BP has opened its first gas station in Mexico. BP has opened its first gas station in Mexico.

BP opens gas station in Satélite, Naucalpan

Company sells its own fuel at the new station, the first not to use Pemex products

BP, previously known as British Petroleum, yesterday opened its first gas station in Mexico, reportedly the only one in the country that sells fuel that is not supplied by the state oil company Pemex and the first to be operated by a multinational company.


The largest oil and gas producer in the United States opened its first Mexican outlet in the middle-class suburban area known as Satélite in Naucalpan, State of México.

The firm plans to open 1,500 stations in the next five years, supplying them with its own fuel now that it has the necessary permits to import gasoline and diesel, and operating them as franchises.

At an opening ceremony today, Álvaro Granada, general manager of BP Downstream México, called it a “historic day” for the company, whose investment will include pipelines, supply terminals and a transportation system.

The company has purchased two other Pemex stations in Iztapalapa and Coyoacán, which are now being converted to the BP brand.

Energy Secretary Pedro Joaquín Coldwell said at the ceremony that investments of more than US $16 billion are expected in new pipelines and gas stations in the next few years.

The Energy Regulatory Commission expects the number of gas stations to double, from 11,431 to more than 23,000.

BP operates 17,200 gasoline outlets in 70 countries.

Source: Milenio (sp), Forbes (sp)

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  • zihuarob

    Are prices the same as Pemex or are they more competitive? ¿Alguien sabe?

    • David Nichols

      BP executives state they will be charging “market prices and will distinguish themselves with better service”…
      Translation: Same prices as Pemex, but clean restrooms you don’t have to pay to use…

      • Güerito

        Everyday on the news station down here they announce the “official price” of gasoline. I guess stations can charge less, but they aren’t rushing to do that.

        It’s really comical when one of these new stations will have a screaming sign out front saying they charge 1 or 2 centavos less per litre. That’s about one-half of one penny USD less per gallon. LOL

        • David Nichols

          Yes, Pemex increases the price by 20% and when faced with a storm of protest, back off 3 centavos…My son bought regular gas in Odessa TX Tuesday for 1.89 gallon…!
          We will continue to be raped at the pump, even if we DO get a full liter delivered…
          My question is, what is the Mx government’s percentage on gas sold by non-Pemex stations?

          • Güerito

            The supposed energy reform in Mexico was not designed to increase competition or reduce prices in the energy sector. Since the “reforms” were put in place prices have increased, in some cases dramatically.

            Pemex, the pride of PRI and Mexico, is now bankrupt. The corrupt, incompetents ruling Mexico killed the goose that laid the golden eggs.

            So Mexican politicians had to find some other source for personal graft/income.

            The idea with the energy reform is to allow foreign companies to enter the still controlled Mexican energy market so politicos can collect bribes and kickbacks from these companies.

          • David Nichols

            “The more things change, the more they remain the same”
            Governmental corruption will never be effectively addressed by the recipients of that corruption, it can only be changed from the bottom up and for that to happen will require a dramatic change in the Mexican culture of “mordida”…

      • Güerito

        I wouldn’t even count on the clean free restrooms, really.

        • David Nichols

          Like all seasoned travelers in Mexico, I will continue to carry a roll of toilet paper in my vehicles…
          It gets a little more problematic when I’m on my motorcycle …!

        • GOPerson

          Plus they may start with toilet seats but………..

    • Carlos Gouyonnet

      gasoline prices will not be subjected by supply and demand or by world’s oil prices. ( as it is in gast stations in the US. Instead, PEMEX will continue setting fixed prices regardless of demand or fluctuations in the price of oil.

  • K. Chris C.

    Will they too permit the rigging of the pumps?!

    An American citizen, not US subject.

  • Excellent! Come over here to Michoacán.