Adame: kidnapped in May. Adame: kidnapped in May.

Body identified as kidnapped journalist

Information given by suspected gang member led to the body's discovery

A burned body found under a bridge on a rural highway in Michoacán has been identified as that of a journalist who was kidnapped over a month ago.


Salvador Adame, owner and founder of a television station in Nueva Italia, becomes the seventh journalist killed so far this year.

State Attorney General José Martín Godoy Castro told a press conference this morning that the remains were located June 14 based on evidence given by a presumed member of the Caballeros Templarios gang.

Daniel Rubio Ruiz was captured last Wednesday in Parácuaro along with the gang’s presumed leader, Ignacio Rentería Andrade.

Rubio was a cousin of the missing journalist, who was raised by Rubio’s mother. Upon learning of his cousin’s disappearance, Rubio approached the leader of a criminal group operating in the Tierra Caliente region and asked him what he knew about it.

“El Chango Peña” told him where he could find the body.

The Attorney General said it appeared there were personal issues between the gang boss and Adame, who was kidnapped May 18.

His remains were found June 14 at a location known as Barranca del Diablo on the highway between Nueva Italia and Lombardía in the municipality of Gabriel Zamora. The identification was made with DNA tests.

Source: El País (sp), Milenio (sp)

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  • Güerito

    The “FLR” identified in the Milenio article is Feliciano Ledezma Ramírez.

    His brother is Raúl Alejandro Ledezma Ramírez, identified as “Raúl Alejandro L.” in the links in this MND post from last year:

  • Alter Boy Villegas

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    • Charliej

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      • Alter Boy Villegas

        With that type of language I am guessing that you Mother was not very proud of you or your school grades. Now young man you go home and apologize to your mother if you know who she is or have one.

  • Güerito

    This morning the family of the murdered journalist strongly rejected the allegations that his killing was related to a “personal dispute” with his killers. They also called for a separate DNA test, since they don’t trust the results obtained by the state government.