Bull lifts Martínez with its horn in his chest. Bull lifts Martínez with its horn in his chest.

Bullfighter condition critical after goring

Horn entered the fighter's left armpit and punctured his left lung

A Mexican bullfighter is in critical condition after being gored by an angry bull Thursday night at the Plaza México in Mexico City.

Mauricio Martínez Kingston suffered a punctured lung and serious injuries to his chest and heart after the bull’s horn stabbed his left armpit and lifted him from the ground.

Part of the 50-year-old matador’s left lung had to be removed in an operation early yesterday morning at the Mocel de la Ciudad hospital. He also suffered seven broken ribs and lost a lot of blood.

“The fifth bull of the night gored him in the left armpit and shattered the left side of his rib cage, causing injuries to one lung and his heart,” said a doctor at the Plaza México.

He was scheduled for a second operation today.

Source: Universo Deportivo (sp)

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