The ground being examined today in Michoacán. The ground being examined today in Michoacán.

Burned goats trigger volcano questions

Steam, ash, and high underground temperature reported in a football field

Someone suggested geothermal activity in the ground on a soccer field in Michoacán might be the precursor to a volcano, but officials say it’s unlikely.

Steam emissions and a couple of burned goats yesterday in Pueblo Viejo, a community in Venustiano Carranza, stoked concerns that a volcano was forming. And although Civil Protection officials said they found ash inside cracks in the ground, they couldn’t say it was linked to volcanic activity.

Incandescent material has also been spotted within the cracks, and temperatures of 250 C have been recorded below the surface of the ground.

Experts from the National Autonomous University are now investigating.

“We cannot say that this is the birth of a volcano because until now there has been no earth movement in the area, which tells us it can almost be ruled out,” said state Civil Protection coordinator Pedro Carlos Mandujano.

However, he added, authorities will await the results of the investigation, which could come within the next few hours.

Residents have been advised there is no danger although soldiers have been deployed to the field to seal it from public access.

Source: Notimex (sp)

UPDATE (July 11): UNAM experts today discounted the theory that a volcano is forming. The heat is being generated by the composting of organic material, they said.

Video shot by government officials.


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