Diego Leyva Merino A clip from Leyva Merino's campaign promotion.

Candidate’s viral video gets mixed reviews

Guanajuato candidate for deputy ridiculed on social media

In the wake of calls for a boycott of the elections, multiple fines for breaking election rules and even violence against candidates, one aspirant for public office has brought some light entertainment to the campaign for the June 7 vote.

Although some have called it entertaining, others claim it’s cheesy, but in the end it’s the voters who will decide whether a candidate for federal deputy in Guanajuato is a promising legislator or a dumbass.

Diego Leyva Merino, mayor of San Diego de la Unión, was described as the latter in at least one comment on social media after his video went viral. It features the candidate, wearing a cowboy hat and funny, long-pointed boots, and other dancers moving to the cumbia-based genre of Mexican music known as trival.

The song’s lyrics tell the tale of Leyva Merino’s career as town councilor, mayor and now candidate representing the National Action Party for District 1, and asks for voters’ support.

Some commentary about the video has been positive, but most appears to be the opposite: Guanajuato cannot sink any lower with such a lightweight, went one, while another opined that all Mexican politicians are clowns. The final judgment will be made June 7.

Source: El Universal (sp)


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