Trump: Mexico has taken advantage of U.S. Trump: Mexico has taken advantage of U.S.

Border wall to begin next week, says Trump

Manufacturers who move south will have to contend with a border wall and a big tax

United States president-elect Donald Trump told a press conference this morning that construction of a wall on the Mexican border will begin as soon as he takes office next week.


And he repeated his stand that Mexico will pay for the wall.

Trump said in response to a question that Mexico “in some form, and there are many different forms, will reimburse us . . . . That will happen, whether it’s a tax or whether it’s a payment — probably less likely that it’s a payment. But it will happen.”

He said the wall could wait a year and a half “until we finish our negotiations with Mexico . . . but I don’t want to wait.”

He added that he expected to “make a deal” with Mexico in less than a year and half but did not offer any details about that deal might entail.

Trump also spoke warmly of Mexico, its government and its people but observed that Mexico had taken advantage of the U.S.

“And by the way, Mexico has been so nice, so nice. I respect the government of Mexico. I respect the people of Mexico. I love the people of Mexico. I have many people from Mexico working for me. They’re phenomenal people.


“The government of Mexico is terrific. I don’t blame them for what’s happened. I don’t blame them for taking advantage of the United States. I wish our politicians were so smart.

“Mexico has taken advantage of the United States. I don’t blame the representatives and various presidents, et cetera, of Mexico. What I say is we shouldn’t have allowed that to happen. It’s not going to happen anymore.”

Trump said Vice-president Mike Pence is leading an effort to get the approval of various agencies for the border wall and get it through Congress.

The president-elect also used the conference to express appreciation to Ford Motor Company and Fiat Chrysler for the companies’ recent announcements of new investments in automotive plants in the U.S.

Ford’s announcement came with the news that it was killing a billion-dollar assembly plant in San Luis Potosí.

Trump predicted that more industries “are going to be coming back,” citing the pharmaceutical industry as one, and said “the word is now out that when you want to move your plant to Mexico or some other place and you want to fire all your workers from Michigan and Ohio . . . [it’s] not going to happen that way anymore.”

Manufacturers that do go south to Mexico will have “a very strong border” to contend with, and “a very large border tax.”

“There will be a major border tax on these companies that are leaving and getting away with murder.”

Anticipation over what the press conference might hold sent the peso to a new historic low yesterday. It set another record low during the conference, reaching 21.87 to the dollar at its conclusion.

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  • K. Chris C.

    When I tripped through Checkpoint Charlie in the 80s, never did I suspect that such a thing would be imposed on America and Americans.

    You catch a free people by providing tantalizing lies that appeal to their pride and prejudices. The free people believe it and nourish their self-worth with the lies they are being fed.

    When the free people are comfortable enough with the lies, government erects speech and civil rights controls on the people, but not themselves. The free people are concerned, but quickly return to nourishing their souls and egos with the lies.

    The government then erects the monitoring of the free people; Monitoring only those that would cause the free people harm the government’s lie goes. The free people have concerns, but their souls and egos now require the sustenance of the lies.

    Soon the government erects laws and “wars” pertaining to what the free people may consume, and how the free people may hold and spend their earnings and wealth. The free people, now with souls and egos fattened by lies, are unconcerned.

    Then one day the government erects a fence backed by a tasty lie about keeping others out; Others that the free people have been told are responsible for ruining the free people’s economy. Their souls and egos so fattened from the consumption of lies, the free people don’t take any notice that a fourth control erected around them
    constitutes a pen.

    The free people are now little more than caught pigs fat for slaughter.

    An American citizen, not US subject.

    • iskinder

      subject: bring (a person or country) under one’s control or jurisdiction, typically by using force.

    • Henry Wilson

      and you are totally nuts. so what’s your point?

    • Another Commenter

      You’re lying. Americans will not have to pass through “Checkpoint Charlie”. You’ll be free to go to Mexico whenever you like. Feel free to stay there.

      • K. Chris C.

