Sandoval, arrested in Guerrero. Sandoval, Guerreros Unidos hitman.

Ayotzinapa suspect arrested in Guerrero

Authorities believe he was one of the last people in contact with missing students

The federal Attorney General’s office (PGR) has arrested the fourth of seven men identified as being responsible for the disappearance of 43 students at the Ayotzinapa teacher training college in 2014.


Erick Uriel Sandoval Rodríguez, 35, formerly a physical education teacher, was based in the Balsas river region of Guerrero where he was employed as a hired gun, or sicario, for the Guerreros Unidos criminal organization.

He also smuggled drugs along the Cocula-Balsas-Iguala corridor, and had been singled out as a source of violence in the area.

Considered as a priority target for federal authorities, the PGR had posted a 1.5-million-peso (US $810,000) reward for any information that would lead to Sandoval’s arrest.

He joins three other men already incarcerated in relation of the case of the 43 students: Jonathan “El Jona” Osorio Cortés, Agustín “El Chereje” García Reyes and Patricio “El Pato” Reyes.

Three others are still wanted by the PGR, which has offered rewards of 1.5 million pesos for each of them. They are José Angel “El Mochomo” Casarrubias Salgado, Miguel “El Pajarraco” Miranda Pantoja and José Ulises Bernabé García.

Federal authorities believe Sandoval was one of the last people to have contact with the missing students. At the time of their disappearance he had a direct relationship with the mayor of Iguala, who has been accused of ordering municipal police to round them up and turn them over to the Guerreros Unidos.

The gang is believed to have killed them and burned the bodies.

Source: El Universal (sp), La Silla Rota (sp)

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  • Güerito

    The only problem is that it’s been proven that the students were not burned at the Cocula dump that night. This is just another in a long line of suspects who were either bought off or tortured into confessing to the disproven “official story” being put out by the federal government.

  • Lee Cadaver

    chivos expiatorios….while I am pretty sure these guys are creeps and have done heinous things, surely they did not pull this off alone…also, wtf?, 3 years and still no answers….they have to stall til Peña gets out of office

  • DreadFool

    it’s time for Uganda to invade Mexico and install a functioning justice system

  • WestCoastHwy

    Sure: after being beaten for days, water boarded, electrocuted via the gonads, and a gun pointed at his head, Erick Uriel Sandoval Rodríguez would say he killed Kennedy!

  • Güerito

    New report published today by the UN Office of the High Commissioner on Human Rights:


    “Based on the analysis of the cases of 34 individuals (33 men and one woman) prosecuted in the
    case, OHCHR has solid grounds to believe that torture was committed against them, as well as
    other human rights violations, between September 2014 and January 2016. The judicial records
    provide ample evidence of these alleged human rights violations. In all the cases analysed by
    OHCHR, the individuals presented numerous physical injuries, certified by medical
    examinations, which are consistent with injuries resulting from torture. The findings following
    the reviews of the judicial records corroborate the statements of the 34 detainees interviewed by

    The forms of torture identified by OHCHR are consistent with those reported for years by other
    international bodies in relation to Mexico, namely beatings, kicks, electric shocks, blindfolding,
    attempted asphyxia, sexual assault and various forms of psychological torture. In several cases,
    detainees were threatened that their female relatives would be raped.”