Tourists enjoy a beach on the Riviera Maya. Tourists enjoy a beach on the Riviera Maya.

Cancún is the priciest place for New Year’s

The beach destination topped the list of 30 cities

Mexico tops the list of the most expensive New Year’s Eve destination cities in the world.

Cancún was No. 1 in the survey by, which ranked cities based on the cheapest available double room beginning Wednesday and ending today.

Hotels that were not in a central location, had less than a three-star rating and whose guest evaluations were negative were excluded.

Cancún’s best price was US $311, 274% more than the same room would cost two weeks later, from January 13-16.

Next up was Dubai, United Arab Emirates, at $302, a rate that was 176% higher than two weeks on.

Miami Beach came in third on the list of 30 hotels with a rate of $286, 289% more than rates for January 13-16.

The best deal was in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with a $38 room rate.

Cancún and other destinations in the Riviera Maya have been reporting 100% occupancy rates during the past week.

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