Governor Ordaz laments state's arms build-up. Governor Ordaz laments state's arms build-up.

Celebratory gunfire wounds 4 in Sinaloa

Stray bullets can be a New Year's Eve hazard

Making a lot of noise with rockets is one way to celebrate New Year’s, but firing guns into the air is another — though not quite as safe.


At least four people were wounded by stray bullets during celebrations Sunday night in Sinaloa after firearms were discharged.

Three people were hurt in Culiacán, where residents took to social media in the first 30 minutes of 2018 to report that weapons such as AK-47 and AR-15 rifles, along with handguns, were being fired to ring in the new year with a bang.

Some complained that there were no authorities present to control the situation, although it was announced that there would be patrols throughout the city to deter the activity.

A fourth person was wounded in Mazatlán.

The state Public Security Secretariat reported that it had received 59 formal complaints of individuals firing weapons into the air in Culiacán.

Making excessive noise and disturbing the neighbors can get a fine of between 75 and 2,000 pesos (between US $4 and $100) or 21 hours of jail time, a police spokesman said.

Governor Quirino Ordaz Coppel lamented the arms build-up in the state and stressed the need to “strengthen the culture.”

Source: El Universal (sp), Ríodoce (sp), Noroeste (sp)

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  • Garry Montgomery

    N0 gun laws anymore since the U.S. sold thousands to criminals?

    • Fester N Boyle

      Obama and Holder should both be locked up in a Mexican prison awaiting trial in ICC.

  • Gary Blake

    Same thing plays out every year in Mexico, same victims and death, see other story on the same thing but more carnage in Sonora. Laughable is they talk here of noise violations and low fines, people dying and maimed, and it’s a noise violation? What about possession of an illegal weapon? Curious is this considered gun violence or part of the rich Mexican Culture and Heritage? I know in the USA, oh sorry Trumps USA it would be Gun Violence, senseless gun violence, but since we have established Mexico is free of that, throw me a bone on terminology would you please?