Producers celebrate the departure of avocados from Jalisco. Producers celebrate the departure of avocados from Jalisco.

As trade talks loom, US halts avocados

Jalisco producers upset after last-minute snag stops historic shipment

Amidst steadily growing worries over the future of Mexico’s trade with the United States comes an incident on the border that some might think is a presage of things to come. But what will Americans say if there’s no guacamole to go with their Super Bowl nachos?


Five trucks carrying a shipment of 100 tonnes of Jalisco avocados were stopped last Wednesday at the Mexico-U.S. border and rejected by American authorities.

The director of the avocado producers’ association of Jalisco was surprised by the decision issued by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), as producers in the state had been working alongside that agency for months to meet its technical requirements.

“We are unaware of what happened,” said Ignacio Gómez, adding that it was not clear if the decision was related to President Donald Trump’s assuming office on Friday.

The Rural Development Secretariat of Jalisco stated that last May the USDA officially certified the avocado production of several municipalities, granting them an export-grade qualification.

However, more administrative barriers went up, further delaying permission for the fruit’s export. But further negotiations cleared the way.

The endorsement in their pocket, producers from the municipality of Zapotlán el Grande shipped the first batch of avocados aboard five trucks with an official ceremony last Monday where representatives of the federal government and the USDA were in attendance.


Two days later, the shipment was stopped at the border in Reynosa, Tamaulipas due to “setbacks in the implementation of the required protocols,” as the Rural Development Secretariat of Jalisco explained it.

On Friday producers decided to redirect part of the shipment to Canada and the remainder to the domestic market.

Apparently, the agreement between both countries was that Jalisco avocados would be granted access to the U.S. if that country’s potatoes could enter the domestic market in return.

That part of the agreement “got complicated” earlier last week, triggering the USDA’s rejection of the Jalisco avocados, said the state’s Rural Development Secretary.

“This will pass simply as an awkward moment,” said Héctor Padilla, who acknowledged the anger of producers but urged that everyone involved must move on because “in the end what we’re looking for is to open up an important market for the producers and business people of the state.”

“. . . Negotiations with the United States are always variable, never comfortable. This is not the first incident, but we’ll get nowhere by fighting,” he said.

“We are not in a hurry to sell, it isn’t that we have no markets. We are interested in entering [the U.S.] because it is a market that we want to win . . . Our fruit is currently sold in 18 or 19 countries.”

“The fruit of Jalisco is of the best quality, thus we’re in no emergency situation. It’s no big deal if they do not open their doors now,” asserted Padilla.

But what if they do close the doors on both Jalisco and Michoacán avocados? A columnist with the Spanish newspaper El Independiente suggested on Friday that the avocado was a key in the debate over imposing tariffs on Mexican products.

American voters, wrote Marta García Aller, might not take kindly to an import tax that causes avocado prices to skyrocket and makes Super Bowl guacamole a luxury.

“In a time of post-truth politics, it’s the most unexpected things that raise awareness among the population,” she wrote. “And the stomach is one of those things.”

García cited the rising price of Marmite in the United Kingdom and the fact that it became a symbol over the fear of inflation that Brexit (the U.K.’s exit from the European Union) would cause. Comparing Marmite (“a peculiarly British spread,” wrote García, being kind) to avocados is a bit of a stretch, but perhaps the analogy is valid.

“Should Trump renegotiate NAFTA,” the columnist concluded, “not even something as American as the Super Bowl might be safe.”

Source: Milenio (sp), El Informante (sp), El Independiente (sp)

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  • mromness

    So,re US potatoes allowed entrance into Mexico as agreed? If not, no avocados to USA. I’ll miss guac, but if the deal is not honored, that’s on you.

    • zihuarob

      We’ll do just fine without US potatoes. Mexicans will be going out of their way NOT to buy US products thanks to your new president who wants to sell US products in Mexico but not allow US factories to operate in the country where their products are sold. He’s picked a trade war he can’t win.

      • Donald Blair Godier

        Wrong, wrong, wrong the US would eventually come out on top in any trade war with Mexico, that’s just a matter of simple economics. But no one is talking about that, Trump believes if the climate for manufacturing in the US is improved then the manufacturing sector in America can thrive. So no disrespect but America should be the first concern of an American just as the same should apply to Mexico and Mexicans.

        • Jonathan Treat

          The bulk of these comments are inane–no mention of fairness, cooperation, what is best for everyone. Keep on focusing on U.S. interests, regardless of the rest of the world, and you –in the end–be the losers. Compassion and caring and social justice (sorry to those of you who will call this kumbayaa–will always trump greed, isolationism and a sense of national self-entitlement.

          • Donald Blair Godier

            That’s just BS, human beings only excel when they have something personal to gain, collectivism and social justice gives no justice to anyone, your rational is pure socialistic nonsense. Compassion is a great personal quality, countries have no such obligation!

          • Minnie mouse

            That is rubbish- “human beings only excel when they have something personal to gain” suggest you go and do some reading on motivational theories. But then again, you believe Trump will make America great again- what’s so great about the US?- ignorant racist population? Gun wielding citizens? Greedy capitalist ceo’s stealing pensions? The fantastic healthcare system available to all no matter the balance of your bank? – the super dooper sized fast meals helping along the obesity statistics? ?? The best thing about the US is Mickey Mouse

          • David Nichols

            Your socialist ideology is a fantasy of the left, which always fails when they run out of
            “other peoples money”…
            Your “one world” vision is not visionary, it’s inane and flies in the face of reality and human nature…
            You might wish it to be different, but it’s not–and never will be, so try to deal with reality, you can be more effective that way…

          • mikegre

            Talking about “The Planet First” is selfish. Your isolationism and planetary self-entitlement is dismaying. What about our Solar System? Do you think you’re the only planet out there? “Solar System First”!

