Emergency personnel retrieve a body hanging from a bridge this morning. Emergency personnel retrieve a body hanging from a bridge this morning.

Bodies of six found hanging from bridges

A grisly start to the day in La Paz and Los Cabos

With crime gang violence having soared in Baja California Sur perhaps it was just a matter of time before cities like La Paz woke up to bodies hanging from bridges.

That’s what happened this morning, but not just in La Paz, where the bodies of two men were found hanging from an overpass on the highway to the airport.

The same grisly scene greeted residents of Los Cabos: two bodies hanging from the overpass on the highway at Misiones in Cabo San Lucas and two more from another on the highway to the airport in San José del Cabo. All were men.

Narcomantas, or narco signs, found with the bodies proclaimed the killings were the work of the Guzmanes and Tegoripeños gang, whose signs have been popping up frequently in the region during the last two months.

It read: “You assholes didn’t believe it. This is what will happen to anyone who does not fall into line with us. It has been made more than clear that we hold all the power and that Baja north and south are ours. Hahahaha.”

It was the first time in the state’s history that bodies had been hung from bridges by criminal gangs. At the height of the drug war it was a common custom in several other states.

There were 451 murders in Baja California Sur in the first nine months of the year, making it the most violent year on record. The cause of the violence is a territorial war between the Sinaloa Cartel and the Jalisco New Generation Cartel.

The former is presumably linked to the Guzmanes and Tegoripeños, which has claimed responsibility for the assassination of the state’s human rights ombudsman on November 20.

Source: BCS Noticias (sp), El Independiente (sp)

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