Caballero Rodríguez: calls for peace accord. Caballero Rodríguez: calls for peace accord.

Business leader wants peace pact with gangs

50 gang leaders sought to end 'a war that no one can win'

A business leader in Acapulco is calling for a “pact for peace” between organized crime, the state government and society at large to stop a war that she says no one will win.

Laura Caballero Rodríguez told a press conference yesterday that 50 crime gang leaders are being sought to accept such an accord.

“The call is also to our brothers in organized crime, of whom we request in a friendly way that they give us a few days without violence so we can have a meeting with the state government and society at large at which we shall present a peacemaking proposal with the name ‘Pact for everyone for peace.’”

A conference has been scheduled for April 13, at which people are invited to take their own peace proposals. In the end, Caballero Rodríguez wants to create an accord with all 50 gang leaders, “for the good of all.”

She lamented current conditions in Acapulco, which has been plagued by violence and extortion. “They [criminals] have us on our knees. Never have we lived with so much fear, even with the presence of more than 4,500 security personnel.”

She warned that if authorities do not attend to hear the concerns of civil society, “we shall call on national and foreign tourists not to travel to Acapulco or Guerrero because conditions are not safe for anyone.”

The press conference was held in one of the restaurants owned by Los Buzos, which announced Monday that it was temporarily closing all of four of its Acapulco locations due to violence.

The newspaper El Sur reports there have been 43 homicides in the city in the past 11 days.

Interior Secretary Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong said Monday that a new security strategy for Acapulco is being drawn up.

Source: Reforma (sp), El Sur (sp)

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