        • Bobbi

          Trump is a fricken idiot that has no idea about ANYTHING let alone NAFTA!

          • Donald Blair Godier

            Yeah sure he is that’s why he has built an empire in the private sector and he will make America great again!

          • Christopher Lynn

            Sure he’s been semi successful, would have been better off investing in index funds

          • From South of the Border

            You’ve got that right Donald… Bobbi has never been successful so Bobbi doesn’t understand business and how it works..

          • David Nichols

            Sure Bobbi,
            he’s an idiot who built a business worth billions, and took time off to get himself elected president of the USA…
            How does that stack up against YOUR curriculum vitae…?

          • Bobbi

            He made his money off of his Daddy’s money and failed at several businesses. What about his 900 plus million dollar loss that he’s still using to avoid taxes. The man is scum and if you think he’s fit to run this country you are in need of a little enlightenment.

          • From South of the Border

            Bobbi, Every big business has its good years and bad years and taking your loses out in your taxes is as American as apple pie.. I know, because I took loses some years as well, but in the end I retired with a good nest egg, but envy rears its ugly head again!

          • RickDrake

            Who in the world would be envious of a bigoted fascist child man who is so thin skinned he’s still trying to prove the lie that millions of illegal votes made him look like the loser he is?

          • Bob in exile

            If my daddy had left me a million dollars I’d be a billionaire also… but I was just a poor country boy… I guess Donald won’t invite me to his party…. What a shame…I’d like to grab his wife by the pubic hairs.

          • Donald Blair Godier

            And how many people do you know that have turned a measly million into billions? I’d say none.

          • From South of the Border

            If a person inherits 10 or 20 million dollars, it doesn’t mean that person will be successful millionaires can lose their money very easily. Instead Trump took about 20 million and turned it into billions, now that is impressive Bob, but envy is a very corrosive emotion usually coming from people who have failed in life.. Remember the saying be happy with what you have earned and of course grow up BOB!!

          • Rainycoastguy

            Trump is just shady business operator who is known to screw his sub-contractors out of their owed fees, to use lawsuits to tie up other’s capital, and to coerce government officials into giving him what he wants. Too many people are tugging their forelocks and giving obeisance to him just because he has money. But that’s the American way, at least for 40% of the population. The same group that worships the Kardashions I’d imagine.

          • mikegre

            If you’re Daddy wasn’t a drunkard, pot smoking hippy, maybe he would have left you millions.

          • David Nichols

            Sure you would, Bob…
            That’s the kind of thinking that led to your exile!

          • Mark E

            Bob…. using the ratio you described ( turning a miilion into a billion) , then if you had $1000, you would become a millionare… How did that work out for you???

          • Bobbi

            Yes, he’s a wonderful sub-human being that is going to enrich all our lives. YOU just keep believing that as the ship sinks. I hope you are among the super wealthy that benefit from this regime. If you believe this man is capable of running this country you are sorely mistaken.

          • David Nichols

            Yeah, the DOW just passed 20,000 for the first time in history…
            I guess all those millions of investors aren’t as smart as you are Bobbi…
            He’s running the country now Bobbi, you don’t have to like him, but how about you love your country…
            Things have taken a turn for the better for America, and all you can do is spew hatred…

          • Bobbi

            Believe what you want and get a life. I’m not interested in your banter. Go away…..far far away!

          • David Nichols

            Of course, cut and run when your talking points are debunked—the mark of a true koolade drinker…
            Que tenga un buen dia baboso…

          • From South of the Border

            Bobbi, I think he knows more about it than you and of course he won the presidency not a name calling know it all!!

          • mikegre

            Trump flies in his own Boeing 747. And you?

        • zihuarob

          I strongly disagree. No one wins a trade war, but US companies will hurt more than Mexican ones if we boycott their products because Mexico is maintaining its free trade agreements. There isn’t a damn thing made in the USA that I couldn’t live without. Most folks I know and millions I don’t feel the same way. It looks like Canada will be getting more of our business, among other countries.

          Only a fool believes the lost manufacturing jobs are coming back to the USA. It ain’t gonna happen.

          Unlike your rather old-fashioned conservative nationalistic world view, it’s time to put the interests of the world before the interests of any nation, and that’s the view taking root among young people around the world.

          BTW, America is everything from Tierra del Fuego to the Northern Territories. since you live in Mexico you should know that.


          • Donald Blair Godier

            I simply disagree, nationalism will win over globalism every time, globalism is about centralized power….. has never worked, will never work!

          • Bob in exile

            It worked for Hitler…National Socialist party. When those “Jobs come back”.. who will work at them? Here’s a scenario for you… A manufacturer… We’ll call him Chuck…Chuck Manson, has a factory making widgets (Hypothetical item) Everybody just loves widgets, its a necessity in the house. Well Chuck is taxed and regulated to the point that he has had two bypass operations so his pal.. joe kazinsky tells him, get unchained….go to china. He does, now he has 500 workers in his factory and they get paid $5 DOLLARS A Day. Now he’s raking in the dough.
            UH OH… they’re having an election stateside ALL the Candidates are weird ass dummies, greedy and psychotic.
            The winner is Ronald Badhair who has been in all kind of corrupt and shady deals in Mexico and he’s angry and wants to get even so he puts a 35% tax on people who make there stuff elsewhere. Well if Chuck brings his factory back to the USA…the workers want $15 dollars an hour. ($120 dollars a day instead of $5 dollars a day).dental plans, pregnancy leave and softer toilet paper in the John. So Chuck looks for ather markets in Europe and Asia.
            Prices rise rapidly to double digit inflation and everybodies angry with Badhair.
            That’s showbiz !!!

