BBC debate comes to Mexico this week

Tomorrow's English-language event will be aired Saturday and be available online

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) will take its World Questions series to Mexico City tomorrow, co-sponsoring an English-language debate on the country’s political and economic future.


The international series, which allows the public to question politicians, leaders and opinion formers directly, will focus on the upcoming presidential election, the future of the North American Free Trade Agreement and the challenges of inequality, corruption and violence.

The debate will be led by BBC Radio host Jonathan Dimbleby, who will be joined by a panel of four leading politicians and thinkers who will be taking questions from the audience.

Panelists are Denise Dresser, writer and academic; Valeria Moy Campos, economist; Senator Armando Ríos Piter, independent presidential candidate and Andrés Rozental Gutman, former diplomat and undersecretary of foreign affairs.

Mary Hockaday of BBC World Service English said it was “an exciting time to bring BBC World Questions to Mexico as the country starts gearing up for next year’s elections . . . this is a chance for the audience to put their questions to a panel of Mexican politicians, thinkers and opinion formers, and have their voices heard across the globe.”

Kevin Mackenzie of the British Council, which is co-sponsoring the event, described the debate as an opportunity to understand and discuss the current issues the country faces ahead of interesting challenges.

The World Questions: Mexico City episode will be held tomorrow at the Museum of Memory and Tolerance, beginning at 6:30pm.

The debate will air on the BBC World Service on Saturday at 1:06pm GMT. It will also be available for on-demand listening through the BBC’s World Service Radio website.

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  • From South of the Border

    If anyone in Mexico has seen the regular in Britain weekly Question time BBC show you know that this world Question time show will be leftist and it will be a forum for left wing supports of AMLO to go off and attack the other parties. If I’m not mistaken it will also, devolve into an anti-Trump rally as well. The BBC is so left wing you wouldn’t even be able to see the BBC with a high powered telescope, but bring it on Trump could care less what the BBC or its panelists have to say and as far as AMLO goes elect him and the International companies will start leaving the day after the election! Don’t worry about Trump or the U.S. elect AMLO and jobs will flow north even faster than expected!

    • Jason Knight

      This is an interesting perspective on a corporation who have been widely criticised within the UK for being pro-(the right-wing) current government and anti-socialist Jeremy Corbyn.

  • Patricia Dolan

    To spread their propaganda…….no thanks.

  • smacarol

    Let’s hope it “devolves into an anti-Trump rally”. That cruel, lying thug has no place in Mexico or the US.

    • From South of the Border

      Hi Smacarol, Like I said, before, let it, become a anti-Trump rally go and join it. It doesn’t matter Trump could careless about a group of left wing nut jobs who live in their own universe where up is down and down is up. Get used to Trump he won’t be leaving the White House until Noon time January 20, 2025. You’ll just have to put up with him as I and others had to put up with Obummer for 8 years! Good Luck..NOT!!

      • smacarol

        I’d like to reply to the reply I got, but it doesn’t seem possible, even though I did click where you told me to. I wanted to reply, “God forbid.” Simple, huh?

        • From South of the Border

          Hi Smacarol, The funny thing is G-d is probably the one who actually put him in the White House in the first place and is laughing at left wing nuts and enjoying your funny show!!