María Félix: too old for a debit card. María Félix: pension check was denied.

At 116, María Félix too old for debit card

Jalisco woman could not collect her pension without a bank card

Seniors beware: once you reach the age of 110, your bank card may expire.

That age restriction left a 116-year-old Jalisco woman without her pension, the only income she has with which to buy medications.

María Félix Nava, born in July 1900, went with her daughter at the beginning of the year to a Development and Social Integration (Sedis) office to collect her bimonthly pension of between 2,100 and 2,400 pesos (US $110 to $127).

But the clerk told the women they had to visit a bank and collect the funds directly because Félix had to get a new debit card for the account in which the pension payment was to be deposited.

“We went to a Banamex branch . . . and were told that the age limit for a cardholder was 110 years,” said Félix’s daughter, Marina Gutiérrez Félix.

Without the card, the pensioner couldn’t get her check. Félix sells candy out of her home, but those sales are only enough to buy milk.

Sedis staff were unable to offer a solution and Félix spent some time in the hospital, her health having deteriorated.

“I leave it with God,” Félix told the newspaper Reforma. “He does not leave me alone and sends good people to help me.”

Yesterday, God intervened.

The Development and Social Integration Secretary himself turned up at Félix’ home with a check in hand, and signed it on the spot.

Miguel Castro Reynoso admitted there had been confusion and described the matter as “totally absurd.”

He apologized to Félix and assured her he would be more diligent so as to prevent other beneficiaries from having to go through the same ordeal.

“These kinds of things must not happen,” the secretary said, observing they were in fact uncommon.

María Félix has 20 grandchildren, 53 great-grandchildren and 23 great-great-grandchildren and lives in Tlaquepaque with her daughter. It was reported last year that she was Jalisco’s oldest woman.

Source: Reforma (sp)

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