          • Donald Blair Godier

            I now understand why you’re in exile Bob, pretty much the most incoherent load of BS I have heard on here yet.

          • From South of the Border

            A scenario which makes no sense, because, if Chuck and enough factory owners leave and take the jobs with them eventually no one will make enough money to buy widgets or anything else..There are 2 sides to every story without enough money the market will dry up, so I think your scenario just died a quick death, because it wasn’t based on all the facts..

          • RTL


            Really? It’s already happened – and Trump is only been president for a few days.

            Ford, GM, Carrier, Sprint have already changed their direction and have gone back to the USA.

            As much as I love Mexico, you are the fool here.

          • From South of the Border

            First of all you must have failed geography.. The western hemisphere is made up of 2 continents North and South America.. North America includes Canada, the U.S. Mexico and the isthmus of Central America and Panama. South America begins where Panama touches Colombia. Learn some geography, before spouting out.. Secondly maybe the young people you know are more about the world and not their country, believe me country will always come first and, if a trade war breaks out the U.S. will ride it out with very little in the way of problems grow up as we say in the U.S. if your not a Liberal in your 20’s you have no heart,but, if your not a conservative by 40 you have no brains grow up socialism doesn’t work. I will be very happy 4 years from now after Trumps reforms have taken hold and I’ll be delighted to debate with all of the lefties here as the U.S. economy is growing and I hope Mexico’s will be too, if Mexico cooperates, if not that will be Mexico’s fault. Each country must look out for its own interests.. Sure you can work with other countries, but each country has a right to protect its own interests..
            Grow up socialists and live in the real world not some cumbayah future where everyone is friends with everyone please the sugar here will give me a toothache..

        • Mike S

          You are quite wrong. Both countries will lose in a trade war. Wealth and standards of living are not zero sum games as Trump sees the world. Trump only sees a zero sum game and is obsessed with “winning”. He can not see outside his narrow box.The climate change denier does not understand innovation and changing economics. At least 4-6 million high paid US jobs depend on trade with Mexico. Automation and our huge trade imbalance with China has been the cause of American factories shutting down. For Chump, scape goating Mexicans serves his political needs but is disconnected from reality.

      • Bajajeff

        Really? Do your due diligence on that one!

        • Jonathan Treat

          The bulk of these comments are inane–no mention of fairness, cooperation, what is best for everyone. Keep on focusing on U.S. interests, regardless of the rest of the world, and you –in the end–be the losers. Compassion and caring and social justice (sorry to those of you who will call this “kumbaya”)–will always trump greed, isolationism and a sense of national self-entitlement. We need to create a world in which all of us win. Stop focusing on guacamole or no guacamole–on “America First”, and explore instead, The Planet First (and everyone on it, not just “Americans” (America goes from Canada to Tierra del Fuego).

          • David Nichols

            Context Jonathan, Context…
            “America First” refers to a country,
            the United Stares of America, aka the US, aka the USA, aka America…
            The “America” YOU reference is a continent, and is virtually always referred to by its sub-sections,
            North America, Central America or South America…
            But then, you know that Jonathan…you’re just being pedantic.

          • Jose Yates

            Fairness? Are corrupt Latino politicians fair when they steal from poor Mexicans? I look at Canada and see a first world country, I look at Mexico and all of Latin America and see hundreds of millions of Latinos wallowing in their own raw sewage because they refuse to build sewage treatment plants. Tell me about FAIRNESS again.

        • zihuarob

          I respectfully suggest you stick to doing whatever you’re doing in Baja, Jeff. Surfing? Selling time share? I’m confident I’ve got my hand on the pulse of Mexico. You should probably stick to commenting on articles like “Cute girls taking selfies” or “17 Voluptuous Bubble Butts That Will Motivate You To Squat Every Damn Day”. They’re more your speed, dude. Saludos.

          • Bajajeff

            I too suggest you refrain from commenting and displaying your ignorance. Do what you do best! Being a comedian! If nothing else you’re funny. I’ll keep doing what I do I in Mexico. I promise. And btw it doesn’t involve potatoes or avocados.

      • Jose Yates

        No more Pringles for you.

    • Barry Merchant

      We lived in Mexico for 7 years and couldn’t get Russet potatoes there because Mexico wouldn’t let them across the border. So we had avocados instead. 🙂

    • Bob in exile

      Because NAFTA has forced hundreds of farmers to abandon their fields and migrate…Iowa Corn has to be imported to Mexico for Tortillas. If Trump sacks NAFTA the first victims will be Iowa corn growers and it will be serious. So its supply and demand. Tequila and Guacamole will be cheaper in Mexico. I’m waiting to see what T-Rump will do with China…. Sometimes a Nation gets a leader they deserve. Or maybe it’s Gods punishment for rejecting him.

      • Hailey Mannering

        US taxpayers subsidize US agribiz which dumps produce in Mexico below cost. This has put 2 million Mexican farmers out of work. This could change thanks to Trump.

      • From South of the Border

        Grow up Bob..

    • jane hicks

      You are about to see a trade war to go in effect. our economy is based on 20% exports to mexico. if the giant turnip puts tariffs willy nilly, mexico will do the same on pork products(major us export to mexico). it is not the first time; it happened a few years ago with trees. it may give an incentive for mexico to export fruit to russia and oil(major export to the us) to china and japan. the next few years are going to be interesting

  • Jumex

    “But what will Americans say if there’s no guacamole to go with their Super Bowl nachos?”