        Sometime after the 9/11 treason and farce, the US tyranny instituted the need for US subjects to present a passport to reenter the US. Quick like the US tyranny, in various ways, began to prevent leaving their jurisdiction without a “valid” passport. Then, fence segment three of four, the US began to invalidate, or refuse the issue of, passports to those they deemed/labeled as not having paid enough loot–taxes–to them. No due process, no trial, just “no travel for you” (Soon they will do the same to those they label as “terrorists”).

        Now they are building a border fence to ostensibly keep out the poor foreign working class that they conveniently label as the saboteurs of our economy; As the Khazarian Federal Reserve grift machine and fifth-column that controls the US tyranny could never have anything to do with destroying our economy?! Right?!

        One should also keep in mind the knowledge that if the US tyranny really wanted to keep people out, they could have easily done so with a modicum of effort on the border, and with deportations. As many know, the US tyranny chose not to do so–deliberately, so as to garner American support for a fence to keep them in.

        Sidenote: Khazarian controlled East Germany (Notables: Markus Wolf and Albert Norden) erected their fence and wall to keep people OUT as well, and then proceeded to shoot East Germans who tried to traverse them to the West.

        “Those that don’t know history are doomed to have it repeated on them.”

        An American citizen, not US subject.

        • Aaron King

          You’re a fucking DUNCE

        • Anthony Tellier

          No passport needed to cross into AZ or CA from Sonora or Baja … US state-issued DL works just fine.

      • Henry Wilson

        if that dude is not in an institution for the total fruitcakes….he should be.

        • David Procter

          We are certain that you know all about institutions for fruitcakes, fruitcake.

    • Aaron King

      You stupid fuck.

      Nearly every nation on the planet has walls/fences/barriers protecting their borders. Now we will have one. And you can stuck it up your ASS.

      • Christine Hewison

        You must be kidding me, there are no walls in England between, Wales, Scotland and in Ireland, no wall between Northern and southern. Also driving through France to Spain, Portugal Italy etc. I have never had to cross a fence, wall or any other deterrent. Even the Berlin wall was removed many years ago between East and West Germany……..Get a grip, get a life and read some history, and actual facts all available on the internet which you apparently know how to use, Maybe!

  • Henry Wilson

    trump is being too nice to the mexican government. they have been essentially bussing their unemployables to the border to keep a lid on their unemployment rate for decades. the usa finally has a president who says in effect “i don’t blame you for convincing us to bend over for you for years…..but enough is enough.”

    • Terrible One

      Low information people with big mouths like yourself are the reason why a russian useful idiot conman got elected.
      Many of the people immigrating from the south are not even coming from Mexico, but I don’t expect someone as hateful as yourself to care, brown is brown to you.

      • Henry Wilson

        ohh…excuse me! you are right! i should also have included most governments of latin america in the “dump ’em on the stupid gringos” policy. i amend my comment to be more inclusive accordingly. thank you….numbnut.

      • Aaron King

        The low information folks you speak of are the ones that got their asses handed to them this election cycle. Democrat power at the federal, state, and local levels has been declining for many years.

        Starting next week, it will be America, and Americans first. Suck on that for awhile bitch

        • David Procter

          You are an ignorant person. All the signs are there about Trump – lying, fake news, narcissism. He will sully the office of the presidency for decades to come. America is going to rue the day that they elected him; it has started already.

    • David Procter

      You don’t know what you are talking about. Best to keep your mouth shut because you have removed all doubt as to your ignorance.

      • Henry Wilson

        wow…i guess that says it all huh? get lost, goofball.

        • David Procter

          You’re already lost, bunkie. You’re a proud member of the “Lost Generation”. How does living in Mommy’s basement work out for you?

          • Henry Wilson

            lol! pathetic……truly pathetic.

          • David Procter

            Living in your mommy’s basement IS truly pathetic. First thing you’re right about. Does she tuck you in at night?

          • Henry Wilson

            how old are you? yeah that’s what i thought. a punk troll.

