Bruce Vigfusson Vigfusson: was jailed for assault.

Canadian miner dies while serving jail time

Bruce Vigfusson had been convicted of assault after he was victim of a home invasion

A Canadian jailed three years ago for assaulting a man during a home invasion died Monday at the general hospital in Hermosillo, Sonora.

Bruce Vigfusson, 45, was serving a four and a half year sentence for attacking one of four men who entered his home in Hermosillo in August 2012.

Vigfusson became ill last week and was transferred from jail to the hospital on Sunday, where he died of a pulmonary edema and cardiomyopathy, his son Colt told CTV News.

Originally from Manitoba, Vigfusson worked in the mining industry in Mexico.

He gave a note to his wife last Thursday, complaining that he was feeling “very sick” and was having trouble breathing. “I think they are killing me,” he said of prison officials, who were treating him with injections.

“They are not poisoning me so that I die,” he wrote, but “to make me so weak I can’t fight back.”

Vigfusson had lost one appeal of his conviction and was in the midst of a second. He and his family in Mexico claimed that he acted in self-defense and fought back when the men entered his home with tire irons and hammers.

With him in the home at the time were his Mexican girlfriend, her three daughters, her mother and three other family members.

The motive was believed to be robbery as the incident took place on or near a payday for Vigfusson, according to a report by La Política es la Política.

The website also reported early last year that Vigfusson had had a tiff with the Canadian embassy, which the previous November had suspended prison visits by its personnel due to “verbally aggressive” behavior on his part.

He was asked by La Política in an telephone interview what he had said to embassy officials: “I told them to grow some balls” and provide him with help.

His son said from Manitoba that he had had difficulty in getting a response from Canadian officials, and had heard of his father’s death when a fellow inmate called from the jail.

“No one even contacted me to tell me that my dad passed away,” he said.

A friend of Vigfusson blamed officials in both Canada and Mexico for his death.

“Bruce was failed by the Mexican judicial system, by the medical system in both the jail and the general hospital, by the Canadian embassy consular officials, and by our own Canadian government,” said Donna Voth. “He is dead because of them.”

The embassy said it could offer no details on the case for privacy reasons.

Source: La Política es la Política (en), CTV News (en)

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