    I am sure they survive, just a luxury food item that is not needed.

    The US buys cheap things from Mexico it can all go away and the US would be where they were 20-30-70 years ago. Just fine, better paying jobs and more petty labor jobs for teenagers and neighbor kids to do. Sue people will miss Tequila and guacamole but it would be forgotten and replaced with in a few years.

    • kcjmc

      The California crop of avocados will be ready in February, anyway, and believe me, millions of Americans don’t drink tequila.

      • cris


    • djr4nger

      No Mexican avos or tequila in the US? If that happens, there will be two
      more reasons for me to travel to Mexico and spend my money there. Cali
      avocados are inferior anyway. No reason for this kind of trade nonsense –
      and no reason why we can’t all benefit from good relations with each
      other. I love Mexico and its’ people and I would not wish hardship on Mexican workers.

      – Born in the USA

      • Bob Ravet

        Avocado’s from the US aren’t avocados…just threw a bunch of them away…will NEVER buy an avocado from California again..Michoacan Avocados or nothing.

    • Manny Gonzales

      But don’t we want Mexico to buy our Potatoes? Trade is mutually beneficial…

      • GOPerson

        Yes, that and there are so many other items such as winter squash, spaghetti squash and other vegetables. And I keep hearing that US things are very high because of the import fees. So if there are no tariffs on them, where do the fees come in?

  • Bajajeff

    Mmmm. The weights/trucks don’t add up. Avocados are light in weight and big in volume. Big trucks can haul 20 tons no problem but it would take way more that 5 to haul 100 tons of avos! So… you be the judge on the cred of the story.

    • David Nichols

      sorry but it’s YOUR credibility and/or knowledge that is lacking…
      The Class 8 truck load limit is 80,000 lbs or 40 tons, and has been since 1974…
      Total vehicle weight limit is 105,000 lbs, and has been since 1974…
      5 trucks, each with only 20 tons of avocado, in a reefer van that can hold 40 tons in the same space if the cargo were heavier than avocados… 5 x 20 = 100
      Credibility of story = 100%

      • Bajajeff

        Considering a tractor with a reefer trailer empty is 35-40k your load is back in the mid 40’s for a 53′. Rarely does anybody haul freight more than 48k. Avocados are packed in 26# cases. At 200k that would be almost 7700 cases of avos. No way that 5 trailers haul that volume. BS media report as usual.

        • David Nichols

          Clearly your desire to defend your erroneous position has compromised your math abilities…
          A 12″ x 17″ x 7″ avocado flat occupies 0.83 cu/ft…
          A 53 foot van has an interior volume of slightly over 3800 cu/ft…
          Using your number of 7700, each truck would only need to haul 1692 flats of avocado…
          1692 flats @ .83 cu/ft each will occupy 1404 cu/ft of the 3800 cu/ft available in a 53′ trailer…
          It’s just math, not opinion…
          What possible journalistic scheme to deceive, would be served by under-reporting the number of trucks used, or over-reporting the tonnage of the shipment.??
          Better adjust the parameters on your flux capacitor…

          • Bajajeff

            Ever heard of palletized goods? You can’t stack cases floor to ceiling or over stack cases. They will collapse. Your arguments are ridiculous. Go back to eating cheetos in your wife beater watching porn.

          • David Nichols

            Ever hear anybody call you a moron…?
            Live in your fantasy world y que tenga un buen dia baboso…

      • Jose Yates

        Mexico is a metric country. The shipment is 100 tonnes, not 100 tons. 1 tonne = about 2200#s not 2000#s.

      • michaelbretn

        ¡Caramba! No “alternative facts” here baby! Baja Jeff tried the old “fake News” trick, …but there’s a new awakening on checking facts and disputing claims I really like. Now, I love avocados too, but would rather we perhaps start planting more here in our own country, waiting for harvests, and sending Americans out to pick them! We perhaps need to be doing more for ourselves, buying American, etc.

        I think comrade Drumpfski is an illegitimate president and a complete idiot. “Small and insecure” is what a Wall Street Journal editorial recently called him. And fear he may start trade wars – which may be ill advised in many ways – but this could be a needed period of understanding for American consumers learning what is made where, what things really cost, and perhaps change our consuming patterns and habits accordingly. When Americans feel the push back from other countries, get disrespected on vacations, and realize what they uncorked with Hair Twitler, …we may long for cheaper guacamole.

        Let the battles begin and reap what our election has sowed…

  • EvanRavitz

    And do far less damaged to unpaid workers students at cetera

  • Donald Blair Godier

    Ha, you are hilarious

  • tek man

    There is no comparison of the nutritional value of avocados compared to white potatoes which are essentially a lump of sugar. USA looses. I would expect to see the price of avocados increase due to supply shortage.

    • GOPerson

      All that may be true but I’m looking forward to baking an Idaho russet potato.

      • Lucy Ramos

        which are GMO by the way…

        • GOPerson

          There is nothing wrong with GMO food. There has never been ONE incidence of it harming one human being. You don’t understand it, so you condemn it. Do some research.

        • Yo Man

          Who Cares !

    • KR

      You miss The Point, tek man. America appears to be simply / justifiably renegotiating its Trade Deals. IE: No avocados imported “in” without Mexico’s allowance of potatoes exported “out”. No more “One Way Streets” = Comprende?

      • ReneeEdwardh

        USA is rich, Mexico is poor, very poor and Trump wants them to be poorer…what do you think…maybe there will be bombs not only from ISIS but made in Mexico…just saying. There are always vindicators wanting revenge. On another subject…I do think that $15 Billion dollars for the f_ _ _ _ _ wall is a stupid and controversal idea.