          • David Procter

            Stupid boy. Let’s put it this way: I am old enough to remember watching the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II on television. Time to run to Google. Get a life, dwarf, and stop making a nuisance of yourself.

          • Henry Wilson

            wow….an adult according to years…that really disqualifies you from having any form of excuse for being totally brain dead.

          • David Procter

            Well, you see, bunkie, that’s where you’re left out in the cold and sooooo cerebrally inferior considering that I have an MA in political science and a doctorate, too. I am published, as well. Don’t believe me? Here’s just one of my publications: Don’t cry, silly boy. How does it feel to live in the left tail of the bell-shaped curve?

          • Henry Wilson

            just more proof the old saying is true: “no fool like an educated fool.”

          • David Procter

            That’s the favorite saying of “FLUNKIES”. We know this thanks to the Dunning-Kruger Effect. (Watch the boy scramble now)

          • Henry Wilson

            get mental help , numbnut.

          • David Procter

            Too late, bunkie. Been there, done that. I am a Vietnam veteran and had a rough time of it. Good mental health counseling has helped me tremendously. Hooray for the VA.

          • Henry Wilson

            that explains everything.

          • David Procter

            Only in your puny, uneducated mind, Skippy.

  • Terrible One

    The American taxpayers will end up paying for his trashy idea. Meanwhile, he pays no taxes because he was such a failure in the past.

    • Aaron King

      Another clueless, batshit liberal chimes in. It is going to be a long 16yrs for you buddy….

  • jdwfinger

    The question that is never asked is why Mexico can not take care of its people. Is it because EVERYONE takes bribes and steals, from the police that do this every day to anyone in any type of control. The next question is WHY do the Mexican let this happen. They are as their betters say peons and sheep that willingly take what they get. The problem is not Trump that wants to put America first, it is the MEXICANS that allow themselves to be slaves for over 200 years

  • alance
  • American Tax Payer

    Mexico will indeed, pay for that wall. Whether the hispanics squatting in America get their property and remittances confiscated and/or hispanics are deported, either way, that wall will be paid for by hispanics.

    • Charliej

      Fuck you, moron. You Trump supporters are the dumbest bastards in the world. That confederate flag avatar shows you to be a traitor too.

    • Becky Milward

      You—you sonofabitch…you are probably living in the deep south with all your hostilities and predjudices firmly in tact. You have probably never ventured outside your own closeted, racist state. Until you do so…until you see how other countries live, how they self-govern, how they respect their own cultures…you—you fricking, redneck moron—will never be capable of a world view. You will never appreciate an educated opinion; you will never have a viewpoint that differs from that narrow sliver that is your life; you will continue to judge those who look or sound different than you; and you will die without ever knowing the beauty of diversity, other cultures, or the enlightment one feels when one experiences life outside their comfort zone. I feel sorry for you and your kind. I grew up around your kind. Thank God I escaped that provencial, bigoted life. Thank God I live in Mexico.

      • American Tax Payer

        Gee, where to begin….

        Explain to me why you think Americans are obligated to give their Country to non-whites?

        You say other countries “respect their own cultures” yet you call me a racist for wanting to preserve my own. Why the double standard?

        world view – No, I do not have a “world view” because I am not a citizen of the world. I’m American and The American Way is the only view I want and need to have.

        Regarding the rest of your post: No, I do not want nor appreciate “diversity”, I mean, White Genocide. What you need to understand is that The West, ya know, America and Europe and this Western Civilization, ya know, all those things you take for granted like that computer you’re using right now and the electricity it uses and the car you drive and the phone you talk on and the toilet you sit on for a few examples, are all a part of Western, I mean, WHITE Civilization,

        what you need to understand is that YOU are NOT ENTITLED to be in The West and it is YOU who is the GUEST and a stinky one at that. It’s time to take yourself and your welfare dependent brood back to the third world hole from whence you crawled.

        Before you go, tell me please, why do you non-whites flee from your own non-white countries and fight so hard to live among us damned racist whites for anyway?

