Cárdenas, center, at business forum. Cárdenas, center, at business forum.

Business offers input into policy debate

Appointing inexperienced people to important posts cited as one problem

Putting friends into administrative positions of importance isn’t necessarily good for the country, agreed more than one business leader at a forum called to debate public policy.

The New Country Project brought together business leaders who expressed their preoccupation with slow economic growth, insecurity and the inexperience of people appointed to important federal posts.

The forum is part of a project called Por México Hoy (For Mexico Today), which plans to come up with proposals for change in preparation for next year’s elections and is the brainchild of longtime leftist leader Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas Solórzano.

Cárdenas told the gathering the Mexican economy cannot continue to grow as slowly as it has done in recent years. “We need a new economic model that brings development and growth for the country.”

He also stressed the importance of letting all voices be heard, including that of the business community.

The former director of the federal housing agency Infonavit lamented the fact that the three levels of governments are unable to bring to fruition ideas that are sound on paper, citing the sweeping structural reforms of 2013.

The source of the problem, said Víctor Borrás Setién, is government mixing politics with public administration, or the appointment of people who are not experts in a particular field to government positions.

The former president of the Mexico City chapter of the Confederation of the National Chambers of Commerce (Concanaco) agreed. Arturo Medicuti Narro said  government officials lack experience in the areas to which they are appointed.

“We keep bringing in good friends and people we trust to important positions.”

Ricardo Guajardo Touché, former director of the Bancomer Financial Group, urged that the debate should focus on three main topics if the country is to develop: the rule of law, an efficient public administration and education.

“If we focus on those three topics, the country will develop.”

There was agreement that Mexico’s political class is remote from the public, as the former is only concerned about staying in power instead of solving problems.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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