Butterflies at their winter home. Butterflies at their winter home.

Butterfly sanctuaries open next Wednesday

Monarchs have been arriving in Mexico since early October

Monarch butterflies are settling in at their winter abode in the forests of the State of México and Michoacán and are expected to be ready to greet visitors beginning next week.


The butterflies began arriving in time for Day of the Dead ceremonies on November 2, but the first sightings of the migrating insects were reported October 7 in Coahuila.

Today, the Natural Protected Areas Commission announced that eight Hibernation Sanctuaries will open to the public next Wednesday, and remain open until March 31.

The butterflies spend the winter in Mexico after traveling for three months from the United States and Canada, a journey of 4,000 kilometers or more.

The sanctuaries in Michoacán where the butterflies can be observed are El Rosario and El Asoleadero in Ocampo, Senguio in the municipality of the same name and Sierra Chincua in Angangueo.

In the State of México the sanctuaries are Capulín and Macheros in Donato Guerra, La Mesa in San José del Rincón and Piedra Herrada in San Mateo Almololoa.

Source: Excélsior (sp)

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  • Happygirl

    Before we left Canada in late October my husband and I would take daily walks in a wilderness park that abutts Lake Erie and there we would see the occasional monarch butterfly dancing in the breeze, wings a flutter, heading south out over our lake. Yesterday, we went fishing on the ria in Chelem and there we spotted butterflies…orange butterflies… dipping low over the water and arcing high over the mangos. They had made it safely across the great lakes, across the USA, and now the gulf of Mexico. It was a welcome sight…to know they are alive and well.