Bull lifts Martínez with its horn in his chest. Bull lifts Martínez with its horn in his chest.

Bullfighter condition critical after goring

Horn entered the fighter's left armpit and punctured his left lung

A Mexican bullfighter is in critical condition after being gored by an angry bull Thursday night at the Plaza México in Mexico City.


Mauricio Martínez Kingston suffered a punctured lung and serious injuries to his chest and heart after the bull’s horn stabbed his left armpit and lifted him from the ground.

Part of the 50-year-old matador’s left lung had to be removed in an operation early yesterday morning at the Mocel de la Ciudad hospital. He also suffered seven broken ribs and lost a lot of blood.

“The fifth bull of the night gored him in the left armpit and shattered the left side of his rib cage, causing injuries to one lung and his heart,” said a doctor at the Plaza México.

He was scheduled for a second operation today.

Source: Universo Deportivo (sp)

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  • Herradura Plata

    If the day ever arrives when Mexico is considered to be a just and mature society, it will be the day when they stop torturing animals to death, for sport, and to applause.

  • David Nichols

    I couldn’t agree more…sad to see that many of the bullfight venues are filled with tourists from other supposedly
    “just and mature societies”. The story mentions and “angry” bull, as if to vilify the bull. The bull is fighting for his very life, in a contest weighted heavily in favor of the toreador, due to the help he gets from the picadors.
    No toreador fights a bull that has not yet been weakened by the assault of the picadors, severing crucial neck muscles to make the bull lower his head…
    And the toreador is revered as muy macho…I call BS, put the toreador in against a fresh, unwounded bull and see how macho he is.
    As it is now they might just as well give the toreador a gun and let him shoot the bull when it come at him…
    Cruel and low class entertainment, on a par with the donkey shows in Tijuana…

  • kallen

    Good! Serves him right. Its a barbaric tradition.

  • Danny Zane

    its like living in the dark ages… barbaric and unevolved. I’m not one bit sorry for the bull fighter. He got what he deserved. I’m sure in the end the bull didn’t fare as well.

  • Voice Of Reason

    This is a barbaric sport that demeans all of Mexico’s culture and heritage. There is no place in a civilized society for the torture of animals for sport. We all lose when we mistreat the animal kingdom.

  • michael grosser

    OMG! OMG! I totally agree with everyone!!! Just as a sidebar….many serial murderers started out inflicting torture on animals (hmmm..cud it just be a coincidence?) When your “culture” includes cruelty to animals is it any wonder that so many mutilated human corpses keep showing up in mass MEXICAN graves?

    • PintorEnMexico

      I’m no fan of bull fighting and would love to see it abolished in the world but your connection of disparate dots makes reason stare. There are approximately nine bullfighting venues in Mexico compared to 22 in Spain. So; by your “logic” there should be at least twice as many mass SPANISH graves?

      • michael grosser

        But it is step one of the three “red flags” you listed, correct? Hey Sr. that’s all I said. I can never tell if you are arguing with me or agreeing. You must be agreeing, since great minds think alike.

    • Gary Black

      Mostly, if not all, of these Massive graves, are drug related and have nothing to do with animal cruelty at all.

  • Harold Sokolove

    Put an end to this barbaric “sport.”

  • Patrick Hasburgh

    A barbaric and awful sport… but these cut crazy Mexican doctors are off the charts…

  • Delfino López Hernández

    Barbaric and big business…so much money to all involved people.

  • Gary Black

    Interesting story. I guess all of Mexico is not unjust and immature, are they? With three states barring bullfights, things are looking up.