Mexloop and its proposed Mexico City-Guadalajara route. Mexloop and its proposed Mexico City-Guadalajara route. excélsior

CDMX to Guadalajara in just 38 minutes

Mexico proposal one of 10 winners in Hyperloop's global competition

Traveling from Mexico City to Guadalajara in 38 minutes with stops along the way in Querétaro and León may sound like science fiction but after an announcement yesterday, the improbable scenario is perhaps a step closer to becoming reality.


The 532-kilometer route was chosen as one of 10 winners in a global competition held by Hyperloop One, a company that wants to build an ultra-high-speed ground transportation system it describes as the first new major mode of public transportation in 100 years.

That means the route was considered one of the 10 most viable for construction of the futuristic system.

Routes in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and India are among the other winners selected from 2,600 submissions.

Fernando Romero, an architect who co-designed the new Mexico City International Airport and son-in-law of businessman Carlos Slim, headed the consortium that made Mexico’s proposal, known as “Mexloop.” Romero’s architecture and industrial design firm, FR-EE, teamed up with engineering companies Arup and Sener to make the bid. Romero said the proposal also has the backing of all levels of government.

Designed to be capable of reaching speeds in excess of 1,000 kilometers per hour, “Hyperloop One’s unique technology uses magnetic levitation to guide and lift the pod off the track,” according to the company’s explanatory video.

The 8.7-meter-long pod travels inside an energy-efficient tube which can either be above land or underground and where almost all the air has been removed by vacuum pumps, allowing the pod to travel as if it were “quietly flying at 200,000 feet above sea level.”


Successful tests were conducted in May albeit at much lower speeds.

Now that Mexico has been announced as a finalist, Hyperloop One will collaborate with the Romero-led consortium to determine the commercial viability of the route and if deemed feasible, the next step will be to begin the process of applying for the relevant permissions to build the project.

“This is Mexico’s moment,” Romero told a Hyperloop One research analyst who wrote about how the futuristic transportation mode could transform the central region of Mexico, whose population is expected to exceed 60 million by 2050.

According to the submission, a Hyperloop project in Mexico would build stations in strategic locations that take advantage of existing transport infrastructure including airports, freight rail hubs and subway, bus and rail stations. The new Mexico City airport could possibly be one terminus and the Guadalajara International Airport the other.

The project would have significant economic benefits by making the four cities on the proposed route more rapidly interconnected, the proposal argued, and it could also alleviate pressure on the nation’s highways.

The cost and time the project would take to complete is unclear although on its website Hyperloop One says a pre-feasibility study showed a cost of 38 million euros (US $45.4 million) per kilometer on a possible 500-kilometer route between Helsinki, Finland, and Stockholm, Sweden.

While higher than what it thinks other systems would cost, at that price the 532-kilometer Mexico City-Guadalajara route would cost almost US $24.2 billion, about 426.5 billion pesos.

The concept is the brainchild of Elon Musk of Tesla Motors and SpaceX.

Source: Excelsior (sp), Hyperloop One (en)

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  • alance

    I always thought Morelia was halfway between Mexico City and Guadalajara.
    I guess they are out of the loop so to speak.

    • Güerito

      You are exactly correct. But the plan is to cut up to Querétaro and León, where there are real businesses and industry, and avoid Michoacán, where not much productive activity takes place. It is a slap in the face to Morelia, but facts can’t be denied.

  • I cannot see how this technology would lead to “never being overbooked,” an entirely different matter.

  • From South of the Border

    Great concept, if you are a billionaire and can afford to pay for it. 24.2 billion U.S. dollars and 426.5 billion Mexican pesos. Who in Mexico outside of Carlos Slim can afford a ticket on such a train system. The U.S. has budget problems never mind Mexico paying for such a system it is a very bad JOKE!! Practical solutions not pie in the sky fantasies. Of course Carlos Slims son in law is backing this probably to see how far he can stretch this boondoggle, so he can get his consulting fees for as long as he can. This is your typical rich mans dream in which people go WOO HA!! and people get fleeced while the project goes nowhere. Elon Musk is behind this just like his car company Tesla which has never made a profit yet. This Hyperloop dream/boondoggle will never be built, but people like Musk will make millions along with Slims son in law. At the same time the average Mexican has to continue struggling while rich people and the government continue ripping them off. What a JOKE!!

    • tigre bengala

      Eres un ingenuo. Hay un millón de millonarios en México.

      • From South of the Border

        Tigre Bengala. You missed my point or your just trying to be annoying. My point was that Mexico doesn’t need such an expensive toy especially when most of the people of Mexico couldn’t afford to use it. The millionaires you speak of are the ones who would benefit from it mostly by making money off the poor. You are an annoying twit who chooses to ignore what I really said in order to be annoying and full of SH-T!! Try with someone else I have more important things to do then babysitting an annoying BRAT!! Mexico needs to fix the infrastructure it has and upkeep the rest such as the subway in Mexico City, before wasting money on something that belongs in a Star Trek novel!!

        • desertpatriot

          fsotb, chill my man…chill.

          • From South of the Border

            desertpatriot, Please don’t comment 5 months after the story and waste my time!! By the way you chill I’m not a 1960’s Hippie!!

          • desertpatriot

            no, i will comment any damn time i please. you will not dictate when i can and cannot comment…clear?
            not a ’60s hippie? are you a ’70s hippie then?

