Romero and his donkey. Romero and his dance partner.

Dancing with a donkey is all part of campaigning for federal Congress

But concerns over psychological fitness have been raised

A San Luis Potosí politician thinks getting amorous with a donkey might win him votes. But an anti-corruption activist thinks psychological examinations for candidates might be in order.

State Deputy José Luis Romero Calzada wants to move on to the federal stage and is contesting a seat in the lower house of Congress under the three-party coalition Everyone for Mexico, led by the governing Institutional Revolutionary Party.

On Saturday, he posted a video to his Facebook page in which he cavorts with a donkey, hugging and kissing it and dancing provocatively.

“This is how we dance in El Rosario, Villa de Reyes. Say hi, my love,” Romero says into the animal’s ear.

The short clip has made some people laugh but more didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. One Facebook comment offered congratulations for the candidate’s dance moves but suggested that if his goal was to look ridiculous he was on the right track.

Others offered criticism for they called abuse of  the animal. Romero’s supporters opined that it was fair to have a little fun while on the campaign trail.

But it was a serious matter for a member of the Citizen Participation Council of the State Anti-corruption System. Jesús Sierra Acuña declared that he will propose a reform to election law to bar “citizens with dementia or mental illness” from becoming candidates, which will no doubt generate criticism from advocates for people with mental disabilities.

“I say it in all seriousness . . . the figure of electoral dementia should be established,” he said, adding that candidates that fall into that category should be suspended from running.

“The public does not have to put up with people with these characteristics serving in elected office where supposedly their role is watching over the public purse,” said the lawyer.

Sierra declared that candidates should submit to psychological exams as a requirement for running.

Romero’s video has had 119,000 likes and shares.

Source: Pulso SLP (sp), SDP Noticias (sp)

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