batmobile Holy guacamole, Batman.

Candidate campaigns in symbolic Batmobile

Mayoralty hopeful is running on a crime-fighting ticket

Voters in the State of México municipality of Nezahualcóyotl have a unique opportunity to address organized crime: they can elect Batman as mayor.

Candidate Valentín González Bautista is motoring around on the campaign trail in a Batmobile, a replica of the original vehicle used in the Batman television series.

González Bautista’s campaign is focused on citizens’ rights, anti-corruption measures and fighting crime, so a Batmobile fits right in. “The campaign includes a symbol which we decided should be a Batmobile, considering that our work being elected will be fighting criminals that have affected the lives of citizens for some time,” the candidate explained.

The vehicle is the creation of artist Tomás Ibarra, who took seven years to finish the project. It has been in demand for national and intermational exhibitions, according to Ibarra.

González Bautista, 59, was elected in 2012 as a federal Deputy under the banner of the Democractic Revolution Party. He is on leave to run for the mayor’s seat for the Citizens’ Movement.

Source: Sin Embargo (sp)

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