        • By rich I guess you mean we print the money. We’re almost twenty trillion in debt. Mexico is no where near that deeply in debt.

      • aphil

        You miss the point. Americans are the losers, because they will suffer higher prices for items that are imported, or items that are no longer imported and are scarce. Supply and demand, sweetie.

        • Linda B

          You miss the point, sweetie. This happens all the time with trade. Did you even read the article? You’re being fed propaganda and fake, hateful non-news to stir the pot some more. Mexico turned away U.S. potatoes, too. So the frig what?

        • BunnyOlesen

          B.S. prices NEVER went down because of NAFTA. Never! crap ass horrible tomatoes & worst strawberries ever! Local produce is better & cheaper, all the way around.

        • BunnyOlesen

          USA is 3rd largest avocado producer in the world, ‘dingus’. Why don’t you learn something before you pontificate! Demand a supply of real knowledge, IT’S FREE!

      • aphil

        Trump has sold simple-minded people on a simple-mind “solution” for trade. When prices go sky high, remember that I told you so.

        • KR

          I agree = Balanced Trade agreements ARE indeed extremely “simple”!! In fact, we here IN Mexico rather welcome a nice Idaho ‘russet’……

        • Yo Man

          One Avo tax equals ten cents that’s all

      • Yo Man

        If you read the story it was a deal that was negotiated some months ago.

        • KR

          And if you stay abreast of World News, then you’ll take distinct note that “There’s a New Sheriff in Town” up in America now, who can immediately change and initiate whatever new regulations he deems appropriate in realizing the policy changes for which he was elected…. with the mere stroke of a pen….. for Better OR for Worse…..and we here IN Mexico are certainly waiting with ‘bated breath’.

    • wrobert3

      The skin of a baked potato has more potassium than a banana (and bananas are famously rich in potassium). I grew up eating baked potatoes with the skin — which means careful scrubbing before cooking. You’re right in that potatoes are carbohydrates, like sugar, but since the starch must be broken down first, those sugars make their appearance in the blood more gradually preventing the glucose spike that comes with eating pure sugar. The addition of some fat with the potato (butter, sour cream, oil or gravy) slows gastric emptying which also helps in reducing that glucose spike.
      Of course, you’re right that avocados are a very good, nutritious food. But there’s no need to completely eliminate potatoes from our diets just because avocados are more nutritious. Each has its place… I will never completely give up baked potatoes, French fires, home fries, or mashed potatoes (which I usually make with “roasted” garlic or mix them with mashed rutabagas for more flavor), even though I love guacamole and avocado salads with generous amounts of freshly-squeezed lemon, lots of kosher salt, cayenne pepper and Vidalia onion. A few simple ingredients, added in the right quantity, make magic in the kitchen. Avocados are wonderful tasting and nutritionally amazing. No wonder so many are being imported in the US from Mexico.
      The USA loses for sure!
      BTW, we have tomatoes on the vine here for just $0.99 a pound during the dead of winter! That’s thanks to Mexican imports as well (and they’d be cheaper still if the US didn’t manipulate the prices to protect US tomato farmers.)

      • aphil

        You know how much pesticide poison is in that potato skin?

        • Yo Man

          Ya ever been at a farm in mexico ? I didn’t think so so many bugs so much pesticides !

        • Linda B

          yeah, try getting organic avocados from Mexico, hahahah.

      • Yo Man

        Supply and demand will encourage farmers in the US to grow more

    • Yo Man

      By ten cents each because the tax is based on the price the farmer gets not the final grocery store price.

    • Linda B

      The USA “looses” (sic) because we didn’t pay for a shipment, or did Mexico lose because they didn’t get paid? Hmmmm, tough one.

  • Alex Double

    Typical that all the comments are about avacados! What about Marmite. I have tried to get a jar of Marmite sent to me from the UK only to find that it is sent back by customs saying that to import it it needs an official health certificate issued only to commercial importers!!!! No chance!. It had to be sent back to the UK at a cost of $120USD and then brought out in somebodies baggage with absolutely no problems! By the way I had the same problem with sending a jar of Marmite to my daughter in Chile! Just because the Latinos do not have the taste for Marmite it seems it is more difficult to import that illegal drugs!

  • The US wants a trade war with Mexico? I guess all the maquiladoras will shut down and if Americans think avocados are the only crop they’ve become dependent on from Mexico they’ve got a real awakening in the future. We don’t think of those miles and miles of American broccoli, asparagus, corn, garlic farms etc as exporting crops so much as exporting water and labor. They use illegal Central American workers in Mexico so they don’t have to pay Mexican wages. Taylor Farms is but one of the huge American corporations doing business in Mexico. Stealing food from the bread basket of Mexico. You think you can live without the Mexican section in your grocery store but you have no idea how much of the rest of your grocery store comes from south of the border. Not to mention….do you know how much Mexican pot is consumed in New York City every night? Keeping America calm in these trying times? Start your thinking at a kilo and let your mind wander from there. Then add Chicago Detroit and Cincinnati. Not to mention Birmingham, Houston and Kansas City.

    • kcjmc

      All produce in the U.S. from Mexico is marked with a sticker, as is all foreign produce and all other foreign consumables. I avoid buying Mexican produce, as many Americans do, as have heard about the filth in which this produce is grown. I also avoid all other foods from Mexico, including once-American-made Kool-Aid, Oreos, Knorr instant bouillion and others. Many Americans are even boycotting food companies that support American liberal agendas. It’s truly amazing what we Americans can and choose to do without.