          • From South of the Border

            desertpatriot. I don’t care what kind of hippie you are. I will just have to block any of your further comments since I don’t need none sense 5 months after one of my comments coming to my inbox and wasting my time. The words CHILL and DUDE come from the 1960’s Hippie so called revolution.I don’t like my time littered and wasted with out from the blue none sense. Being a late comer to this blog you won’t have to worry, about anymore comments from me, after this one since I don’t need to waste my time with none sense and the type of person who
            writes this political none sense.

          • desertpatriot

            oh please kind sir, have mercy on this poor outdated retched soul, for i am a man of meager means and little common sense. please reconsider the choice you have made and have mercy. i beg of you, have mercy…have mercy…

      • desertpatriot

        english please!

    • Rocio Zarger

      Jealous? This is a project in which I was a part of since 2000. This project is been in the making since then but needed to have all the industry and investment around it which we knew it was going to take years. Well, those years have passed and LOTS of companies from Japan and Germany (among others) invested in the area. There is PLENTY of users waiting for this service who can afford.
      BTW, you forget that the underground in Mexico City is one of the biggest and widest and it is subsided by the Mexican Government (no rich men making profit there) and Mexicans pay around 2 PESOS!!! 🙂 🙂 !! Yes, 2 pesos my friend!

      Therefore there is NO NEED to think this will be ONLY for reach people…not at all!

      It is expected to be used for MILLIONS who currently drive back and forth from one state to the other to work, many of them have their own airplane or just pay for airline tickets to travel. Therefore, rich or not you can also travel too…go and take a look once is built.

      BTW we are planning on making more transportation but for HEAVY merchandise so that the industry in the area receives the benefit and grows. YOU should be happy that this is happening in Mexico so that people can FIND a job in Mexico and stay there…don’t you think???

      Good afternoon!

      • From South of the Border

        Rocio, From your picture I see an upper class rich person who is more than likely making at least a 6 figure salary off of this project, so again as I said the rich stiffing the poor. By the way another way I know your rich, because You don’t even know how much it costs to use the subway in Mexico City. It isn’t 2 pesos its 5 pesos and has been 5 pesos for at least the last 3 years. You should also, learn how to write you have so many errors in your emotional rampage that it is hard to read. Again, if the Mexican government is going to subsidize this project that means that taxes will have to go up or other services will be cancelled and who will suffer under those circumstances the poor working Mexican who will have to pay higher taxes or lose services they already get or both. The actual fare for the Hyperloop isn’t the only cost. As I’ve said higher taxes or loss of other services or other services go up in cost.
        Rocio this is the same type or argument made in my home city of Boston, where a group of rich people tried to get the city to bid for the Olympics, well the surveys taken told the rich to go away, because the ordinary citizens of Boston didn’t want to pay the cost of such an event or to pay for the infrastructure in order for the event to take place. Again, the rich make a fortune and the regular person pays the costs. If you love this project so much let the international companies who supposedly would, benefit from it pay the cost. Once you tell them the government isn’t paying and the ordinary Mexican isn’t paying the companies will abandon this pie in the sky idea.
        Magnetic levitation has been tried both in the U.S. and in Germany and it failed each time. It says tests were done in May and they were successful ” of course at much lower speeds”. Not at 1,000 kilometers an hour as the artwork shows. They don’t tell you at what speed the tests were conducted under. 10 kilometers an hour is much easier than the 1,000 kilometers their claiming it could travel at. I know of at least 10 tests done by the U.S. department of transportation each one failed once the speed went over 60 miles an hour. The train went off the rails as it were. Same in Germany. So again I ask you Rocio at what speeds were these tests conducted at. Also, where were these tests done in which country at what facility. I’m sure, if you are so close to this project you can tell us and you can tell us where the results of the tests are located so we can see for ourselves how successful these tests were.
        I’m not holding my breathe for a real answer. I mean where are the results of the tests for everyone to read and where were the conducted and at what speed were they conducted. Until I see said reports this is all a bag of hot air and propaganda, for some rich people to continue getting their consulting fees and for rich people to continue raking the regular guy over the coals.
        So you don’t ask me for proof of what I’m saying look in the Federal Digest under Maglev project U.S. department of transportation for the tests in the U.S. Secondly the attempt to bring the 2024 Olympics to Boston failed, because of citizen opposition to the cost and the spending that was already happening, such as a former Massachusetts governor Duval Patrick being hired as a consultant on the project he collected 2.2 million dollars in consulting fees this was reported after the project failed, because of opposition. This is what usually happens with projects like this the politically connected and rich make huge sums and the ordinary person pays for it. Until the Mexican group running this project opens their books and shows people how the money is being spent I would advise the Mexican people to oppose this project with all the might.

    • Rocio Zarger

      And there is more to learn about it… 🙂

      • From South of the Border

        I’m not going to waste anymore of my time.. As I have said, before pie in the Sky..boondoggle for the rich like yourself Rocio to steal more money.. Last I have to say on the matter since you don’t even have a real reply..

  • TioDon

    Hiarious, Mexico cannot even build a workable Airport…..

    • From South of the Border

      Tio Don you got my point exactly.. Take care of the infrastructure you have and don’t waste time with fantasies. Especially fantasies that will end up never being built and the rich stealing more from the Mexican people!!