President Peña Nieto inspects the Gendarmerie during its inauguration in 2014. President Peña Nieto inspects the Gendarmerie during its inauguration in 2014.

Auditor finds issues with Gendarmerie

Federal Police division completed just 75 operations in 2015; its objective was 10,000

A division of the Federal Police has come under the microscope of the Federal Auditor’s Office (ASF), and the findings indicate some shortcomings.

In a nutshell, the National Gendarmerie has not contributed to a reduction in crime in the areas where it has conducted its operations, the audit found, although it noted that deficiencies in the design and development of those operations hampered the auditor’s efforts.

The Gendarmerie was created in 2014 to provide security in high-crime areas with little or no presence of federal security forces.

The federal auditor was also critical of the force’s reporting system, calling it “imprecise and insufficient” to determine whether its budget objectives had been met. The audit applied to 2015, when the Gendarmerie’s budget was 2.8 billion pesos.

Other objectives that the audit did measure were unmet by a long shot. The Gendarmerie was to conduct 10,000 operations against crime but actually completed only 75.

Somewhat more successful were efforts to meet the goal of conducting trustworthiness evaluations of 4,546 officers; 79% were evaluated.

But only 16% of those passed the test. Fully 81.8% failed, although most of those were new recruits who were not given employment as a result.

The Federal Police force itself didn’t fare well either under the examination by the ASF, which said the force didn’t provide enough information to determine its efficiency in preventing and combating crime, or the results obtained through its operations.

The number of operations dropped by more than 70% in 2015. Those conducted to prosecute crimes totaled just 116 in 2015, down from 404 in 2012.

Crime prevention operations declined from 608 to 156 in the same period.

Also in that time frame the crime rate rose 1% from 35,139 crimes per 100,000 people to 35,497, a situation that meant there was “no advance in the improvement of public security,” the ASF said.

Source: Animal Político (sp)

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