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Bodies found are those of missing 4

3 Americans and 1 Mexican were abducted near Matamoros two weeks ago

Authorities in Tamaulipas have confirmed that four bodies found yesterday near Matamoros are those of three Americans and a Mexican who have been missing since October 13.

The state governor and chief prosecutor made the announcement today based on an identification by the father of the three Americans and the mother of the Mexican citizen.

Erica Alvarado Rivera, 26, her brothers Alex, 22, and José Angel, 21, and her Mexican boyfriend, José Guadalupe Castaneda Benitez, 32, were detained in the town of El Control, after the three siblings had crossed the border to visit their father.

Witnesses say they were taken away by members of the Grupo Hércules tactical police squad.

The bodies, badly decomposed, were discovered yesterday; each was reported to have a bullet wound in the head.

Erica Alvarado leaves four children aged between three and nine. “They were good kids,” said their aunt, Nohemi González. “I don’t know why they did that to them.”

The mother of the siblings has accused the mayor of the municipality of Matamoros of being involved in the abduction.

Source: ABC News (en)

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