably never would know who killed him. I live in and love Mexico, and don’t have many complaints, but this is one.

  • Gary Blake

    In Mexico a suspect “Suspect” is always the issue, note they in Mexico will not even give the guy’s full name, and if there is a picture they cover the face or eyes.
    When an American is killed, as one poster here noted, they quickly, all to quickly make an arrest, just round up the first known bad guy they see. 98% of the time after the heat is off the suspect is back roaming the street.
    And as she correctly stated as well, find a dead Mexican shot on the street, an all to common every hour occurrence in Mexico, never an arrest.
    This 4am crap is just that, all MEXICANS, are out till 6 am, the clubs/discos don’t open till midnight, 1am. The Mexico I SEE, THE TOURIST BARS ARE ALL OVERFLOWING TILL 4 AM OR LATER!
    SICK of you people trying to make it out that this is what got the killed, not the norm. It is the norm and especially in the tourist areas of of Mexico.
    OK so the guy was mugged this is clearly established, his money about 200 USD taken, and his cell phone among other things.
    He complained about it, so they killed him. See IN MEXICO, that’s why the Mexicans don’t complain, don’t call the police, FEAR! Fear of retaliation for one. Fear of not knowing WHO the “Perp” was, because if it is the son of a connected person, or worse a NARCO, you are dead meat!
    If the crack Mexican Police are so great at solving crimes, why is no one EVER, EVER, EVER arrested when they daily find 17 people machined gunned to death, or find a mass grave with 27 bodies in it? Riddle me that one, or 5 murdered, tortured, and hung from a bridge, NEVER an arrest there either, and wanna know what? EVERYONE knows EXACTLY “WHODUNNIT” There IS NO “Murder Mystery” there!
    All the Tu-Tu wearing pom-pom toting supporters of Mexico, are the same ones who if a victim of crime in Mexico would NOT call the police or report it. They same ones who say to their friends, they will kill you!

    • inthestandsfan

      Gary your experience is showing!! I think your understanding of the way the nightlife and bar business works in these types of tourist venues is pretty much my experience. We don’t know the specifics about this encounter but this type of activity requires that a person has the ability to walk away and cut your losses without pushing back too hard after a situation goes bad. Being a frequent tourist can have pros and cons. I hope they have the right guy and can round-up any others involved, but hope springs eternal!!

  • Gary Blake

    FYI, the 4020, code for 420 friendly (DOPE) is a “High End” Strip club, billed as “Society”.
    This is the “BAR” he was in, and from what I read was literally chased out the front door of the place by the gunman and down the street, there WOULD have been at last 40 or 50 people in the place with staff and clients.
    It is also located right on the water front and directly between two golf clubs, (Marina Golf and Country Club and another) it is not some dirty , back alley Mexican Bar, off the beaten path, and this place is HEAVILY FREQUINTED by tourist till it’s 4am closing!

    • Gary Blake

      As a footnote, there were almost 3,000 people killed in this ONE MEXICAN STATE ALONE, in Mexico where this happened in 2017 !!!! There is NO US STATE OR PROVINCE in Canada that has EVER seen 3,000 homicides in one year alone! Safe Mexico?

      • Paul Wilkins

        Don`t generalize about safety in “all” of Mexico please.