      • ben

        dont patronize people. btw, the 3rd world is not heaven.

    • Wally Wally

      (Because Amren has banned me from commenting, for some odd reason, I’m forced to respond here to a comment you made for the following amren article:chicago police regularly engage excessive force says loretta lynch)

      You said:

      There is not one single word in this whole steaming heaping pile about WHY the blacks were being pulled over or questioned or chased by the police.

      Have you read the DOJ report yet? If not, does it make sense to you that reading the report before passing judgment on it is the proper and most effective sequence of events?

  • Patricia

    Bully Trump at his best. He and his supporters will learn that you cannot bully your way through this world. There are some things that he could be good at if he will lay off the attitude. Buy the fear is he will do a lot more harm than good ..

    • GOPerson

      If being a bully does not work, the Democrats would have stopped decades ago. But that has been their modus operandi. And that is way they are in such a tizzy. It won’t work on Trump as he gives as good as he gets.

  • Robin Sonn

    What part of this does the Mexican government not get. Trump doesn’t mean by direct payment. Are they that stupid, YES. Look they cant even clean the water for safe consumption and its 2017. Mexico will pay by a variety of taxes imposed on their imports to the US and the money transfer fees to send money back to Mexico. Man what is there not to understand. Pretty simple.

    • David Procter

      Moving the goal posts. Also, it is tit for tat. Mexico may just order guards/military on its southern border to take long siestas while undesirables and terrorists sneak into the country to travel to the USA. Think very carefully about it.

    • jessie

      Lol go back to school you stupid Nazi gringo

  • Happygirl

    A strange thing happened this morning, a nicely dressed Mexican woman we had never seen before stopped by our house to asked us if we were American or Canadian (we thought she was Jehovah Witness at first). We are Canadians. Don’t want to be scaremongering but I have a feeling Americans and Canadians (we all look alike after all) are about to feel the wrath of the Mexican people. They are very angry at President Enrique Peña Nieto right now for his handling of Trump, the rising prices on everything and the devaluation of the peso which they all blame on Trump and the USA. They don’t see the USA as a friend anymore and rightfully so. He’s going to rip up the Free Trade agreement, build a wall, deport illegal aliens, tax money sent home by said illegals and expatriates living here, stop all manufacturing by American firms in Mexico. You might just want to have a ditch bag and emergency plans ready…keep your head down…it’s about to get bumpy.

    • Güerito

      You’re seriously misreading the Mexican people. They’re not dumb.

      They know Mexican politicians are the problem.

      BTW: A good rule in Mexico – Never open your door unless you know who’s knocking.

    • David Procter

      The devaluing peso (against the dollar) has little effect on the average Mexican who subsides on the local economy. Also, U.S. dollars go much further now, so we are seeing an increase in tourism. More tourists, more spending.

  • Happygirl

    Hubby just asked me to add.. that as America destroys the Mexican economy, Mexicans and South Americans will come flooding across the border anyway they can…wall or no wall. They will dig tunnels, take to boats, fly in on forged documents, steal away in cars and trucks. What are you going to do shoot them? The world press will have a field day. The best thing to do is ensure that Mexico does well, which is what the American government has been doing. The number of illegal aliens has dropped dramatically over the last few years and Mexicans have been returning home in droves. It is not illegal Mexicans who have taken your jobs …it is a Republican lie.

    • Güerito

      Illegal border crossings are rising. About 800,000 captures last year, up from 2014 and 2015. Mexicans represent half of those detained – hundreds of thousands of Mexicans are still crossing illegally every year.

      • David Procter

        “Furthermore, more Mexican immigrants have returned to Mexico than have migrated to the United States since the end of the 2007-2009 Great Recession, according to a recent report from Pew Research Center.”

        • Güerito

          The much touted Pew Research study that came out in the Fall of 2015 only covered data through mid-2014.

          There’s an abundance of data showing that illegal crossings, both Mexicans and non-Mexicans, has increased sharply since then, as I state above hundreds of thousands of Mexican citizens are currently attempting to enter the US illegally every year – right now.

