Forensic officials dig up a body in Morelos. Forensic officials dig up a body in Morelos.

Bodies of missing turn up at Morelos morgue

While families had searched for their loved ones the state had them

Search efforts by the families of two missing persons in Morelos came to an end this week when they located the remains of their loved ones: the authorities had had them.

Neyda Lucía Salas Díaz’s family had been looking for her since she disappeared in February 2016, in Jiutepec. Now it turns out her unidentified body was found by the Cuautla office of the state Attorney General’s office in June of that year.

The same office found the body of Jesús González Maldonado six months after he disappeared in March 2014.

“He spent three years in a corner of the Medical Forensic Service, inside a black plastic bag. His family suffered for three years during a fruitless and anguishing search . . .” an advocacy group representative told the newspaper Reforma.

The Victims and Injured Parties of Morelos had lots of questions this week.

“What’s happening with the Attorney General’s office at Cuautla? What’s the use of having homologated identification protocols for unidentified persons? Where are they failing? In the DNA sampling process? At the head of the Cuautla AG’s office or at the Medical Forensic Service?” the organization asked.

In a statement it demanded that the state follow all protocols in the handling of the bodies by the forensic medical service. “The disappearance of citizens becomes forced disappearance thanks to the inaction and negligence of the authorities, who do not look for them . . .” it said, warning it was a crime that has no statute of limitations.

Teresa Ulloa, regional coordinator of the Coalition against Trafficking of Women and Children in Latin America and the Caribbean, believes that the officials responsible for the mishandling of human remains should be punished and disqualified to serve as public officials.

“Something’s happening in that regional Attorney General’s office, and we’re demanding the immediate intervention of the authorities, of Governor Graco Ramírez, if he’s interested, and of the Secretariat of Interior and the Attorney General,” said Ulloa.

Source: Reforma (sp)

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