One of the marijuana seizures in Tijuana. One of the marijuana seizures in Tijuana.

Authorities in Tijuana seize 13 tonnes of pot

The biggest haul was more than 10 tonnes found yesterday

Over 13 tonnes of marijuana have been confiscated in Tijuana, Baja California, in the last five days.


In the most recent seizure, according to the Public Security Secretariat, federal forces seized 962 plastic-wrapped packages of pot weighing over 10 tonnes.

Yesterday’s discovery followed a search in the Nueva Aurora neighborhood by federal agents, along with state police and the military.

The seizures began last Friday after an anonymous tip about a group of men loading a cargo truck with suspicious packages in the community of San Antonio Necua.

State authorities confiscated 2.2 tonnes of marijuana and arrested the truck driver and three other individuals.

The following day, 213 kilograms of weed were seized in the Xochimilco Solidaridad neighborhood.

In total, at least 13.2 tonnes of marijuana were seized.

Source: Reforma (sp)

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  • Raine Guy

    What a waste of time and money. Mexico should bill the US for every hour spent on this type of search and seizure.

  • Help is on the way…

    Vender el bote y arreglar los baches que tontos! Los funcionarios del gobierno no tienen la creatividad lo que nunca en la gestión de POT Confiscación.