          The 2015 (or 2014) Pew Research Study included deportations in their calculation for Mexican “returning home.” They go on to speculate that increased job opportunities in Mexico, and the lack thereof in the US, might have caused this. Again, not if they were deported. And these were millions.

          By around 2012-13 the job picture had improved in the US, with increasing signs of a Mexico stagnating, at best.

          In summary, if Mexicans were ever voluntarily returning to the US for economic reasons, it was for a very short period of time, and even those figures are skewed by deportations.

          This should not be surprising because there are number of studies showing the Mexican economy is not creating sufficient jobs for young people entering the workforce, let alone returning paisanos. Mexicans have always returned to Mexico to retire. That will never change.

          And the data continues to show large scale migration to the US.

          Links showing arrest numbers and the surges at the border late 2014-current are voluminous. And for all the talk about non-Mexicans, Mexicans remain around half of those arrested.

          • David Procter

            What is the purpose of the cockroach? Do you look down on others? Anyway, nobody is denying that there is illegal immigration,but what’s more, illegal immigrants are appreciated because they do the dirty work that nobody else will do at below minimum wage. Trump’s wall isn’t going to make one bit of difference security-wise. If you know the Mexicans like I know them, they will always find a way.

          • Güerito

            It’s a cricket. Cockroaches don’t chirp.

            I’m glad you agree that illegal immigrants are still arriving in the US in large numbers from all over the world, including Mexico. The Pew Study, which I demonstrate is dated and flawed, was used by many during the campaign to deny that illegal immigration from Mexico was still occurring. To the extent they did that, they were reporting Fake News.

          • David Procter

            I am retired and have lived near Ensenada, Baja, for sixteen years. I personally think it is best not to criticize my hosts too much, and there is much to criticize. But you know the saying: “Mexico, so near to the USA yet so far from God.”

        • Güerito
        • Güerito
    • 101st

      “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.” I read a few days ago that Carlos Slim might run
      next election (in Mexico). Sounds crazy, but like the US, the enema is long overdue.

    • Connie Beswick

      Not only that they will have Americans bring them across !

  • Walter James Murray

    If the wall were to be built on the Mexican side of the border, then the problem would be solved, as the building of it would need thousands of Mexican laborers and no need for them to go north to earn money. Trump should pay their wages.

    • 101st

      Problem solved.

  • Güerito

    He’s dead wrong when he says “the government of Mexico is terrific.”

    Hopelessly naive.

    • 101st

      You’re correct, with regards to Mexico’s govt., but this is how Trump ‘negotiates’.

  • David Procter

    Where do you think the wall will go? On the Mexican side? Not likely. On the U.S. side? An awful lot of problems. there. How about Texas? Down the middle of the Rio Grande? Ha! Trump is posturing, and he has to spin something for the sake of his groupies.

  • iberoguy01 .

    This is a vermin. Everything coming out of his mouth is pure shit. If the USA stop demanding drugs there will not be any border crossing by mules. Accept the facts: USA IS A DRUG ADDICTED COUNTRY. Clean house before you start pointing finger. Mexican migration is on an all time low. Check the fact imbeciles.

  • Becky Milward

    trump is a pendejo. Please know that most Americans who live in Mexico reject him and despise him. We honor Mexico’s culture and are proud to be able to live within it.

    • Chris Hutson

      I so wholeheartedly agree that the potus is a pinche pendejo! He gives Americans a bad name. As a couple of expats we love ❤️ Mexico ??.

  • Hailey Mannering

    The US will pay a price for Trumps´ treatment of Mexico. The world sees the US as a villain now, which is hardly conducive to getting foreigners to come and spend money in the US or buy US products. I also think Mexicans will react by pressuring their government to stop letting the US dump food in Mexico below production cost (which cost 2 million jobs in Mexico. Ditto for Mexico continuing to be a US puppy dog in the destructive war on drugs, which has taken a huge toll on Mexico.

