Adriana Terrazas announces her proposal for Mexico's 33rd state. Adriana Terrazas announces her proposal for statehood.

Candidate proposes Ciudad Juárez become Mexico’s 33rd state

Funding share for the Chihuahua municipality has been unfair, says PRI politician

One of the candidates running for mayor of Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, is basing her campaign on a single issue: making the border municipality Mexico’s 33rd state.

Career politician Adriana Terrazas Porras of the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) has proposed that if the needs of the city and the municipality are to be met, it has to become a state.

“We need real justice, not only on paper,” she told a press conference held to kick off her campaign, whose blunt motto says it all: “For a a free and sovereign Juárez state.”

The goal of Terrazas’ radical proposal is to obtain more federal funding for Ciudad Juárez, which she believes has been insufficent for 50 years and has caused the city to fall behind in a number of social aspects.

“Of the 66 billion pesos (US $3.38 billion) that the federation allocates for Chihuahua per year, only 4.25 billion make it to Juárez, and that’s not fair. It is for that reason that we must fight for justice for the city, something that would also benefit other municipalities in the [Juárez] valley, such as Guadalupe and Práxedis,” she said.

Municipality of Ciudad Juárez.
Municipality of Ciudad Juárez is highlighted in red. State of Chihuahua is indicated in yellow.

Terrazas added that her initiative is based on studies and analysis by specialists in Ciudad Juárez’s affairs.

“We’re not talking about a break-up or a separation, but an act of justice so that Juárez gets what it deserves in terms of funding, public services, security, education, health, infrastructure and social development,” she explained.

The process through which Ciudad Juárez would emerge as the 33rd state is slow “but doable,” said Terrazas, and if she wins the July 1 election the process will start immediately.

Terrazas has served twice as a Deputy in the lower house of the federal Congress.

Source: Milenio (sp)

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