      • You’re funny. I think this whole thing is going to blow up in Donaldo’s face. Do without all you want. Soon you’ll be a Democrat if you learn how to live without.

      • yeah, well Mexican produce exported to the US is usually produced by the maquiladores. In other words grown in Mexico by Americans that don’t want to pay American wages or use American water. I endorse your boycott.

      • yeah, cause we’re all so dead down here in Mexico. From eating. It doesn’t sound to me like you’re avoiding the kool aid.

  • Bob Beal

    Is it true that cartel extortion of avocado growers was responsible for the astonishing increase in their U.S. retail price over the last several years?

    • Güerito
      • Bob Beal

        Most interesting, if disturbing, thank you.

        • laura

          yes, this is true and the same thing happened with the lime industry here in Guerrero and Michoacan at the same time. This was related in an interesting way to the US famous ‘War on Drugs’. Calderon, got some extra support from the US to fund his army attack on the Michoacan cartels and managed to destabilize them. They morphed into several splinter groups some of whom found themselves without their usual trade sources so they needed to diversify. They diversified into extortion of the growers of avocados and limes among other things (illegal mining, logging, regular extortion of other kinds, kidnapping etc. One of the results of all this happens to be higher prices for Margaritas and guacamole in the US. Karma.

          • Bob Beal

            Please say it’s not so. Seriously, thank you for your thoughtful and cogent reply.

  • mastermind2

    “But what will Americans say if there’s no guacamole to go with their Super Bowl nachos?”

    Americans don’t eat real guacamole (with real avocados) , is just some chemical stuff sold in plastic containers, that’s why they are dying of cancer more than anybody else in the World.

    • Crewlaw

      “Americans don’t eat real guacamole (with real avocados)
      Sure they do, you’re just hanging out with the wrong Americans. But then the picture kind of told me that anyway.

  • Jimi_X

    According to this article, it had nothing to do with any changes to U.S. policy. It had to do with Mexico’s own actions of preventing or delaying signing off on allowing U.S. potatoes into Mexico in exchange for avocados moving into the U.S.. Misleading headline.

    • dao1947

      Mexico is trying to protect their potato varieties from contamination by our GMO potatoes.

      • If your statement is true ( “Mexico is trying to protect their potato varieties from contamination by our GMO potatoes”) then I would encourage (no, not encourage… I would BEG) Mexico to avoid not only potatoes, but all other produce as well. The US Government, under Obama, GW Bush and Bill Clinton ALL… or each… have quietly been in the pockets of Monsanto and others in the GMO game to try to make genetically modified everything acceptable to the public. I’ve read the propaganda that says it is safe, hardier, disease resistant, etc etc, and that it will eventually solve the world’s hunger problems. And I have read opposing views that claim GMO is a world-wide famine in the making.

        Who do you believe?

        I have lived long enough to have lived thru the government spawned lies and corruption. The youth pastor at our church developed cancer. During his stint in the US Army he had the”privilege” of being allowed to stand in a trench in the desert and see the flash of light, feel the earth quake and experience the blast of win in his face. Their company commander assured them it was perfectly SAFE to watch an atomic bomb test. He was right about 45 when the cancer hit and it finally took him a few agonizing years later.

        Who do you believe?

        Then there was that pesky “police action” in Southeast Asia. They had also seen the “domino effect” as Hitler gobbled up Europe. So these US Government folks told the American people Southeast Asia would experience this all over again as Chairman Mao attempted the Hitler type moves, this time beginning with Vietnam. And between 1965 and 1975 it is estimated that people died… US & Allies, North Vietnamese Army and the VC, plus at LEAST 625,000 civilians for a total of 1,353,000 deaths (not to mention those physically maimed and mentally incapacitated in battles, gorilla actions, land mines and carpet bombing). And for what? Ho Chi Minh was not the puppet of Mao. The Vietnamese people had endured French occupation, they were oppressed by Imperial Japan, then a long war for freedom and independence against the US. Vietnam won their independence despite the US official propaganda machine.

        Who do you believe?

        Today the US Government and Media tell us humans have greatly impacted Earths climate, and that global temperatures are rising, ice sheets melting and that sea levels will rise dramatically over the next 10 years. However…..

        While not a major news story anywhere, there have been a number of important cases in 2015-2016 revealing that important data was “modified” by scientists wanting to make the “crisis” and consequences appear much worse than data predicted. Then in 2016, while the Media reports the Antarctic Ice Sheet was rapidly shrinking and calving icebergs… one potentially the size of the State of Delaware. But they did NOT report that the ice sheet covering the opposite side of the continent had actually increased by a very, very large percentage.

        No one questions Climate Change. The Earth climate IS ALWAYS CHANGING, going through warming periods when ships can navigate an ice-free passage in Arctic Canada. And we also know there have been numerous ice ages. How do we know? Scientists have core samples of ice pulled from the vast sheets in both Greenland and Antarctica. It is a natural Panasonic view of Earths Climate. Earth CO2 IS growing, just as coremsamples tell us it has done in consistent periods of time for 800,000 years. See it for yourself “”. Our government and Media are lying on a massive scale for reasons unknown reasons. And despite peer persecution, loss of reputation and even jobs, Scientists are continuing to come out and say that the Climate Change as it unfolds is a NATURAL, not HUMAN INFLUENCED.

        Until the US elections I had lost all faith in the US Government to tell people the truth, and that someone or something has “encouraged” the Mainstream Media to follow the Administration’s talking points, to hype the entirety of The President’s programs. Trump had enough true baggage to sink someone from the Political class. He admitted to his baggage, vigorously championed his own innocence of things he knew were untrue and pulled of a surprising Electoral College win.

