Emergency personnel retrieve a body hanging from a bridge this morning. Emergency personnel retrieve a body hanging from a bridge this morning.

Bodies of six found hanging from bridges

A grisly start to the day in La Paz and Los Cabos

With crime gang violence having soared in Baja California Sur perhaps it was just a matter of time before cities like La Paz woke up to bodies hanging from bridges.


That’s what happened this morning, but not just in La Paz, where the bodies of two men were found hanging from an overpass on the highway to the airport.

The same grisly scene greeted residents of Los Cabos: two bodies hanging from the overpass on the highway at Misiones in Cabo San Lucas and two more from another on the highway to the airport in San José del Cabo. All were men.

Narcomantas, or narco signs, found with the bodies proclaimed the killings were the work of the Guzmanes and Tegoripeños gang, whose signs have been popping up frequently in the region during the last two months.

It read: “You assholes didn’t believe it. This is what will happen to anyone who does not fall into line with us. It has been made more than clear that we hold all the power and that Baja north and south are ours. Hahahaha.”

It was the first time in the state’s history that bodies had been hung from bridges by criminal gangs. At the height of the drug war it was a common custom in several other states.

There were 451 murders in Baja California Sur in the first nine months of the year, making it the most violent year on record. The cause of the violence is a territorial war between the Sinaloa Cartel and the Jalisco New Generation Cartel.

The former is presumably linked to the Guzmanes and Tegoripeños, which has claimed responsibility for the assassination of the state’s human rights ombudsman on November 20.

Source: BCS Noticias (sp), El Independiente (sp)

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  • Mason

    This should help the tourist industry recover. lol

  • BB

    I would really like to visit the west coast, but this violence is a big deterrent. I think I’ll stick with Quintana Roo and Yucatan in the meantime.

    • David Nichols

      Yeah, like there s no drug violence in QR…!
      And not everybody shot in the bars @ playa DEL Carmen was, or is, a narco…some are just tourists, not unlike BB…

  • spritrig

    Please stop buying drugs.

    • DreadFool

      that’s a great Pepsi commercial!


      Please stop the pointless war on drugs.

      • spritrig

        This was not a killing of police or military. This is one cartel killing the dealers of another cartel. I live where this happened.
        In 1969 the police were outgunned and getting shot up in Acapulco.
        The USA and Britain were engaged in wars for opium. The people in the business are killers. Buying drugs provides revenue for killers.

        • ERIC HUBBARD

          I disagree. This is the result of Thatcharism and Nancy Reagan’s “just say no” policy, and to a more recent analysis Jeff Sessions hard line stance and more difficulty is securing said contraband. It’s a simple supply and demand issue. Flood the supply and drive down the price and there’s not enough revenue to justify these killings and violence for pennies. The same reason Colorado has less crime and a drop off of heroin addiction by 25% by legalization. Making it more illegal only drives the price highest and makes the risk more enticing for more profit.

          • spritrig

            What you are talking about in Colorado is stopping revenue to foreign drug cartels.

          • Tokkenn

            So drugs weren’t illegal before Reagan? Who knew?

  • Gunther421

    Its okay. The tourist bureau announced they had installed more surveillance cameras.

  • Spysea

    murder is inherent in the Mexican culture , like tequila, tacos and big families …..

    • Cool Hand Luke

      Would that be like the US’s wild west and gun violence that has plagued it since its inception?
      One could easily say, “murder is inherent in the American culture”.

      • Jeff Swanson

        whooa fool, they are NOT hanging anyone from bridges in the USA, they did not find 47 headless bodies on the freeway there one morning, that TOO was MEXICO! They did not find 40 people dead there either, they did not find a 14 and 15 year old girl hung by piano wire, all Hecho en Mexico!
        The gun violence in Mexico is now worse than a war zone as has been reported.
        Murder IS NOT inherent in US culture, but it sure as hell is with the Mexican people, AND THEIR CULTURE!
        One person is now MURDERED in Mexico with a gun every 15 or so minutes, compare that with WHAT? The USA HELL NO!

      • Tokkenn

        Such a simpleton’s view of the United States. If you took out the gangs in Chicago, LA,and Baltimore we would have one of the lowest murder (by gun) rates in the world.

        • Cool Hand Luke

          If you took out the cartel, Mexico’s murder rate would be negligent.
          Or as we used to say “if the queen had ba–s she would be a king”.

          • Tokkenn

            The cartel is all but condoned by the mexican government. The criminals in Chicago, Baltimore and LA are not condoned by the United States government.

  • Maximus Montes

    If you dont mind dead people hanging around. Mexico is pretty safe for people (mexican or other)not selling or buying illegal drugs.

    • powell789

      so true. Don’t mix with the drugs in Mexico, you won’t get hurt.

  • Maximus Montes

    If you dont mind dead people hanging around. Mexico is a pretty safe place for ALL to visit and live. Been living here in TJ for 12 years. All good. I hear Madera Ca. is pretty dangerous.

  • Tokkenn

    Ah yes, The Huffington POS. Nice propaganda site. Do those numbers happen to mention where those gun deaths are taking place and who is killing who?

    • Sheila MacDonald

      It didn’t say “murders”. Some are accidental, by kids or others, some are surely suicides.

  • disqus_4WP0qnPSXG

    legalization would solve many of the problems associated with drugs…if you want to use,USE…pay for the drug like buying cigarettes…the violence is because of the unregulated sale and use….you want to get high ? Fine..a personal choice…the violence would not be happening…think abour it rationally…NOT emotionally

  • David Nichols

    When you are reduced to quoting HufPo, you’ve already lost…

  • David Nichols

    Eric, I guess you must be talking about officially reported crimes, like a central source that receives solid data on every crime in Mexico…??
    Of course we both know such a reliable source does not exist in Mexico, and the numbers proffered by the government are laughably incomplete…
    BTW, how about comparing the clearance rate on homicides in Mexico vs the USA…?
    Before you assume, I am married to a Mexican woman, have two children with her and have lived in Mexico full time since 1993… So I am plugged in to the culture and aware of the crime around us…

  • michael grosser

    I live in La Paz, it’s a great place to hang out with your friends, or later at night you can go out and really swing.
    Viva Mexico, Cabrones!!!!

  • Jeff Swanson

    Right here on MND, go back a few stories, there is now a GUN MURDER , every 15 minutes in Mexico, not this BS lumped number you all always cite of 36 gun deaths in the US per day, of which all are suicides, accidents, separate off actual homicides and murderers , then do the math by population Mex vs the USA, then say the US is worse in “Gun Violence” or whatever you want to call it this week! You will have the per capita #, if you understand it.

    • Cool Hand Luke

      One question: Are they dying by means of a gun?
      My view, any death by a gun is a violent act, whether a suicide or an accident – they’re still dead. When your brains or guts are scattered all over the place, that is a very violent end to a life.

  • Jeff Swanson

    there are NOT 36 GUN MURDERS a day in the US OR anywhere in the world but Mexico, Mexico now at one gun murder every 15 minutes, compare USA population with the population of Mexico, and use ONLY actual gun murders, homicides in each case, THEN come back and talk about the US when you have ACCURATE numbers1 60% of what you report in the uS is suicides involving a gun, would make my life easier and your simple math better if they just jumped off a bridge! WHICH is what they would do sans a gun!