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Candidate threatened by armed blockade

20 armed men confront Luis Walton, running for governor of Guerrero

It won’t be easy for the new governor of Guerrero, a hot-bed of organized crime gangs, radical teachers’ groups and independent-minded indigenous communities. But it’s not that easy being a candidate for governor either.

That’s what Luis Walton found out early this morning.

The Acapulco mayor, who is on leave to run for election to lead the state government, was out early on the campaign trail in Chilapa, an area known for inter-gang violence in the La Montaña region.

It was about 6:00am when Walton and members of his campaign team were on the Eucaria Apreza boulevard heading toward Tlapa when they were stopped by a group of 20 armed men who had stationed themselves on the roadway.

Traffic was partially blocked by at least three trucks they had parked on the highway. When the candidate and his team stopped before the blockade, the unidentified men aimed their high-calibre weapons at the entourage, which included federal security officials assigned to watch over the candidate.

No shots were fired and reports indicate there was no exchange of any kind between the two factions apart from the threatening behaviour of the armed contingent. Walton and company decided to withdraw and suspend their campaign activities in the area.

It was their third visit to Chilapa, but the first time they had encountered any kind of opposition, said a spokesman.

Source: El Universal (sp)

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