mayor of san blas Hilario Ramírez Villanueva admitted stealing public funds last time he was mayor. He was reelected yesterday. Puente Libre

Candidate who admitted theft goes on to win election

“Don’t just steal a little this time, take it all!”

That was one of many comments that have appeared today on online news sites following the election yesterday of Layín, possibly one of Mexico’s most famous politicians.

Hilario Ramírez Villanueva admitted during his campaign for mayor of San Blas, Nayarit, that he stole from the public purse, “but only a little.” He later said it was a joke, but not before it became international news.

Today, election officials announced that Ramírez had won reelection. Not only that, he made history in the state for being the first independent candidate ever to win election. He was previously elected in 2008 on the National Action Party ticket.

Ramírez admitted his guilt during a campaign speech last moth: “They say I robbed a lot of money. Yes, I robbed some money, but just a little, because there wasn’t any . . . yes, I stole from the municipality, but a little, because it’s very poor. I gave (the treasury) a shave, nothing more than a little shave, because what I stole with this hand (raising his right hand) I gave to the poor with this hand (raising his left).”

He added: “Who doesn’t like money? Everyone likes money. But I like to work too!”

Ramírez won with 40% of the vote.

Source: Nayarit En Línea

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