The clown, the song-and-dance man and Batman. The clown, the song-and-dance man and Batman.

Batman and friends: all three lost election

Some of the candidates who brought some levity to the 2015 elections

The June 7 election campaign will be remembered not just for the violence that accompanied it, but levity, too, although some might prefer to call it foolishness.

Some of those campaigns were covered in these pages: the singing prospective deputy with the funny boots, the clown in Guadalajara and Batman. So where are they now?

The mayor of San Diego de la Unión, Guanajuato, was a National Action Party candidate for federal deputy who used a song-and-dance routine to try to win over voters. Diego Leyva Merino, described by one social media commentator as a dumbass, failed to win election, but did garner an impressive 39% of the vote.

The Institutional Revolutionary-Green Ecologist candidate won the seat with 40%, a difference of only 800 votes.

Leyva Merino’s music video, which reportedly went viral, shows him and his supporters moving to the cumbia-based musical genre known as trival.

In Guadalajara, the clown known as Lagrimita (Tearful would be a close approximation in English) had a dismal showing in his bid for mayor. However, his candidacy was approved by a court ruling just days before the vote so he didn’t have much chance for campaigning.

Guillermo Cienfuegos filed papers to run as an independent, but election authorities ruled they contained some deficiencies. They did so, however, without advising the prospective candidate. That, said the federal electoral court, violated his rights.

The mayoral hopeful only picked up 4,264 votes, or 0.7% of the total. (This despite having gathered more than 20,000 signatures from citizens who signed his nomination papers.)

Cienfuegos’ campaign was costly for taxpayers, who had to pay over 2 million pesos to have ballots reprinted with his name on them, and fork out 75,000 pesos for campaign expenses.

Batman, meanwhile, was one of the more than 100 federal deputies who took a leave of absence to seek election for a different post, and was among 29 who lost and will return to the lower house of Congress.

Valentín González Bautista ran under the Citizens’ Movement party banner for mayor of Nezahualcóyotl in the State of México. Wanting to come across as a crimefighter he campaigned in a replica of the Batmobile used in the Batman television series.

The vehicle drew plenty of attention but not enough votes to win the mayor’s office.

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