16-year-old Dafne Almazán, psychologist. 16-year-old Dafne Almazán, psychologist.

At 16, psychologist is world’s youngest

Dafne Almazán is now off to law school, and aims to have a doctorate in two years

The youngest psychologist in the world has earned a master’s degree at age 16, and is now planning to earn a doctorate in a completely different discipline by the time she turns 18.


Dafne Almazán Anaya received her degree in psychology two years ago from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Studies (ITESM). This week, she concluded her postgraduate studies, earning a master’s degree from the same school in education and teaching mechanisms.

The teenager’s thesis focused on the teaching of mathematics to gifted children at the elementary school level.

Almazán is now planning to enroll in law school and plans on finishing — with a doctorate — in two years.

Her family is used to gifted children and their achievements. Her older siblings, Andrew and Delany, became psychologists at 16 and 17.

Dafne Almazán was recognized as gifted at four years old, but showed signs that she was learning to read and write on her own at two.

“There still exists social pressure that says at three years old a child should only play, but [that was when] we started to teach [Dafne] subjects from medicine, my area of study,” Andrew told the news website Sin Embargo.

She completed nine years of primary and secondary school studies in just two years. At eight she enrolled in a preparatory school course, finishing in two years, one year ahead of time.

Source: Sin Embargo (sp)

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  • Kaushik Akabari

    its wonder. respect to dis girl and her Talent and tendency to do something special which no one can think at this age at least

  • WestCoastHwy

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    • Geoffrey Rogg

      Que diablos quiere decir? What the devil are your trying to say?

      • Adam Simpson

        I understood him to say that he is hoping this will help move Mexican culture towards one that allows woman to advance more easily.

      • WestCoastHwy

        If you don’t understand something please don’t be afraid of it!

    • miguel

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  • Joshua Rodriguez

    Brilliant Mexican girl

  • Geoffrey Rogg

    It would be interesting to see her ancestry. I am pretty sure it would be revealing.