  • lang_eddy

    Donald Duck Trump is out of his mind. I still can’t believe that the American public voted this dildo as their president.
    America will pay the price in the long term. Viva Mexico.

  • Diane McLean

    Donald T Rump es un culo. Viva Mexico.

  • doximom

    He’s wrong on two counts. First of all why should Mexico pay for a wall that the United States wants to build? They want it built, they build it and pay for it. Secondly, Mexico has not taken advantage of the U.S. The UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT has allowed and even encouraged illegal immigration for decades and suddenly it’s gotten out of control so hey, let’s blame Mexico? This is so wrong…. Viva Mexico!

    • Angelina Farmer

      Don’t assume it is the United States that want this wall built. It is Trump and his supporters alone who actually believe that a WALL is going to stop undocumented workers from anywhere getting into the US.
      Mexico could easily turn on the US and be successful as many Americans would be on Mexico’s side.

      • Solx

        President Enrique Pena Nieto said the borders need to be more secure. exports from the united states to mexico are 200 billion per year. do not for one second think the united states will not close down those exports.

  • gypsyken

    The U.S. expats living in Mexico who support Il Duce Trump are even more deplorable (stupid, uninformed, bigoted) than the MINORITY of citizens living in the U.S. who support him. In a poll conducted by the respected Quinnipiac University reported this week, only 37% of respondents, only about one out of three, rated Il Duce Trump favorably. That’s down from the 44%, still a minority, that rated him favorably in late November after he had been “elected,” not by the voters, but by the archaic Electoral College, established to protect slave owners, in which he won the votes he needed by less than 1%. The majority of voters, 51%, now have an unfavorable view of him. So even some of the minority of voters, 46%, who voted for him have now changed their minds about him. On not a single question in the poll about Il Duce Trump’s positions on issues did a majority of respondents view him positively.

    Most of the supporters of Il Duce Trump who are living in Mexico are too cowardly to identify themselves, but I wish that they could be “outed” (publicly identified) so that Mexican citizens can deal with them. The commentator who displays a Confederate flag, the very symbol of racism, will not, of course, reveal his or her name, but he does demonstrate that Il Duce Trump does represent white supremacism, which most Americans still regard as unacceptable, which is why most of his supporters deny it–and doubtless why the blatantly racist commentator does.not want people to know who he or she is.

    Mexico has many very serious problems, including the pervasive corruption in its government. But there is absolutely no evidence to suggest that Il Duce Trump will be less corrupt in his running of the U.S. government than he has been in running his businesses. He said this week that he is placing the management of his companies in the hands of his sons and promising not to talk with them about the companies–as though he didn’t know that they exist and what actions of government will enhance or impede their profits. Il Duce Trump will continue to act, as he always has, solely in the interest of making him and his family richer.

    In conflict between Il Duce Trump and his supporters and Mexico and Mexicans, I, a U.S. citizen, am on the side of the Mexicans. If Il Duce Trump is able to extract money from Mexicans, as by taxing their remittances from the U.S., then the government of Mexico should take equivalent action to extract money from U.S. expats living there.

    Meanwhile, the big question is how to remove Il Duce Trump before he destroys the U.S.and perhaps the world with it.

    Pinatas of Il Duce Trump are, by the way, being sold in the U.S., even in Texas! The one I have hung outside my home has so far elicited only positive comments from gringos, most of whom do not support Il Duce, and people who appear to be of Mexican or other Hispanic extraction like to take selfie photos with it. i will be displaying it in demonstrations protesting Il Duce Trump’s rule but have not yet decided when or how it will be smashed.

    Kenneth G. Crosby

  • Solx

    the us/mexico border has been closed before. do not think it can not happen again.

  • WestCoastHwy

    I like Trump’s point (I don’t like Trump though) that, “I don’t blame them for taking advantage of the United States. I wish our politicians were so smart.” Ironically, Trump doesn’t know he’s a Politician now! LMMFAO!

  • Wayne Smyer