        This is being compared to the election of Andrew Jackson in 1828. Trump, just like Jackson, had appealed directly to the people rather than fellow politicians and big time donors. The Donald says what is on his mind. Foolish people think he is shooting from the hip, and gets into wild speculations and petty bickering. But his opponents underestimate things. He isn’t reading a Conspiracy Theory comic book then saying outrageous things. The man has excellent sources outside the political ring, and when he makes a statement that sounds rediculous, it turns out he was right. And when his information has been wrong he says so ( refer to likelihood of Russian hacking during the campaign).

        I believe, like it or not, that we are entering a time where transparency in Government becomes a reality. Trump, so far, has taken on the CIA/Intellegency Community, EPA, Department of te Interior, Defense Dpartment, and within days the list will grow. And, starting with Carrier Air Conditioners during the campaign, he has commitments by businesses to cancel plans to move factories to Mexico, some he talked to and who have agreed to add to business segments here, and now it seems companies are climbing aboard to bring manufacturing ‘home’.

        Trump hasn’t waded into the avocado/potato dispute. If I were Mexico I would walk in to the Oval Office with your head held high, not as a politician wooed my the media, but Leader to Leader. You know the problem with illegal immigration into the US. Mexico is tough of people entering Mexico illegally. Talk about it. And as equals, and Trump will consider you an equal, discuss immigration. Find a solution.

        As for Mexico, I would resist any GMO foods. There is too much history of the US lying about the safety of something. And there is too much written as warnings about it. Don’t take it and make avocado oil.

      • Yo Man

        No they are still trying to make the potato into a tortilla

  • Güerito

    All these comments are missing the point. This was not a general change in US trade policy related to avocados from Mexico. It was about a special agreement that was made about avocados from Jalisco, not previously allowed into the US. Jalisco avocado production is tiny.

    Michoacán makes up over 90% of the Mexican avocado market, and this incident has NO effect on avocados from Michoacán.

    • Dubious Beagle

      Makes you wonder if Michoacan is involved somehow to thwart the shipment so their prices increase.

  • Marco Bueninck

    Ok the US don’t want Mexican avocados…… i will not buy any US groceries anymore!! BUY MEXICAN. Who will be the victims in the US? ……… the lower income and middle class. And they voted for Trump. This is what you if you don’t think things through and believe his rhetoric. Globalization has its pitfalls but isolation is not the answer.

  • Frank

    It will probably take a few years but the world economy will not have much trouble bypassing the US. Their cars are overpriced, poorly engineered and badly built pieces of overpriced crap anyway, Let Mexico buy german cars instead and let the Gringos eat potatoes until they’re even more obese and need even bigger SUVs that nobody else really needs… if they can still afford them once they double or triple in price when manufacturers have to pay an average of $35 in US wages instead of the $5 per hour they pay their Mexican workers. Let’s sit back and enjoy the show how this mentaly and emotionally unstable sociopath with the brains of a 12 year old highschool bully runs their country into the ground. Go America!

    • Bodhios

      If that’s the case why does the population south of the Rio Grande want to make their way to the greatest country in the world? Do your homework. The U.S. is a giant among gnats to the south. And like a bug. the U.S. would crush you, economically, militarily, and culturally. It’s a testament to the amazing ingenuity of a country that puts forth the sweat to be great. I really don’t think you would understand. Besides, how can you take anyone seriously from a country that prides itself on taking siestas.

      • Frank

        your country will collapse within our generation. It’s built on sweat, that’s alright, the sweat of unreported, exploited immigrant workers. But don’t curb your enthusiasm, you’ll need every bit of it for what’s coming ahead. Big stretches of your once so proud nation already resemble a 3rd world country and your credit rating will start falling within the next few months. You’re crushing yourselves and I take big pleasure from this just as a spectator.

    • David Nichols

      Billionaire businessman, now taking a break to be president of the USA, Frankie boy….
      How does your curriculum vitae compare…??
      Yeah, that’s what I thought…is your mama still paying for your internet..?

      • Frank

        He’s a failed business man who only burned his family’s fortune, lucky for him (or not) there’s so much to burn, he’ll never run out of cash. Without his family’s wealth this brainless blowhard would have sunk like a stone. So yes, in his case his mom and dad are strill paying for his internet so he can tweet his demented half sentences.

        Why this interest in my personal life? Trust me, yours would look very sad and pedestrian in comparison but Trumpists all seem to be such deeply unhappy creatures to begin with so I’ll spare you the glamorous details.

        • David Nichols

          Sure Frank, sure….
          Now take your meds like a good boy…

    • Yo Man

      Good luck with that !

  • Farmer_Girl

    Currently Americans are boycotting the NFL so the question of higher guacamole prices for nonexistent Superbowl parties is irrelevant.

    • mugadoon

      What fucking planet are you living on? What, all 5 of your are boycotting? Give me a break.

    • Yo Man

      The only ones boycotting the NFL are the low life losers downtown breaking windows and acting like a bunch of thugs !

  • Trump may be hated by Mexico, but he did win the election according to the American system of elections. Both candidates knew the rules. The mainstream media was brutal towards him, and still are, but he has already, in 5 days, accomplished many economic goals.

    Yes, our auto workers make too much money. And yes, Mexican workers earn much less. But if United States jobs continue to exit to other countries who exactly is going to buy even Mexican made cars?

    The media has stated Trump is going to divide families and institute mass deportations. But Trump never said that. Like Mexico, the US has immigration laws, and citizens want those laws followed. And while there are some true bigots who hate all Mexicans, it is a very small number of people. I would hire people of Mexican descent or legal Mexican immigrants. I’ve never met a lazy one, and have always been well satisfied with their work. And unlike many lazy Americans, Mexicans know how to work and aren’t afraid of it.

