Vara: no more taxes. Vara: no more taxes.

Cancún hotels reject new $20 tourist tax

Tourism industry already pays excessive taxes, says veteran hotelier

Hotel owners in Quintana Roo have emphatically rejected a new US $20 tourist tax intended to fund tourism promotion and infrastructure.


Abelardo Vara Rivera of the Hotel Association of Cancún and Puerto Morelos declared that the state’s tourism industry cannot be exploited any further because it already pays taxes he described as excessive.

“The new tax is unacceptable . . . the government expects to solve all its problems through taxation, and that’s not okay,” Vara told the newspaper Milenio.

The tax, he continued, “is an unreasonable and unsustainable invention of the state Finance Secretariat . . . it cannot create a new tax that increases the obligations of the tourism industry, which the government of Carlos Joaquín González has accused of evading taxes.”

More taxes, Vara said, will not solve the state’s security and infrastructure problems. Hoteliers already pay 25% for use of the federal land-maritime zone (Zofemat), 12% on salaries, 10% to the municipality, an accommodation tax and federal taxes, he said. It all represents an unsustainable fiscal burden, he claimed.

” . . . It is absurd to create a new tax, much less with the argument that it’s for infrastructure investment and security expenses . . . .” said the veteran hotelier.

Vara believes the local government should counter the impact of the security situation with an efficient and precise promotion strategy, “before it’s too late.”

Source: Milenio (sp)

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  • jdwfinger

    With the new world wide news of tourists being drugged and robbed, and robbed again by hospitals, I would not want more taxes. Besides anyone knows that the money is not for Cancun but for the politicians pockets.
    Cancun can easily become a place with very few foreign tourists.

  • Sharon

    Maybe if the governments everywhere would stop embezzling all the tax money that comes in, there would be plenty to go around. Here we have streets that are unpaved or have multiple pot holes, dirty streets, dirty beaches, street lights that are never lit, no local fire station, poor policing, no bylaw officer, no flights to the airport, and a host of other infrastructure issues that need to be addressed. Yet all we hear is that there is no money for these things – the amount of tax money that comes from San Carlos alone, could fund all of these projects in SC and Guaymas. Instead the money goes to the pockets of top officials who are building huge houses in our most exclusive areas. If they want to promote SC as a place for tourists to come to, they have a long way to go.

  • Kristi

    I agree with the hoteliers. Don’t even talk about new taxes until you clean up the corruption first.

  • Scott K

    Good plan. Make Cancun more expensive for tourists. Where’s the “security” plan? Perhaps copy the very effective Acapulco plan of putting a bunch of armed soldiers in a truck and driving up and down the Zona Hotelera. Yeah that worked. .