A car that was shot up last night in Cancún. A car that was shot up in the city last night.

Cancún businesses urge security plan

Another gun battle last night adds to worries over the city's image

At least a dozen shoot-outs in Cancún since the beginning of the year — including one last night — are creating growing concern in the business community.


The local head of Coparmex, the Mexican Employers’ Federation, urged today that a security plan be put in place as the popular tourist destination heads into the summer season.

Adrián López said that although there had been progress in terms of arrests and coordination of police forces, “it is extremely important that prevention be reinforced . . . so as not to damage the image of Quintana Roo.”

He said crime cannot be allowed to take control of Cancún.

Gunfire on Avenida Tulum in the city center last night left a presumed criminal dead and four people in custody, two of whom were wounded.

Events began with a car chase followed by a gun battle between criminals and security forces at the plaza known as El Ceviche, which subsequently spread into an area with several nightspots.


The scene provoked panic among the clientele, many of them tourists, who hid under tables or fled to washrooms seeking shelter.

Drivers who found themselves stranded in the streets ducked inside their vehicles to avoid being hit.

The state government announced later that the situation had been brought under with the arrest of a group of people. No further details were given.

Just a few hours later, at about 3:30 this morning, two dismembered bodies were discovered at the side of the roadway on Boulevard Kukulcán in the hotel zone. They had been left inside three suitcases.

An unofficial report said one of the dead was a nephew of crime boss Leticia Rodríguez Lara, who is known as “Doña Lety” and is a former Federal Police officer.

She has been identified by authorities as the leader of the Cancún Cartel and allied with the Sinaloa Cartel.

Federal officials say at least four organizations are fighting for control of the drug trade and extortion racket, primarily in Cancún and Playa del Carmen.

Source: Reforma (sp)

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  • WestCoastHwy

    this is not good, vermin are difficult to eradicate. when people act like rats, economically, everyone loses. instead of a healthy economic environment, these vermin will create a sucking sound of all the local and foreign capital draining from the area. even the rats will starve.

  • Mike S

    Cancun was one area of Mx that has been relatively untouched by drug violence until recently. Hope they can draw the line ad stop it there. Organized crime is fed from $40 billion in annual drug sales to US users. After it gets well established, it branches out into other criminal activities like extortion, kidnapping, protection, prostitution, human smuggling, and industrial theft. Law enforcement, politicians, judges, even the prison system get corrupted. Maybe carefully controlled legalization would be worth trying to remove profits? Obviously what is happening now is not working. At least so far tourists and retirees are not being targeted. Fear will ruin tourism and foreign investment eventually. Very difficult to get this cancer under control. Parallels to Prohibition are striking.

  • Stylez

    Cancún has pretending it is not Mexico. The mask is starting to fall off.

  • Raphael Rodriguez

    keep it up cancun yous wont get no tourist like acapulco never i will be back.

  • MortimerSnerd

    I too will never go back, sadly Cancun is not the same anymore. Last January we spent 3 weeks in Cancun, just in time to watch the carnage begin. Gunfights on street corners and in the hip bars of Playa del Carmen, all in a pseudo Americano environment with a touch of Mexico. Prices were through the roof partially driven by greed and partially driven by the extortionists fees merchants must pay to stay in business… or just to stay alive. We were hassled by cops going there and attacked by bandits leaving as we passed through Chiapas on a side tour. That’s not the kind of holiday tourists look forward to… sounds to me like Kabul in Afghanistan is a safer destination.