    That being said, Mexico has been lied to by Democratic politicians. Hillary Clinton is as corrupt and dishonest as any of your corrupt officials. The Democratic Party wants to make Mexican immigrants slaves just as they have kept black people. Slaves to a welfare system, slaves to their perfected lifestyle. Slaves to their corruption. Did you REALLY want that? All Mexicans I know a honest people who had no use for Clinton’s operations. Bribery, theft, murder. You would think Hillary was head. Of a Mexican drug cartel leader.

    Yes, we want a wall. And we want legal immigrants. Many Mexicans wish to escape the drug wars. Donald Trump wants to stop corruption. He wants mutually beneficial trade deals. He actually cares about people rather than their money.

    Give him a chance. When you make harsh words against him you are being used for political purposes. People in the US do not want a European system in our country. We are Americans and what we want is a better nation for our children to live in, just as you do. We believe Mr. trump can help make that happen.

    Give him a chance and stop being used as a toy by a democrat politician. You deserve better just as we do.

    • bksrmgc

      Please don’t listen to this absolute ignorant American, especially as the lies about Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party. As for giving Trump a change? We’ll give him exactly the same chance as Republicans gave President Obama. NONE!

      • unruliegirl

        AMEN to this 100000000 times over!!!!

      • aphil

        The ignorance of the American people demonstrated in their support for Trump and anything that he tells them is mind boggling.

      • Yo Man

        You are a total head in the sand liberal hillary is corrupt and the welfare system IS designed to keep the “Natives” barefoot and pregnant

    • David Chapman

      spd1275 is completely correct and so are the people of the US who voted for Trump. The fools that wanted BO and Hillary have been and will be just a bad memory, let them all cry into a used diaper drooped in a US city park by one of the illegal Mexicans who not to long ago learned what hot water, hand soap and toilet was used for.
      As for the lies about Hillary – The Clintons are Monsters.

      • Yo Man

        AMEN !

    • David Chapman

      spd1275 is completely correct and so are the people of the US who voted
      for Trump. The fools that wanted BO and Hillary have been and will be
      just a bad memory, let them all cry into a used diaper drooped in a US
      city park by one of the illegal Mexicans who not to long ago learned
      what hot water, hand soap and toilet was used for.
      As for the lies about Hillary – The Clintons are Monsters.

    • wrobert3

      Nothing Trump says matters one bit. He’s a con artist and a fraud and if his mouth is moving he’s lying. Trump contradicts himself not just day to day, but sometimes hour to hour! His propaganda ministers (Conway and Spicer) are constantly “cleaning up” Trumps ridiculous statements to the point where words no longer have any meaning whatsoever coming from the Trump campaign! He’s the Pussy-Grabber-In-Chief, a draft dodger a tax evader and a know nothing. The “business man” who bankrupted his stupid casinos 5 times, stiffing workers all throughout his “career” — he’s a hustler and a thug! Trump bankrupted his casinos while the rest of Atlantic City was still thriving (the downturn came years later). Trump was TOLD by numerous professionals (accountants and lawyers) NOT to open a 3rd casino in the same location as his other 2 casions because it was stupid to compete with himself. Of course as always, Trump did not listen and made terrible business decisions leading to bankruptcy after bankruptcy! His illegitimate “election” constitutes a national emergency and an international disaster (since he lost the national election by 3 Million votes, was helped by Putin, Russian hackers and WikiLeaks, and helped again by the outrageous actions of James Comey, head of the FBI). The “election” was completely rigged in Trump’s favor! And as for the media — Trump would have had ZERO campaign if not for all the massive amounts of free air time he received from the media. The media has never, ever helped a political candidate more than they helped Trump!
      Trump is now Putin’s useful idiot; Vladimir’s Russian Poodle; Putin’s stooge in the White House. Totally illegitimate!

      • Yo Man

        Oh now it’s up to three million votes GET OVER IT Prepare for some very tough government ahead.

    • aphil

      No one who believes what they “read” on InfoWars deserves to be taken seriously. Your tin foil hat is on too tight, sweetie.

    • Yo Man

      I agree with you, but the new auto worker deal in the US puts new hire’s wages around $19 per hour and for a family that is NOT a living wage. I did not buy the Ford Fusion BECAUSE it was totally made in mexico.

  • Bianca Navarro

    If your in the business you’d understand and feel what were feeling right now. I voted for Trump. I understand the big picture in what he wants America to be. But I now regret my vote. And Seeing my old man stress out because all our products are directly from Mexico/ other Countries. . . . . . . We feed/sell to WALMART,PUBLIX, RESTRUANTS, and even INMATES in NEAR BY COUNTIES. These fights, affect not only my family but all those we serve.

  • Renesmae Sherman

    Yes he should renegotiate NAFTA or get out! I say get out, Mexico needs to get there country in some kind of order. Their Government, rips people off. It is so crooked their. I understand why people want to live here. But, come legal and you are welcome. We shouldn’t be doing business with such a corrupt Government!

  • ReneeEdwardh

    Nothing but trouble looming around the entire planet. Nothing will stop this narcistist who thinks he can do no wrong and will make America great again…he forgot the last part, and disliked by most countries in the world.

  • Lettie Graves

    whaaaa. cant have it both ways.

  • Phyllistein King

    This is a healthy veggi that is high in nourishment, I don’t want US GMO food with no nourishment. People are going to get very ill and weak without these different foods. Oh, that’s right. they are on a depopulation agenda, They don’t care.

  • Serena Morris

    Get our avocados from California. There, problem solved.