Camera in Mexico City picks up an object entering the atmosphere Camera in Mexico City picks up an object entering the atmosphere. webcams de méxico

Ball of fire, explosion witnessed in 3 states

There is speculation that a meteorite landed last night in Puebla

A brilliant flash of light followed by an explosion early this morning have led observers to conclude that a meteorite has fallen somewhere in the state of Puebla.

Photos and videos in which a bright object is seen in the sky began appearing on social media just before 2:00am. Video cameras operated by Webcams de México picked up the object itself from two locations in Mexico City as it entered the Earth’s atmosphere.

Cameras in Puebla and Tlaxcala showed the intensity of the bright light as the object passed by.

One Twitter user reported that 20 seconds after seeing a ball of fire in the sky over Puebla there was a strong explosion.

The state’s Civil Protection office said this morning it is working with firefighters in several areas of the state to determine whether it was indeed a meteorite that landed.

The Puebla Astronomical Society weighed in on Twitter by observing that the loud explosion heard by people in Mexico City, Puebla and Tlaxcala didn’t necessarily mean it was a meteorite that had landed on Earth.

The society said it was more likely a meteor that exploded in the atmosphere.

Puebla Civil Protection director Fernando Estrella ruled out the suggestion that the explosion might have come from the volcano Popocatépetl.

Source: El Sol de México (sp)

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