Sketch of a suspect in the kidnapping Sketch of a suspect in the kidnapping. Anyone who can help identify him can call 01 800 368 6242.

Authorities free victim kidnapped in March

The woman was taken in San Miguel de Allende and held for 78 days

An American woman kidnapped March 13 in San Miguel de Allende has been freed, state officials told a press conference yesterday.


Guanajuato Attorney General Carlos Zamarripa said a police operation succeeded in freeing the woman after she spent 78 days in captivity.

He said no ransom was paid although an “elevated” amount had been demanded.

One man has been arrested in connection with the case and others are being sought. Zamarripa said the kidnappers belong to a criminal gang linked to other kidnappings in San Miguel.

The Attorney General’s office has released a composite sketch of another individual believed to have been responsible for the kidnapping and asked for help from the public in identifying the suspect.

Arrest warrants have been issued for other presumed members of the gang, Zamarripa said.

State authorities said it was the first case in which a kidnapping victim had been freed without the payment of a ransom and a perpetrator identified.

Source: Reforma (sp)

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  • K. Chris C.

    The gun and badge thugs got tired of caring for her, and so pretended to have “found” her.

    An American citizen, not US subject.

  • they caught someone but give us a drawing of some guy in a baseball cap with sunglasses that looks like three of the guys working across the street. I want to see the perp. Who is he? Has he been living next door? where is the ALARMA when you need them?

    • this drawing looks like nine out of ten of the cops in this town.

      Just saying. The artist might have had something against cops.

  • Olivia Matus

    I would like to know how she was kidnapped, where she was kept and how thy rescued her.

  • Rick Echeverria

    The kidnapper who was apprehended said ” she just would not shutup”

  • Anthony Stein

    Too bad for San Miguel! It was bound to happen! Grew too fast and too close to Mexico City! Crime seems to follow the folks from the big enchilada!

    • Güerito

      Mexico City has lower crime and murder rates than many parts of the country. If crime is coming in to SMA, it’s likely coming in from other parts of the state or from neighboring Jalisco or Michoacán.

      • Anthony Stein

        Maybe..but I noticed in the last couple of years there appeared to be way more huge black bullit proof SUVs with bodyguards picking up well heeled Mexicans in the Centro! All had licence plates from the DF. Don’t criminal gang follow money? There is now a market to sell drugs in bars and night clubs and the cartels are taking advantage of this! Who murdered these taxi cab drivers just recently? The charm is gone now!

        • Güerito

          Thanks for your on the ground report.

          I’d just remind you that Mexico City is the political, educational, business, and entertainment center of Mexico. It’s like Hollywood, D.C., and New York all combined. And more.

          So, deluxe SUV’s, even bullet proof vehicles, are not that uncommon.

          I agree that local retail drug sales are a growing problem in Mexico and the rest of the country. In particular, the problem is most acute in tourist locations in coastal areas.

          • Anthony Stein

            Anyway..those deluxe bullit proof SUVs look ridiculous in the historic centre that barely has room for a tiny car let alone a huge SUV with a scary bodyguard behind the wheel! One thing is for sure…the local people don’t like it much! It may be good for business but it sure increased crime by a hundred fold! It is funny to watch the ladies try to walk the narrow cobble stone streets and sidewalks in six inch high heel shoes though…and taking selfies on their cell phones at the same time! They only make it a few blocks and they are flagging down a taxicab.