The Autonomous University of Nayarit: financial crisis. The Autonomous University of Nayarit: financial crisis.

Auditors are looking for 585mn pesos

Diversion of funds probed at university in Nayarit

Auditors have detected the diversion of 585 million pesos (close to US $30 million) at the Autonomous University of Nayarit.


A probe into the university’s 2015 finances found the expenditure of only 280 million pesos of a total of 865 million pesos could be justified.

The questionable spending included unjustified travel expenses, unverified support and compensation payments and millions transferred to workers’ bank accounts.

The latter were electronic transfers to three security guards employed by the university: 333 million pesos in total were transferred to the bank accounts to two, and 10 million pesos to a third, said state auditor Roy Rubio Salazar.

In the case of support payments, the purpose of which was unclear, 791,675 pesos were said to have been paid to beneficiaries, but no documented evidence exists that the payments were made.

Over 330,000 pesos were reported as travel expenses but no official documentation regarding the trips has been found.

A payment of 27.5 million pesos was issued for building renovations to a company missing from the university’s suppliers list.

The situation has been described as the worst financial crisis ever suffered by the educational facility, located in Tepic, which has an enrollment of 18,900 students.

Rector Jorge Ignacio Peña González, who was elected to the post in May, has promised a full investigation, with “neither impunity nor cover-ups.”

“I have instructed the [university’s] finance secretary to prepare and publish a detailed report . . . .”

Source: Milenio (sp)

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  • Henry Wilson

    from my conversations over the years with university educated mexicans, i have concluded the biggest thieves and criminals in mexico are not, as previously suspected, elected politicians, but rather university administrators. this story would seem to bear out that conclusion.

  • Mike Cranny

    Until the bureaucrats , along with the politicians who give the orders are held accountable, nothing will change. People see the people at the top being immune from prosecution for their crimes, and think they too should participate because there are no consequences for illegal activity or for allowing illegal activity. Since when is this behavior?

  • David Nichols

    This, and many other Universities in Mexico, have as their first priority; the theft of the income they generate.!
    Corruption 101…