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Cabify looks upwards, and CabiFLY is born

Car hire service offering private jet, helicopter transport

Uber was rumored to be offering a new, loftier option to its Mexico City customers, but rival Cabify appears to have beaten them to it.

But it’s not Cabify, it’s CabiFLY. And don’t expect your private ride and driver to show up within minutes of hailing them with your smartphone app — make it five days.

The car hire service is moving upwards, offering its customers a much quicker way of getting around aboard a private jet or helicopter. The company says the service is only available in the Federal District at present, through its app or its website.

As many as 14 passengers can be accommodated aboard a choice of five different aircraft in its private jet fleet, from a Hawker 800 to a Learjet 35. “Spoil yourself a little,” says the Cabify website, “and fly by private jet wherever you wish,” to either domestic or international destinations.

As well, three makes of helicopter are available to take as many as five passengers.

Fares are not listed on the site, but are based on the aircraft selected and the destination chosen. Reservations must be made five days in advance.

Both Uber and Cabify are recent arrivals to the Mexico City transportation network, and not necessarily popular ones. Taxi operators have offered both physical and legal challenges to the services, but the city has been determined to allow them to operate.

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